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Year 5/6: Owls

Year 6 had the most AMAZING residential visit to Weymouth. The adventurous activities and fun never stopped!

Year 5 children enjoyed their Leeson House Residential studying rocks and fossils, the coastline and orienteering.

We are very proud of the super work ethic and hard work which Year 6 pupils demonstrated this week with their SATs. Today, we celebrated in style (Food Revolution Day) by enjoying a three course meal together. We prepared and cooked: Leek and Potato Soup; Homemade beef burgers, salad vegetables; homemade dips and finished with Lemon Flan or Chocolate Rocky Road. It was delicious!


We are very grateful to Mrs Louise Trowbridge, Mrs Jess Symonds, Mrs Jo Cobb, Mrs Mikki Pinder and Mrs Katy Woods for their organisation skills and all their help. Also to Lidl, Asda and the Trowbridge family for their donations.


We had a wonderful time together.

We have had a super start to the summer term. We enjoyed learning about the story of Ruth and Naomi and discussed ways in which we celebrate diversity in Great Britain in 2015.

Year 5 have been using the iPads to create cross curricular presentations!

We started our Science Week work with a visit from a retired Rocket Scientist, Mr Keith Wright. We were amazed to learn that he worked on the moon landing in 1969! We asked lots of questions and were fascinated by learning about life as an astronaut.
We enjoyed a 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' at Shaftesbury School on our first visit to their library.

We thoroughly enjoyed our second visit to Roche Court Sculpture park as we learnt more about the sculptures, drawing skills and creating our own collages including painting with mud!


At the beginning of February, we had a fantastic time at Roche Court learning about sculptures.  We were inspired by different sculptors and are looking forward to our return visit next month.

Roche Court

Our production of Stravinsky's Firebird. More to come...

Still image for this video

On 2nd December the class visited Nothe Fort in Weymouth where we had a wonderful time experiencing life as an evacuee

We created a collective piece of art work using oil pastels to replicate a picture by Pablo Picasso

Science Investigation Week

We had a great time investigating science!


Our Science task was "Which car goes faster, the smaller wheeled car or the bigger wheeled car?"

Here are some of our thoughts:

"I think the smaller wheels will go faster as it's lighter, the big wheels will be heavy so it will be slower".

"The bigger the wheels, the faster it can move down the ramp".

"I think the smaller wheels will go faster because they glide more easily".

Autumn Term booklet

We had a great start to the year as we learnt about the 1970's.  Here we are enjoying cooking and eating our 1970's meal and dressed in the fashions of the day!