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Year 4: Swallows

Summer Term

Water Topic Parent Booklet

Medium Term Planning - subject to adaptation according to children's needs and interests.

Welcome to the Swallows Newsroom! We are learning how to write newspaper articles at the moment!

Swallows Family Challenge: Make a container to transport the most water from one end of the field to the other!

We started to consider how hard it must be for children in other countries who have to carry water for miles everyday.

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It was lovely to work as a family to tackle a challenge!

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We have been testing how the amount of water in a water balloon effects the distance travelled when thrown!

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Water balloon science investigation...

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Water Balloon Science Investigation...

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Year 4 and 5 created their own guitars to learn how sound is created by making vibrations!

We are working towards writing play scripts! First it's important for us to experience using a play script so we have been using our super acting skills!

As part of our water topic we have been learning how to tie dye! The drying process also links to our science work on evaporation!

After experiencing tie dye for the first time, we wrote instruction texts to explain to other people how to do it! In order to make progress in writing, we did a first draft, self assessed our writing and then made improvements! The results are on display in the classroom...

Spring head residential 2015...

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We had so much fun drinking from the natural spring!

The spring water was cold and refreshing after a long hike!

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We toasted marshmallows and sang around the camp fire!

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Springhead has so many features to explore!

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We have been showing empathy towards the character of Naomi in the bible story 'Ruth's Journey'...

Spring Term

Inventions/Roald Dahl Topic Booklet for Parents...

Medium Term Plans (Subject to adaptation by teacher to respond to children's needs and interests)

Whole school science week! Our question to explore was 'How does the distance of an object from a light source change the shadow?'

Cross Curricular project for Red Nose Day: The whole school donated coins to create large pieces of art work, we estimated how much we thought we had raised, we sorted the coins, counted the amount of each type of coin, combined the amounts using different addition strategies and worked out the difference between our estimates and the actual amount!

Some people accidentally donated coins from other countries for Red Nose Day so we researched where they had travelled from!

We spent a day at Milton on Stour Primary School. We took part in a fractions activity day! Activities included a fractions obstacle course, fractions with Lego, fractions pictionary and creating fractions houses!

We had a lovely day singing and performing with other local schools at Clayesmore Choral Day!

We have been writing diary entries from the perspective of Charlie Bucket from 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' by Roald Dahl. We aimed to use paragraphs, past tense, first person narrative, similes and fronted adverbials!

We have been reading our work to each other and providing our friends with constructive feedback!

We have been doing Chocolate Factory themed numeracy lessons this term! We separated chocolate bars into different fractions and discussed the term 'multiple'. We described bags of sweets using our knowledge of fractions, decimals and percentages. We even practised this for homework! We are currently designing floor plans for a new chocolate factory - we have drawn them to scale and worked out the perimeter and area of each room - ask us to show you!

We had so much fun at the grand opening of our class chocolate shop! We can now work on improving our money skills by selecting items to buy, calculating the total cost and any change needed, writing receipts and giving each other budgets to stick to!

The whole school has been inspired by a painting called 'The Umbrellas' by Renoir. Swallows class having been looking at dances that use umbrellas as a prop. We then created our own umbrella dance...

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We have been 'Singing in the Rain'

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Here are some photos of our dance...

Autumn Term

Romans Topic Booklet for Parents...

Medium Term Plans (Subject to adaptation by teacher to respond to children's needs and interests)

We really enjoyed singing to community members at Motcombe Grange! Thank you to the parents who helped us walk through the village to this event!

We have been adding money using different strategies and resources.

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We had a fantastic day visiting the County Museum and Roman Town House in Dorchester!

We performed to the whole school and parents!

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We showed super team work to keep in time with each other.

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We have been exploring fractions...

Whole School Science Investigation Week...

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Everyone in school is investigating using cars this week! In Swallows class we started the week by learning about friction caused by movement across different surfaces. We then moved on to investigate how ramps and angles change the distance travelled by a toy car. We answered the question 'Does the height of the ramp effect the distance travelled in cm?'

We can follow notation to play a class song on our recorders!

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A history expert came into school to deliver a Romans workshop afternoon! We got to dress up, play Romans games involving Roman numerals, categorise foods eaten by the Romans and look at how Roman inventions have developed over time!

In the Life Education Van we were transported to a world where everyone was exactly the same! We had to shout out what was special and unique about ourselves in order for the space ship to transport us back to Earth where we are allowed to be individual!

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We have been learning about magnets! We ended our focus on magnets by creating our own games that needed magnetic force to work!

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Swallows focussed on partner work and speedy hand jives during our 1950's Rock n Roll week!

We have been learning about computer programming!

The whole class have been learning to play the recorder.

We can follow music notation using our recorders!

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