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Wrens Year 1

For the rest of the school year our focus topic will be 'Nature Detectives'. Have a look at the documents below to see what we will be learning about.

Exploring the parts of a plant. We discussed the importance of each part and how they help the plant to grow.

Science with Mr Hillier - we made predictions and observations about what we saw.

We had a wonderful time designing and making our 3D minibeasts art. Thank you to Mr Heming for donating the resources.

Miss Keogh's magical shrinking spray! This will help us with our recount writing later this week.

We had an amazing day at Alners Gorse!

We had a wonderful morning taking part in the mini olympics. Thank you to the teachers and students from Gillingham school for arranging this for us.

How do bees make honey?

We have enjoyed exploring a non-chronological report this week. The report is about a mysterious minibeast called a spindlenat.

In Maths this week we have been using new language to describe position, direction and movement. We have been following multi step directions and moving ourselves and objects.

We had a wonderful time singing at Clayesmore this morning. The children were so sensible and sang beautifully.

We set up some science class experiments this afternoon. Some of the seeds got our help and we thought carefully about where to put them and what to give them. The rest of the seeds weren't so lucky. We are looking forward to finding out if our predictions are correct.

We have been working on our throwing and catching skills in PE this week.

Our topic for the summer term is minibeasts. See what we will be learning about in the documents below.

We really enjoyed yoga today. We stretched, balanced and tried to improve how long we could hold each pose for.

Who could be the 'bugliest' bug of them all?

We explored the story of creation and thought about all the things God made. We used salt dough and paint to show our understanding.

We searched for minibeasts in the school grounds this week. This was a great way to show what we already know about minibeasts and now we can learn more!

Our Frozen Planet topic continues....click the links below to see what we will be learning about this half term.

Easter maths! We have been researching to find what children like best about Easter and recording our findings in a tally chart. We have also been sorting different Easter eggs and drawing block graphs to show the amount in each colour.

We are very bouncy in Wren Class...

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Why is an iceberg frozen but the water underneath it isn't? We investigated this in our seicnce lessons this week.

We explored a range of materials to see which would be most suitable for our penguin egg quest.

We can name the world's continents and oceans! We explored these using maps, atlases and globes.

We really enjoyed making our seasonal tree using recycled materials. Thank you Mrs Dawkins-White for helping us to do this.

World book day fun! We really enjoyed dressing up as our favourite story characters. We shared lots of stories throughout the day and talked about what we like about different characters.

Northern light art. We discussed the colours and shapes that can be seen in the northern lights. Then we used a range of materials to create our own northern lights.

Ice challenge: Who can make the ice completely melt in the shortest amount of time?

We have been trying to help our mystery egg hatch this week. We tried reading and singing to it. We bought in blankets and toys from home to make sure it was comfortable. We poked, stroked and prodded, and some of us could hear something inside. We are all hoping something magical will happen this weekend.

We really enjoyed making plasticine penguins ready for our animations next week. We worked very well in our groups and planned a short scene together.

We made Antarctic dioramas this week. We thought carefully about the animals that would be found here and compared this to the Arctic.

We have been exploring a fantasy story this week. We sequenced the story by drawing story maps, acted out the story in our role play area and wrote setting descriptions.

The arrival of a mysterious egg from The Arctic promoted lots of discussion about what animal could be inside! We used maps to track the journey the egg had taken.

Our focus for languages week was sign language. We created drama pieces using sign and enjoyed learning to sign the alphabet, numbers and greetings. We invented signs for our names and also used finger spell to identify ourselves.

The documents below contain information about what we will be learning this half term.

We thoroughly enjoyed our Christmas lunch this week. A huge thank you to the PTA for arranging this for us. We had a fantastic time!

Our grass caterpillars are very comfortable in the spiritual garden.

What does fair trade mean? How do we know if chocolate is fair trade? We are exploring these questions this week and looking for the fair trade logo on packaging.

Milk, dark or white chocolate? We were very accurate with our taste testing!

We had a fantastic time at Tesco this morning. We explored the store and saw what happens behind the scenes. We talked about how chocolate is made and thought about what makes a healthy diet. We enjoyed making our own muesli and are looking forward to our chocolate tasting tomorrow.

We have been developing our watercolour skills. We thought about something beautiful that God has created and painted a picture, mixing the colours we needed.

Which is the best paper towel?

We have started to learn how to draw simple algorithms. We drew the buttons we needed to press to get the Beebot to a certain position and then tested to see if we were accurate.

We really enjoyed making our grass caterpillars for the spiritual garden. We are keeping them warm in the classroom for now and we are keeping a close eye on them. Thank you very much for the donations of tights.

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half term break. The documents below give an overview of what Wren Class will be covering for the rest of this term.

We had our first tennis coaching session today and loved every minute!

We really enjoyed running in the 'golden mile' today. We tried hard to run at a steady pace and to run as many laps as we could.

We have been thinking about kindness in Bible stories this half term. This week, we wrote prayers for our kindness tree.

This week's chocolate challenge: Make the chocolate button melt without touching it.

Wrens really enjoyed using the iPads in Maths this week.

Looking fabulous for wacky hair day!

We have been enjoying subtracting in Maths this week. We used objects, drew dienes and were even allowed to draw on the tables!

We have been creating 'chocolate machine' movements and balances in PE this week.

In Science this week, we completed a floating and sinking experiment. We used stopwatches to measure how long different types of chocolate floated for.

We have had a wonderful first week exploring a book called 'Journey' by Aaron Becker. We have written character descriptions and added speech to the pictures. We really enjoyed using our own magic pens and painting settings using watercolours.

Welcome back! I hope you have all had a wonderful summer break. Our first topic in Wren Class will be Chocolate.

There are two documents below that you might find useful. The first contains information about day to day routines in Wren Class and tells you the different things we will be learning about. The second shows you the curriculum coverage over the first half term. These documents are a guide and will be adapted to suit the interests and abilities of the children during our learning journey.