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Year 3: Skylarks

Have a fantastic summer skylarks class and good luck in year 4!! Best wishes from Miss Graves. 

Skylarks' topic booklet for Summer

Medium term plan/ whole Summer half term 1 overview

Second Half Term overview/planning

Pasta salads

Coconut raft work and weighing!

Brownsea Island Trip Photos

As part of our island using and applying lessons we have been using co-ordinates to design and navigate islands. We even used bee bots to help!

Hunting for acute, obtuse and right angles outside.

Amazon river board game project with swallows.

Ruth's Journey. Skylarks' prayer about children growing like seeds.

Skylark topic booklet for this term; India

Medium term plan/ whole Spring term overview. Please note that the second half term is subject to change to follow the interests of the children.

Overview for second half term

A last little link to Indian culture- yoga with Ben's Mum and a yoga expert!

Our final India project; our Rama and Sita shadow puppet play.

Still image for this video

Scene 2

Still image for this video

Scene 3 and 4

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Scene 5

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Scene 6

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Making naan breads!

World book day characters!

Light work. Skylarks drew around their shadows at three different times.

Skylarks perform The Jabberwocky!

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Dressing up with Amisha! We tried on beautiful saris. Even the boys had a go!

We used the pentatonic scale to help create an Asian mood when composing music for meditating.

Our Buddhist prayer flags. The video shows each child's design. Ask them what the pictures represent.

Still image for this video

Our Buddhist prayer flags.

To start our science topic of light we made dark dens! Then we tried to test which was the best.

More measuring but with water this time. We are learning about capacity.

We finished off our umbrella art focus by creating umbrella sculptures and photographing them.

Skylarks have been doing data handling and measuring linked into our umbrella work.

First day umbrellas!

Our finished haiku umbrella!