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Year 1 - Wrens

My 'meet the teacher' presentation is available here for parents who were unable to come along to the meeting.

Summer Term: How does your garden grow?

We had a great time making clay trees with Mrs Dawkins-White this week.

We have been sorting numbers and shapes in different ways in Maths this week. By the end of the week we were able to think of our own ways to sort them.

Javelin was such fun in PE this week!

We had a fantastic day at Stourhead today. We searched for mini beasts, made natural artwork, walked for miles and hugged trees to measure them.

We have been working on making mirror image balances in PE this week.

We have been enjoying our 'Rocket Mice' investigation this week. We made them out of different materials and explored to see how high we could make them fly.

Comparing results to our predictions.

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Our focus for Maths this week has been capacity. We have been estimating and measuring capacity in sand, cubes, tiles and millilitres. We got quite competitive about how accurate our estimations were!

We worked on improving our shot put this afternoon in PE.

In Science this week, we have been investigating to find the oldest tree in the school grounds. We enjoyed measuring the trunks of trees and working out the age of each one.

We have been enjoying exploring our new story 'The Disgusting Sandwich'. We made playdough sandwiches, sorted adjectives to describe characters and started writing our own versions of the story.

This afternoon, we learnt the names and purpose of different parts of trees. We searched the school grounds and collected natural resources to make our own tree creations.

Wrens have been working on using expression when reading and retelling stories this week. Have a look at a snippet of our new story, we've been using our voices and facial expressions to tell the story in an interesting way.

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We enjoyed gymnastics on Friday. We created our own balances and tried to hold them with control.

We became leaf experts this afternoon. We found leaves in the school grounds and used a key to find which plant they belonged to. Then we worked in a team and made a group picture with our leaves.

We were inspired by 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and used charcoal to make some beautiful artwork with Mrs Lewis!

We have been learning about non-chronological reports in Literacy. We read a report about 'The Magic Daffodil' and showed our understanding of the text in a range of ways.

We have been learning to name the different parts of a plant in science this week. We observed our own plants to explore the role of each part and then made our own collage plants, adding labels to name each part.

This week, we are learning to divide by sharing. We had the difficult task of sharing out toppings on slices of pizza. Luckily, Wren Class are very good at sharing and making sure things are fair.

We have been surveying the plants in the school grounds. We identified and named the plants we could see and made some observational sketches.

We really enjoyed gardening with Mr Stone this afternoon. We planted potatoes and runner beans and talked about how to look after them.

We explored one of Van Gogh's sunflower paintings this week. Then we used pastels to make our own versions. The classroom turned into an art gallery and looked at all the pictures talking about what we liked about them,

We really got stuck into our new topic this week. We have been asking questions, making predictions, planting, watering and observing.

In RE this week, we thought about the day of the week that is special to us. We made 'week wheels' to help us think about which days are special to people of different religions.

We have enjoyed our PSHE focus this week. We read the story 'Making friends is an art' and thought carefully about the qualities of a good friend. We looked for these qualities in ourselves and the friends we have.

We worked in groups to write poems about our friends.

Our garden centre has been very busy this week. We've done lots of shopping and used coins to make the correct amount. We took turns to be 'The Giant' and answered questions in character.

There's no such thing as a Gruffalo!

Our last session of trampolining! We have all learned so many new skills and can name all the different bounces.

We all had fun at the Easter breakfast in the last week of term.

Wren class have had such an active day today! We danced our way through the morning and had tennis coaching this afternoon.

We have been learning to solve practical problems involving measuring length this week. Miss Keogh thinks we have measured every item in the classroom!

Wren Class children enjoyed being part of our 'Open the book' assembly this afternoon.

We followed a set of written instructions to make a catapult this afternoon. We enjoyed testing out our catapults to see how we could make them work. We will use our catapults in our investigation tomorrow.

We explored making different sounds with musical instruments this afternoon. Then we used the instruments to make music to accompany our 'Hairy Scary Castle' poem.

Our focus for Literacy this week has been poetry. We have been writing shape poems and can recite a poem called 'The Hairy, Scary Castle'.

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Wren Class really enjoyed their first session of yoga this week.

In RE, we have been thinking about how to give others a warm welcome. The 'King and Queen' appreciated how we welcomed them into the classroom.

We will continue with our castles topic for the rest of the spring term. Click below to see Wren Class topic booklet and planning for this half term.

Wren Class had a special visitor this afternoon. A secondary school student came to talk to us about his faith. We asked lots of questions and learned about how and when he prays. We understood that he has different beliefs than us and really enjoyed learning about the differences.

We worked on some movement sequences at trampolining this afternoon.

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Our second group thoroughly enjoyed trampolining this afternoon. The instructor was very impressed with the control the children showed on the trampoline and their excellent behaviour.

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This week, we are going to work in small groups to make castle models. If you have any empty cardboard boxes or tubes we would really appreciate them. 

We have learnt a sequence on the trampoline

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We really enjoyed creating our own addition word problems today. We swapped questions and checked the answers that were given.

We completed a science investigation in groups this afternoon. We thought carefully about which materials would be good to make a shield. We tested each material to see how strong it was and observed the results.

Below is a link to see details for Wren Class homework this week. This letter will also be sent out in homework folders on Friday, along with Mathletics passwords. If you have any questons, feel free to catch me at the end of the school day.

We have been learning lots about William the Conqueror this week. We mapped the route he took to travel to England and talked about why he came to England. Today, in groups we drew our own Bayeux Tapestry.

Our Spring Term topic in Wrens Class is


Topic Booklet for Parents

Medium Term Planning - Castles Topic

We completed a Maths challenge this afternoon. The Queen asked us to make her some leek and potato soup but the cook only allowed us to use 10 vegetables. We thought of lots of different ways to make 10 using our paper vegetables and recorded adding sentences.

We have been working on our passing skills this week. We did over arm passes, chest passes and rolling.

The first group of children went trampolining today.

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On the way back we enjoyed jumping in all the muddy puddles!

We have had a fantastic first week back and have been reading and listening to lots of poems. We learned a poem called Cows to perform in assembly on Friday and shared our beautiful cow pastel pictures. 

Autumn Term

Welcome Back to school and welcome to Wrens Class. This term our topic is ...

Sticks, Bricks and Straw.

Year 1: Christmas Play Reminder

Year 1: Christmas play costumes Letter

We enjoyed taking part in the KS1 Christmas Play. We were all sheep.

We had a fabulous time at Forest School. We took part in outside art work and even learnt how to saw wood.

We have been using the vocabulary 'lots of' to introduce multiplication. It is much quicker than repeated addition. We have been making groups of different sizes in different ways.

We used the book 'One is a snail, ten is a crab' to start our problem solving. We had to use the animals in different combinations to make our target number. After using repeated addition we will go on to introduce multiplication using the language 'lots of'

We read the story of 'Stick Man' and then wrote our own letters from Stick man to his wife at home.

Mrs Tidby gave us a challenge to build a house that was the correct height and width and length for a toy pig. We then counted the number of bricks we had used.

Visiting Sophie Countess of Wessex was a super experience. She chatted to us wanting to know what lessons we were missing!

Look what we have been doing. . .

The Meet the Teacher session with Mrs Carroll will be on Friday 4th September at 3.30pm.

The whole school took part in a 'Golden Mile' running activity. We listened to instructions, carefully watched and then ran!