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Year 2: Robins

Summer Termfrown

We made houses by junk modelling. We looked at lots of pictures of the houses in London 1666 and designed our houses to replicate them.

We have been making pizza! Inspired by the Great Fire of London starting in a bakery we decided to make our own dough. It was delicious!

We have made Shaun the Sheep clay models with the help of sculptor Mrs Dawkins-White. Come to our class assembly Friday 12th 9am, and spot them around the school grounds!

Fire of London Town crier!

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Medium term plan - after half term (subject to adaptation)

We had a fantastic numeracy lesson designing the Queen a throne and a table so she could have her afternoon tea. We had to think about the number of cubes, how to adapt our designs, ratio and proportion!

We are so excited that the fruit, vegetables and flowers are growing so well in our old water troughs! The strawberries are starting to blossom and the potatoes are looking great! Can't wait to taste some of our school-grown food.....

Snail Racing Science!

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For science this term we are looking at mini-beasts so we conducted an investigation about snails. We thought about the best track to race our snails. timed the races and then made a bar chart to show the results.

We learnt so much from our visit by Dorset Fire and Rescue Service! It was a great way to hook us into our new topic, which involves the fire of london. The firemen brought their fire engine for us to see, and we had a go at firing water from the hose! Miss Hewitt even got try on a uniform!

To begin the summer term we had a whole school RE focus on the Biblical story - Ruths Journey. We went on our own journey around the school, made a journey stick and then draw a bird's eye view map of our adventure.

London Topic! Below, you can find the topic booklet and medium term plan for our summer topic. The medium term plan is subject to change depending on children's interests and responses to the topic. Individual target booklets will be sent out for your child in the first week of term.

Spring Term

Medium term planning - this is subject to change depending on children's interests and responses to the topic.

To celebrate the last day of Spring term we used the cress that we have grown to make cress and cream cheese sandwiches. We ate our food accompanied by our teddy bears!

We've had great fun this week learning about fractions. We have found fractions of malteasers, fractions of strawberry laces and to end the week we have found fractions of the length of different fruit and vegetables!

Our question for science week has been ' At what time does the sun cast the longest shadow'. We have learnt about shadows to begin the week and had a go a making dens that block out light.

World Book Day

We had a fantastic time visiting Castle Garden Center in Sherborne! We looked around the center and learnt about different types of plants, bushes and flowers. We then planted our own large pots, which we filled with pansies, ivy and primroses. These were all donated to the children by the garden center and are now in our spiritual garden. THANK YOU!

We had an amazing today at Waitrose in Gillingham where we explored the whole store! We looked at the origins of fruits and tasted a wide variety of them! We learnt about fish, cheese, breads and meats. We went into the store room and into the giant freezers. Thank you to all the staff who shared their expert knowledge!

A big thank you to Mrs Wase, who visited our class to talk about her job as a nurse. She showed us a skeleton (called Fred) and taught us how to tie bandages. We had so much fun!

A massive THANKYOU to everybody who was able to come to see our art gallery! It was enormous fun to display the whole schools 'Take One Picture' project at Shaftesbury Secondary school. The turnout was fantastic and it was wonderful to display all the childrens' beautiful work. For more pictures, visit the Art and Design Curriculum pages.

We have been learning about our body parts! We began by thinking about the parts we already knew the names of (by labeling Sam!) and then began learning the names of our different bones!

We have begun our Literacy Unit on The Finger Eater! We began by acting out the story, creating freeze frames and hotseating Ulf the finger eating troll!

Your child's targets
This week your child has brought home a personal target booklet. This will highlight your child's targets in Writing, Numeracy and Reading. I am happy to discuss any queries you  may have- please catch me at the end of the day

We have had amazing fun this week during our 'Take one picture' project. We have looked at The Umbrella by Renoir and have been inspired to make our own art. We have dressed up in costumes kindly lent from Shaftesbury Art Center, have created 'blow paint' art, painted watercolour pictures of French landmarks and made motion animation movies!


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Autumn Term

Autumn Term Topic - EXPLORERS

Medium Term Planning - Explorers Topic

Thank you to everyone who came to support the Christmas Musical Production of Born in a Barn. We were incredible proud and excited to show you all!

We made gingerbread men for Christmas gifts!

Look at the amazing progress we have made in writing this term! This is one child's writing from September, October and November!

Some of our work from last year has made it into Dorset Wildlife trust magazine! This will be displayed in the office.

We have been having wonderful Gym lessons, led by Miss Johnson from Shaftesbury High School!

We wrote a poem about being a good friend...here it is!

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Our friendship poem!

We have begun rehearsals for the Christmas play! We are so excited to show everyone!

We had a go at 'coding' using a special website! It was so much fun!

Pumpkin Maths! We have enormous fun with our pumpkin investigation. We estimated the amount of seeds, the height and whether it would float or sink!

We have been using the iPad cameras for a photography project! We looked at some examples of 'Little people' photographs and then explored the school ground taking our own photos!

Wacky hair day!

We have been learning how to use a compass!

We have been making Pingu movies! Using Plasticine and the iPads the children have created a short video clips. These are created by taking a series of photographs and using 'Icananimate' app.

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Your child's targets

This week your child has brought home a personal target booklet. This will highlight your child's targets in Writing, Numeracy and Reading. I am happy to discuss any queries you  may have- please catch me at the end of the day!

We had a lovely day at LV Streetwise in Bournemouth. We learnt how to cross the road safely, about fire hazards and how to keep safe on a bus and farm.

Thank you to everybody who took Flat Stanley on holiday! He looks like he has been to lots of interesting places! Robins have also written about their favourite book. Both displays are outside our classroom!