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Year 5/6 - Owls

Summer Term 2016 Topic:

The Secret Garden!


What will we be doing this term?

Improve your spelling at home...
Links to maths websites for use at home...

Our class production of "The Peace Child"

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Our class production of "The Peace Child"

Dance workshop day at Shaftesbury School for years 4 and 5

Year 6 Leavers day at Salisbury Cathedral

Making clay owls with Mrs Dawkins-White

Year 6 had a great time in Weymouth! We went kayaking in the sunshine, created some lovely sand sculptures, learnt climbing skills, went out in the bay on speed boats, worked as a team to sail a yacht, abseiled off a very high cliff, explored a sculpture park on Portland and rock-hopped up 'Mount Chesil', we enjoyed our fish and chips dinner, had a burger picnic and showed exceptional behaviour during a three-course meal!

Year 6 residential - learning to climb

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Kayaking in the sea!

Year 5 had an amazing time making rockets with Mr Hillier, Science Teacher from Shaftesbury School.

Flower displays made by all classes and placed in the church to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday!

We had a great time completing activities in the church...

Some members of Owls class volunteered to lead collective worship and teach the school about Pentecost!

Some members of year 5 performed songs they had written to children from other local schools. The performance was held at Shaftesbury Primary School. Well done to the courageous children who performed solos and duets!

Year 5 Leeson House residential

We have been working on our table tennis skills!

We have been using cubes to understand the concept of ratio.

We have enjoyed our grammar lessons this week! We used cartoon clips to inspire writing and then sorted our sentences according to whether they were written in the 'active' or 'passive' voice.

We prepared the flower beds in the Spiritual Garden for planting.

We have been enjoying drama and writing outside this week!

Spring Term Topic: Let's Rock!

Main focus points: The book/film 'Holes' by Louis Sachar, rocks, fossils and Mary Anning, inheritance and evolution, tectonic plates and earthquakes.


Huge congratulations to our Tag Rugby team who played with excellent determination and team work today. We came third in Dorset! We also got the opportunity to meet Abi Chamberlain, the England sevens rugby captain. We got to hold her England caps and try on her England rugby shirt.

Holes Dance Part 1...

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Holes Dance Part 2...

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We had an amazing time in Lyme Regis! In the morning we explored the museum and learnt about Mary Anning and her fossil discoveries. In the afternoon we became fossil hunters on the beach! We were so lucky that the sun shone on us all day!

Year 6 boys' choreography...

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Year 6 have been making amazing wire sculptures to represent their favourite hobbies!

Year 5 had a great time at Clayesmore Choral Day

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Clayesmore Choral Day

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Clayesmore Choral Day

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Miss Keogh taught us all about temptation during Key Stage worship by reading us the story of Jesus in the desert and giving us chocolate doughnuts to see if we could resist temptation!

Take a look at our fantastic class canvas! It is based on the story of 'Joseph and the Amazing Dreamcoat'.

Gymnastics has been so much fun this half term! We have worked on cartwheels, handstands and weight bearing balances with partners and in groups...

We have worked on cartwheels on the floor and on equipment...

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We have also mastered hoola hooping!

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As part of our 'Let's Rock!' topic, we have been using ICT to create music. We have chosen instruments that we think sound good together to create original pieces of music by layering sounds.

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Mrs Bathurst visited us this week to play French games and read us a story in French!

In numeracy this week we have been learning more about circles! We have used words like 'circumference', 'diameter' and 'radius'. We also found 3D shapes with circular faces and measured the diamteter and radius using our knowledge of decimal notation!

Year 5 had a visit from Shaftesbury Team Rector, Rvd Helen Dawes. She told us all about her job and answered our thoughtful questions! The children all showed deep thinking skills asking questions such as "Who first thought up the theory of the trinity?" "Why do we call God father and not mother?" "How is a candle a spiritual object?" "Why isn't God helping the homeless?" "What jobs are there available in the church?" "Could God stop a storm?"


Main focus points: Tudor Explorers (History) and the classic tale of Robinson Crusoe (Literacy)!

Carols and Cocoa Parent Letter

The poem we read in Church...

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Imagine if Jesus was born in 2015.

Christmas lunch was so much fun! Thank you to the parents who helped!

Science Investigation Week: How does the temperature of a cup of tea affect the dunking of a biscuit? We tested boiled water, warm water and cold water. We repeated our test to make sure our results were reliable. We then used maths skills to find an average result for each temperature and present our results in a line graph.

Some biscuits in our experiment changed shape or broke quickly. Other biscuits took over 20 minutes so we had to wait and wait and wait...

We have been finding out about plant reproduction. We pretended to be insects visiting flowers in the classroom to understand pollination! The cheesy puffs were a great way to see the "pollen" being transported!

Owls class came 4th in the Dorset 'sumdog' online maths competition!

Ashton came 4th out of 354 students in Dorset!

We've been learning about fractions. Challenge: If a 5 piece of numicon = 1/2 what else can you tell me?

For 'Anti-bullying' week and 'parliament' week, we held two class debates! The first was titled 'Bullies - Should they receive help or a consequence?' The second debate was titled 'Should social media be banned?'

We pulled names out of a hat to see who would be the chairperson of each debate. Abigail, Grace and Felix each had a go at keeping the debate under control and asking everyone some tough questions!

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A debate opening statement in favour of bullies receiving help...

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An opening statement in favour of bullies receiving a consequence...

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Look at our giant artwork for 'Remembrance Day'.

We taught lots of mums and dads how to use a range of calculation strategies at the maths open afternoon!

We have been filming 'shipwreck' theme movies using the 'I Can Animate' app on the iPad with Mrs Cordingley!

We are making sure that our times tables recall is as quick as possible by using a range of resources...

Visiting Sophie Countess of Wessex was a super experience. She chatted to us wanting to know what lessons we were missing!

We've been learning how to calculate mean as an average. We have explored questions like 'What is the average height of the children sat on your table?" "On average, how many times a week do the groups in our class read at home?" "What is the average monthly rainfall in cities around the world?"

Our class reading challenge has begun! Who will reach the island first?!

Did you enjoy hearing the children read their "Walk a Mile in my Shoes" poetry during the parent assembly? They are now on display outside Mrs Tidby's office if you would like to read more!

'Walk a Mile in my Shoes' poetry inspired by the song 'Comeback Story' by Kings of Leon...

We have a class pet! We have welcomed Charlie the Giant African Land Snail into our classroom!

We have been learning about David Attenborough's job as a naturalist. We are going to be like David Attenborough and observe the life of our pet snail! Today we asked scientific questions such as "What is the ideal climate for an African snail?"

We took on the 'Golden Mile' challenge on our first day back. We were challenged to see how far we could run in four minutes. Not a single child stopped moving throughout the whole challenge. Well done Owls Class!