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Wrens - Year 1

During our English this week the children wrote their own story boards of the Rainbowfish story. With just two lessons to rehearse (and battling against the weather!) the children produced this amazing performance...enjoy!


(They also made their own fantastic, colourful masks!)


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Good morning Wrens


Happy Friday and welcome to you las day of home learning! Woohoo!! 


I have been so impressed with all of you over these last few months and we can't wait to see you again on Monday! 


Please bring your character descriptions from Wednesday with you to your live lesson and we will share them with the class. If we have time we might be able to share some of your favourite books for those of you who didn't get a chance yesterday. (Only if we have time!)


See you at 11:00 :) 

Morning Wrens :) 


It's World Book Day!!! 


For our live lesson today we will be celebrating World Book Day by sharing some of our favourite books and talking about some of our favourite characters, so please bring a book or two along to share with the class at 11:00. 


We will also have another 'unofficial' world book day when we are all back together in school when you will have a chance to dress up! smiley


Today's PE challenge is Ultimate Warrior! Details are in the planning below. We would love as many of you as possible to get involved. You can send me your results or post them yourself using the link provided. 


See at 11:00 laugh 

Good morning Wrens! 


Wednesday already! Wow


Today we will be sharing our character vocabulary from yesterday. So make sure you bring it along to our live lesson and we will have a go at guessing which character you were collecting your verbs and adjectives for. See you at 11:00 smiley

Hi Wrens :) 


Well done for some more amazing work yesterday. You came up with some great words during our countdown activity in the live lesson, ones I hadn't even thought of! I have also seen lots of super work sent through teams, keep it up for this final week! 


I was especially pleased to see you come up with some really good targets to help you approach your learning with a growth mindset when you return to school next week, well done :) 


Here is today's planning, we will see you at 11:00! 



Good Morning Wrens :) 


Welcome to the final week of home learning!! Woohoo!!! 


We are so excited to welcome you all back next week! I have added a social story to the top of this class page to help remind you of what school will be like when you return on Monday. It is much the same as it was before Christmas, but that seems like such a long time ago now.

I thought this might help if you need it :) 


I have attached today's home learning below and our live lessons this week will start at 11:00. See you there! :) 

Happy Friday Wrens! 


It's the end of another week of home schooling and you have all done a fantastic job once again. One more week to go!! 

A huge well done also to everyone who has been using Get Epic, we have now read over 250 books as a class! Amazing work!! 


Here is the planning for today. We will see you at 10:00 for our last live lesson of the week.


Have a super weekend!

Morning! :) 


Please find today's planning below. It's PE day again and a reminder that you can post your PE challenge results online (follow the link on the planning) or you can send them to me and I will post them for you. Good Luck! :) 


See you at 10:00 for the live lesson.

Morning Wrens.


It was lovely to see you all yesterday and hear all about your amazing stories from half term, it sounds like you all had a lot of fun, even though we were in lockdown! :)

Here is your home learning for today, see you at 10:00! 



Welcome back Wrens!!! 


I hope you had an amazing half term and you are well rested, ready for another half term of super learning :) 

You did such an amazing job last half term and I know you will be amazing again over the next couple of weeks. 


We miss having you all in school every day, but hopefully it will not be too much longer before we are all safely back together. 

Your home learning for today is below, and our live lessons this week will be 10:00 - 11:00. Hopefully you have all received an invite, see you there!! 

Good morning Wrens.


Well done on another week of amazing home learning, I have been so impressed with how hard you have all worked during this half term. One more day to go before a well earned rest! 


I hope you all had fun taking part in the Dorset school games PE activity yesterday, remember to upload your results to the link sent to you by Mr Dines. If you are unable to do that, then feel free to send them to me and I will register your results for you :) 

Remember, it is not about getting the highest score. The important thing is that you have a go, try your best and keep active! 


Here is today's planning. See you at 9:00 smiley

Happy Thursday Wrens!


It's PE day again today and you will find a link to the Dorset School games on the PE slide this week.  We are taking part in these virtual games as a school and we would love for you to get involved at home! 


We look forward to seeing you at 9:00 for our live lesson :) 

Good morning Wrens! 


Well done for all of your hard work in our live lesson yesterday, it was your first ever whole class guided reading lesson and to do it with half of you on Teams was an extra little challenge, but you were super! 

Here is today's planning, we will see you at 9:00 for phonics and some more guided reading with our new pawsome pals! 



Morning Wrens :) 


I hope you enjoyed making your treasure maps yesterday! 


Here is today's planning. 


Just a quick note to those who are struggling to access some of the hyperlinks to websites and videos, these work best if the Powerpoint is viewed as a slide show. You can click on the video or web address and it will take you straight to the website. However, if you are are viewing the slides without the slideshow then you will need to right click the link and then click 'follow hyperlink'. Hope this helps :) 


See you at 9:00

Good Morning Wrens. 


Welcome to the final week before half term! I hope you had a lovely weekend and are ready for one more week of learning before your well earned half term break :) 


Our live lessons this week will start at 9:00.


See you there! 

Some more super home learning! Well done everyone :)

A selection of some of the amazing learning you have all been doing at home. Keep sending it in! :)

Good Morning Wrens.


This week is children’s mental health week. So today we would like to raise awareness of the importance of mental health by sharing some activities which will help to boost and maintain children’s (and adults!) mental health.


These activities will replace most of our usual learning timetable in order to help reduce the children’s screen time and give you a chance to really focus on your mental health without the pressures and stresses of home learning. 


We will be having our normal phonics live lesson at 11:00 this morning so ha we can see all of your happy, smiling faces! :) 


I hope you enjoy the activities and give your mental health and wellbeing a much needed boost after an especially stressful few weeks! J


See you at 11:00!

Good Morning Wrens smiley


I saw some AMAZING diary entries yesterday!! Thank you to those who sent them over to me, it sounds like you all had a fantastic time up in space. I was especially surprised by the range of different food you all ate up there! 


A quick reminder that there will be no 'live' lesson today, but I did record a phonics lesson for you to watch today. The rest of your activities for the day are on the planning below. Have an amazing day! laugh

Good morning Astronauts! 


I hope you have assembled your space team? Today you will be writing a diary entry all about your first day in space! 


Here is today's planning :) 


Good morning! 


Well done for another super Monday of home learning yesterday! It's amazing to see you all engaging with our live lessons as we enter our 5th week of home learning, you are all doing so well. Remember you can send me any work you do via the chat section in Teams. 

Another quick reminder that there are still a few reading books left outside the office for you to collect. Each of you have a pre packed goody bag of books with your name on. 


Today's planning is below and our live lesson will be at 11:00 again this morning. See you there! 



Good morning Wrens :) 


I hope you had a lovely weekend! 


We will be looking at weight and measurement during our maths this week, and taking a trip into space with our English! We will also be doing some map making during topic and growing a bean in a jar during Science :) 


Please find todays planning below. Our live lessons this week start at 11:00, see you then!

Happy Friday Wrens! 


Well done for another week of amazing home learning!! 


Just another quick reminder that you have reading books waiting for you outside of the office for you to collect :) 


Today's planning is below, you have another problem solving Maths activity for today. The most important thing with these activities is perseverance! It might take a long time and lots of attempts before you crack it, but it is a fantastic way of helping you to think creatively about numbers. 


We will also be sharing our riddles during our live lesson today, so make sure that you bring them along with you. See you at 10:00!



Good Morning Wrens smiley


I hope you enjoyed planning your riddles yesterday? I know the Riddle Monster is very keen to see what you come up with! We will be writing our riddles today so that we can share them during our live lesson on Friday. 


A quick reminder that you should have received an email from the office yesterday about some reading books. These will be left outside the office for you to collect. 


Today's planning is below. See you at 10:00! 



Thank you once again to all of the hard work you are all doing at home! You have been fantastic and I am seeing some fantastic work coming through to me, keep it up! 


Please keep your eyes peeled for an email today regarding reading books. yes


You can find today's planning below. Please don't but put off by the number of slides in total! Lots of them are maths slides which break the learning down step by step. If you need any more support with any of the activities please get in touch and I will happily guide you through it. 


Have a great day and we all look forward to seeing you for out live lesson at 10:00 smiley



Good Morning :) 


Thanks to everyone who has submitted their assignments from last week (farm setting description and magic V maths challenge) I have seen some super work! There are just a couple of you left to submit. If you need any support with how to do this, please get in touch. 


Please find today's home learning below. Our live lesson will be at 10:00 again this morning. We hope to see you there! smiley


Good Morning Wrens! 


Welcome to another week, I hope you all had a lovely weekend and managed to get out into the snow if you had some?! What a treat that was to wake up to on Sunday morning! 


Please note that our live lessons will be at 10:00am this week, we will cover English literacy and phonics. We look forward to seeing you all there! :) 


Please find today's home learning below...

Morning Wrens! 


Happy Friday! The end of another week! 


Apologies if you were confused by the Maths assignment yesterday, that was meant to be set today. It relates to your Friday Maths challenge and it is explained in today's planning. 


Today's live lesson will be at 9:00 again and we will move to 10:00am for next week. 


Have a lovely weekend! smiley

Hi Wrens! 


Well done again for all of your hard work both in live lessons and at home this week. I am seeing some amazing work sent through. We miss you all very much, but I am so pleased to see so many of you working hard at home. Well done!


Here is our home learning for today. See you at 9:00! 

Morning Wrens! 


Welcome along to another day of home learning. We have another live lesson bright and early at 9:00am, we hope to see you all there! 


A big well done to those who have been reading on Get Epic, we have now read over 50 books as a class! Super effort!! 

I saw some great pictures of your story maps from yesterday, I must say your art work is a lot better than mine...but you already knew that! 


Your home learning for today is attached below, have fun! smiley

Hi Wrens! 


Thank you to all those who have returned the assignment from last week so far. I have returned them to you with some comments and some next steps for your learning. It has been amazing to see all of the hard work you have been doing and I will print out a selection to display in our classroom. 


Today's home learning is attached below, hopefully you found the new format helpful. 


See you at 9:00 for some phonics! :) 

Good Morning Wrens! 


Hopefully you all had a fantastic weekend and you're ready for a brand new week of home learning! 


I have attached today's learning below, in both PowerPoint and PDF format so that it is accessible on all devices. 

I have changed the format of the planning to make it a little bit easier for you to follow at home. But if you have any questions at all, please still get in touch. 


Our live lessons this week will be at 9:00am and I have included the slides which go with the lessons, in case you were finding it difficult to follow on your computers/ tablets/ smartphones. 


I look forward to seeing you all at 9:00! 


Mr Lee



Happy Friday Wrens! 


Well done on another week of home learning and some super online lessons. You have adapted to them so well, I am so proud of you all! 

I have set some of your work as an assignment so that you can submit it for me to see and I can give you some feedback through teams. 


Have a lovely weekend! 


English Literacy - 


Today we need to finish off writing our recount of the Farmer Duck story from the duck’s point of view.


Once you have finished writing your recount I’d like you to have a go at doing some self marking!


Using a different colour pen (purple polishing pen if you have one!) re-read your work and see if you can spot any corrections you need to make.


Have a look for:


Spellings (remember to flick fingers and use your sound mats to help you)


Missing words


Capital letters (check that sentences start with capital letters AND check you haven’t put any extra capitals in the middle of your sentence – unless it’s a name)


Full stops – hopefully you have some full stops to separate your sentences or I will run out of breath when I read it!


Question marks


Presentation – think about the size of your writing, were you able to join up any of your handwriting?

Do your sentences use the whole line, starting right at the margin and using the line right to the end?


Maths - 


Today I have a mini task / project for you to think about and complete...



Sophie was recording some numbers:


What do you think she wrote next?

Why do you think that?


She continued writing the counting numbers in order but she stopped for a rest after writing seventeen digits.
What was the last number she wrote?

She carried on until she got all the way up to the number 20.  
How many digits has she written altogether now?

Can you find a way to work this out without writing the counting numbers yourself?


Extra challenge.


She decided to start writing numbers by counting in 2’s.


e.g. 2,4,6,8…


Can you tell me…



The 5th number she wrote down?

The 8th number she wrote down?

The 10th number she wrote down?



Phonics - 


Live lesson! 


Phonics Writing –


Write the sounds – oi, ou, ar, th, sh, ss, ff, ll, ir, er, ur and today’s sound ... or


Word writing (remember to flick fingers to make sure you don't miss any sounds!) -








Sentence writing (don't forget those capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!) - 


Pork comes from a pig.


Do tulips have thorns?


A north wind is very cold! 


Her fur coat was short.




For your RE today, we are going to continue thinking about Shabbat.

Last week you were asked to think about what you do during the week and which days are special to you, and why.


Today we will start to explore what Shabbat is and why it is a special day in the Jewish faith.


Watch this video, giving you an introduction to Shabbat from the view of some Jewish children.

 Introduction to Shabbat - KS1 Religious Education - BBC Bitesize


I’d like you to think about your own Saturdays and think how they are different for Jewish children celebrating Shabbat?


What can/ do you do on a Saturday that Jewish children would not do?


What do Jewish children do on Saturdays that you don’t usually do?


A large an important part of Shabbat is the food. Meal times are very important family times during Shabbat and you saw how the table was beautifully laid out with a fresh tablecloth, Shabbat candles and lots of yummy food! Everyone makes a special effort to wear their best clothes and the whole family enjoy the meal together.


I’d like you to draw your own Shabbat table and think about all of the people that you would like to enjoy a special meal with.

Label your drawing to show me who you are sharing your meal with, what food you would eat and how you would decorate your table.





Good Morning Wrens.


It has been lovely to see some of you sending me your amazing work over the last few days.

Those who haven't or are not sure how to send work, you can send me pictures of work over the chat option in teams. I will start to set some work under the assignments section next week, which enables to submit your work so that I can mark it and give you some feedback, just like when you're in school! :) 


English - 


Today we will write a recount as Farmer Duck - a day in Duck’s life…


Have a look at the postcard which Farmer Duck sends to his Grandad (attached below), telling him all about a normal day on the farm. Notice how he uses ‘I’ when writing, this tells us that he is writing about himself. You will need to do this too, as you are going to write your postcard as if YOU are

Farmer Duck!  


In his postcard Farmer Duck describes the jobs he has to do.


Using your story sequences from Monday to help you, write your own postcard as Duck to granddad.


Remember our list of conjunction words which will help you to describe the events in order.


(before, then, next, after, finally). 




Maths and phonics will be covered during our live lesson.




Phonics Writing –


Write the sounds – ai, air, e, ea, ear, ure, y, ay, er, ur and today’s sound ... ir


Word writing (remember to flick fingers to make sure you don't miss any sounds!) -








Sentence writing (don't forget those capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!) - 


Can a cat give birth to piglets?


The skirt was too long.


Jogging makes me thirsty.


Is thirteen a lucky number?




PE –


It’s PE day again!

Please continue doing something as active as possible during Thursday afternoons! 


Joe Wicks will be running his home school PE lessons on YouTube.


Motcombe Primary School Fit Friday workouts (these are available on our school Youtube channel - (Search for Mrs M and Miss K teach)


Search for GoNoodle for further workout and active ideas on YouTube J

We did some playground races this morning!


I’d like you to tell me who came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and last in each of the races.

(watch out as some of the races have more than 4 people!)

Race 1 - Racing to the yellow line

Still image for this video

Race 2

Still image for this video

Race 3

Still image for this video

Race 4

Still image for this video

We lined up to go back inside. Who was 1st, 3rd and 7th in line?

Good morning Wrens and happy Wednesday! 


Thank you again to everyone for being so amazing during our online lesson yesterday! As you can tell I am still working out all of the technology and finding the best way to make these lessons work the best they can, please bare with me!  



Today’s home learning –


English literacy –


Today, we are going to think about the jobs which Farmer Duck was given to do on the farm and what does Farmer Duck's reply ("quack") really mean?


I'd like you to write the farmer’s question down in your workbook (How goes the work?). Remember to use a question mark!  


Next, you will need to write a reply for the duck. 


Your reply needs to be a sentence with a full stop and capital letter, rather than just a single word. (Don't just write quack!)


Think about:


  • What would the duck say?
  • How is the duck feeling? (grumpy/ tired / bored?)


Try writing 3 different answers for different parts of the story/ different jobs which the duck is doing.



Maths and phonics will be covered during our live lesson again.


Maths activities: 


There are a couple of activities for you to do, and again you can choose your own level of challenge! 


Swooping - a little bit of a challenge


Gliding - a slightly bigger challenge


Soaring - the biggest challenge!


If you choose 1 activity card first and then decide if you want to challenge yourself on the next one, that will be fine! (e.g. do a gliding challenge and then have a go at a soaring one if you think you are up to the challenge!) 


Activities attached below


(Parents: swooping activities have a small red D in the corner, gliding activities have an E and soaring activities have a GD)







Phonics writing –


Write the sounds – ai, ue, e, ea, ear, ure, y, ay and today’s sound ...


Word writing (remember to flick fingers to make sure you don't miss any sounds!) -








Sentence writing (don't forget those capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!) - 


The sheep hurt his foot.


Can a snake burp?


The pig has a curly tail.


Do you like Thursdays?


(bonus points for anyone who can tell me whether or not a snake can actually burp!!) 




Afternoon – Geography -  Physical and Human Features



Today we are going to start to explore some more about our local area! We are going to start by looking at the difference between human and physical features in our environment.

Take a look at What are human and physical features? - BBC Bitesize


If you then scroll down, there is a short activity to complete to check your learning.


Next time you go out for your daily exercise (assuming the government is still allowing it!) I’d like to make a list of all of the different human and physical features that you can see around where you live. You can do this on a piece of paper and then stick it into your home learning book.

You might even be able to do this by just looking out of the window at home, it would be best to look out of upstairs windows if possible as you will be able to see further. Also, make sure you look out of as many different windows as possible as you will be able to see more of the human and physical features around where you live!


** If you struggle to see many from your window, you could even try exploring your local area on Google Earth! 


Your list should be separated into human and physical features, like this…


Human features

Physical features





Once you have made your list, you might like to draw and colour in some pictures of the features which you were able to find. If you could even take some photos on your walk that would be amazing!


Extra challenge – Did you spot any physical features which affected human features (e.g. a windy road following the bends of a river or hill), or human features which affected physical ones.



Our rain experiment

We used dice to generate numbers and put ourselves in order from greatest to smallest and smallest to greatest.

Good morning Wrens J


Thank you to everyone for being so amazing during our online lesson yesterday! You were all fantastic and it was great to see you all with your hands up and wanting to join in with the lesson.

Hopefully as we all become a bit more familiar with the technology things will run more smoothly and it won’t feel quite so rushed! But you were all amazing, so thank you and well done!


Today’s home learning –


English literacy –

Re watch the story of Farmer Duck (unless you have the book, then you may be able to read it with an adult!)  - (117) Farmer Duck - Martin Waddell & Helen Oxenbury - YouTube


You may remember we spoke about time connectives last term (our puzzle piece words). These are words like;





After that



They help us to join our sentences together to help our story flow better and to help it make sense.


For example:


Farmer Duck brought the lazy farmer his breakfast in the morning. Then he made a start on all of his jobs for the day. First he cleaned the dishes, then he fed the sheep, next he chopped some wood. Finally, he got home just in time to bring the farmer his tea!


I would like you to re tell the story of Farmer duck to someone at home, using our time connectives to link each part of the story together. You might want to write down all of the time connectives to help you remember them.


Extra challenge – See if you can write down the first few parts of your story and use those time connectives to link your narrative.

Remember to re read your work to make sure that it makes sense and that you have used the correct time connective!



Maths and phonics will be covered during our live lesson again.


Maths activity: 


With your adult, take turns rolling 2 dice to generate a number (add the numbers together). You will need to make 5 different numbers. Write your number down in your workbook, then see if you can put them in order from smallest to greatest, and then greatest to smallest. 


Extra challenge, can you think of any extra numbers that you could put in?



If you don’t have dice visit ITP Number Spinners - Mathsframe to make some number spinners and generate some random numbers of your own!




Phonics writing –


Write the sounds – ou, ew, ee, ea, ear, ure, air, ar, a (remember this can make the ar sound as well, like in father) and today’s sound er.


Word writing (remember to flick fingers to make sure you don't miss any sounds!) -








Sentence writing (don't forget those capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!) - 


The queen has lots of servants.


They were late for dinner.


He hit the nail with his hammer.





This afternoon I would like you to record the results from your rain gauge!


You will need to go and get it from wherever you decided to leave it outside, hopefully somewhere nice and open where it could catch lots of rain!


Next you will need to measure home much water is in your bottle. This will tell you how much rain fell since last week!


Record your results in your book underneath where you made your prediction (guess) from last week.


I’d like to know…


How close was your guess?


Did we have more rain or less rain than you thought we would have?


Did your bottle stay the right way up all week, or did it fall over in the wind?

  • If it did fall over, will your results be accurate? (Will they really tell us how much rain we actually had?)


Next, you can empty your rain gauge and put it back outside and we can see how much rain it collects this week and compare the results!


  • Write a new prediction
  • Do you think we will have more rain or less rain than last week?


To access the video of a live lesson...

1) Wait around 30 minutes after the live lesson.

2) Login to Office365 on either the office365 app or by going to www.office.com on an internet browser.

3) Locate the ‘OneDrive’ app. You might find this by clicking on the dots in the top left hand corner then clicking on ‘OneDrive’. (Like the first picture below)

4) Click on Shared.

5) There should then be a list of lesson videos. Click on the one you need according to the date/description. (Like the second picture below)

6) Open the video. You will have to wait a little while for it to load/buffer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO - Just view it. It will look like a blank screen for anything up to 15 minutes (maybe longer depending on your internet speed) whilst it loads.



Good Morning Wrens, and happy Monday!


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and you are ready for a brand new week of home learning! 


It was really sad not to have you all in class last week, but it is so important that everyone stays safe. I hope you enjoyed seeing those of us who are in class during our live lesson practise session? 

Remember, we will be having live lessons this week from 11:00-12:00. We will do a 10-15 minute phonics lesson at 11:00, followed by a short activity. You will then join us again for a 10-15 minute maths lesson at 11:45. We look forward to seeing you all there! 


For our English literacy this week we will be looking at a brand new book! The story is called Farmer Duck and you can find a link to it here - 


(117) Farmer Duck - Martin Waddell & Helen Oxenbury - YouTube


Please watch the video and think about 


  • Where is the story set?
  • Who is/are the main characters?


I'd like you to describe these characters and write down a couple of sentences about them. Think about –


  • Their personalities (Farmer was lazy and bossy. The duck was hard working & kind).


  • Why was Duck so sad and miserable?


Extra challenge...


  • How and why did the mood of the duck change through the story?


Next I would like you to draw some pictures from the story. (Between 4-6 in total)


  • What happened at the beginning? 


  • What happened in the middle? (2-3 pictures)


  • What happened at the end?


Make sure you draw these pictures in the correct order in which they happened! smiley


Another extra challenge...


Can you write a sentence to go with each picture?




Phonics and Maths covered during live lessons


Phonics independent task - 


Writing - 


Write the sounds - oi, ou, oo, ey, a, ee


Word writing (remember to flick fingers to make sure you don't miss any sounds!) -








Sentence writing (don't forget those capital letters, full stops and finger spaces!) - 


Take a seat in the waiting room.


A leaf fell from the tree.


A cup of tea is such a treat. 



Maths activity -  I would like you to have a practice at putting some things in the right order! 

Find 5 things around the house. They might be 5 toys, 5 teddies, 5 books etc. Then try putting them in the correct order by size (smallest - largest).


I then have a couple of activities for you to do, and you can choose your own level of challenge! 


Swooping - a little bit of a challenge


Gliding - a slightly bigger challenge


Soaring - the biggest challenge!


If you choose 1 activity card first and then decide if you want to challenge yourself on the next one, that will be fine! (e.g. do a gliding challenge and then have a go at a soaring one if you think you are up to the challenge!) 


Activities attached below


(Parents: swooping activities have a small red D in the corner, gliding activities have an E and soaring activities have a GD)



This afternoon you are going to do some PSHE and you are going to be thinking about the importance of sleep. (Something I think we all wish we had more of!) 


I'd like you to visit SCARF at Home: Keeping Myself Safe - activities for 5-7 year-olds (coramlifeeducation.org.uk) and do activity 2 - Super sleep!


There are some things for you to watch, think about and discuss. 

You then have a short activity to do. Don't worry if you don't have a printer though, you can have a go at drawing the pictures that you are asked to print out. 




Hopefully you have all been doing some amazing reading in the last week too, I see lots of you have already signed up to Get Epic so well done! Reading is so important and will really help you with the rest of your learning, so keep it up! smiley



Good morning Wrens! 


Friday....Woohoo! Well done on your first week of home learning. It was so nice to see you all during our live lesson yesterday! I look forward to some regular live lessons next week. 

Here is today's home learning. :)


Phonics - Please continue testing yourself with the activities on Phonics Play. We will commence our live phonics lessons on Monday. 


English - 

Re read our Farmyard poem – Can you recite any of it from memory?

Well done if you were able to remember any of it! 


What helped you remember?

- Hopefully the rhyming couplets would have helped you remember some of the words. 

- The repeating rhythm throughout the poem is also really useful!



**Remember to use rhyming couplets in your poems today as well!**


Hopefully you came up with some amazing rhyming couplets for your own farmyard poem yesterday.


Todays task is to put them all together into rhyming couplet sentences for your very own farmyard poem.


Try to follow the same rhythm as our model poem.




little sheep,


fluffy and white,


you’ll be warm in bed tonight!


Target - Try to write at least 3 verses for your poem using the animals, adjectives and rhyming words which you came up with yesterday! 




Maths: I have attached a shape hunt for you to complete. Try and name each of the 3D shapes on the sheet and then find examples of items in and around your home which are the same as each of our shapes...how many will you find?!






Have a look at this days of the week song: 

 109) Days Of The Week Addams Family (Parody) | Fun songs for Big Kids, Preschoolers and Toddlers - YouTube


I'd like you to have a think about the following questions - 


Which day of the week is the most special for you and why?

What do you usually do on a Saturday?

Who do you spend it with?

How does it differ from rest of the week?


For our RE this term we will be learning about Judaism. Focusing on Shabbat (which means Sabbath), a very special day of rest in the Jewish faith.


Have a think about what you already do/ or don’t know about Shabbat – think about why it might be important to Jewish children?




I would like to draw a large wheel  on a piece of paper (you might want to draw around a plate. Separate the wheel into 7 equal sections (like you are cutting up a cake). Each section of the wheel will represent a day of the week and I'd like you to draw and label a picture of something that you do on each of those days.




Thank you once again for all of your hard work this week. I hope you all have a lovely weekend and I look forward to seeing you all online on Monday!! smiley



Thank you to everyone who was able to attend the live lesson this morning. I am working on a way of making the board a little clearer for everyone, please bare with me on that one! 


You will find a link to our live learning timetable at the top of this page. We are allocated 1 hour a day for our live lessons. Therefore we will have 2 mini lessons within this timeslot, the first 15 mins of our allocated time each day will be a phonics lesson. The children will then be asked to go and complete some activities before returning to the meeting for the final 20 mins for a second live lesson (usually Maths or English). The children will then continue with a task a home related to that lesson. 


I will send invitations out for these live lessons soon. Please accept the invitation so that you are able to attend them next week. 


Again, if you have any questions or technical issues, please get in touch.


Thanks again for all of your hard work at home!


Mr Lee



Home Learning - 7th January 




Another day of home learning! I hope you enjoyed looking at the farmyard poem yesterday and you hopefully had a go at making a rain gauge in the afternoon as well. We made some here in class and I will put some pictures up soon. 


We are really looking forward to seeing you all on our live lesson later on this morning :) 




Phonics - Please continue to use phonics play to keep practising your sounds, ready for our live phonics lessons next week. 


Maths - Please also continue to use Mathletics to revise our learning from last term. Ready for our new live learning next week. 


Reading - Keep reading as much as possible! **Remember to sign up to Get Epic.




English - 



Re – read the Farmyard poem.


Have a think about the rhythm of the poem.

Who remembers what rhythm is from our music lessons last term?




Try using a drum (or clapping hands/ patting knees) along to the rhythm of the poem as you read it (your adult may need to help by reading it to you).


Experiment reciting the poem to a different rhythm and tempo (speed) – does it work?



The poem sometimes sounds a bit silly if you play around with the rhythm.



Today we are going to start our own farmyard poem!


Think of some ideas of what you would like to have on your very own farm.

You might like to think of some:


Animals - cows, pigs, hens, dogs, sheep?

Buildings – pig sty, farmhouse, barn?

Vehicles – Tractors, plough?



Next you need to try and can you come up with an adjective to describe each thing on your farm. E.g. Pink pig. 

Fluffy, white sheep! 

See if you can also find a rhyming word for the adjective you choose so that we can make some rhyming couplets for our poem! 


e.g. Pig




Extra challenge! – Put it all together into rhyming couplet sentences.


Follow same rhythm as our farmyard poem.




little sheep,


fluffy and white,


you’ll be warm in bed tonight!




PE - Thursday would usually be our PE day, so please spend the afternoon doing something as active as possible! 


Joe Wicks will be running his home school PE lessons on Youtube. Or you can try one of our Motcombe Primary School Fit Friday workouts (these are available on our school Youtube channel - (Search for Mrs M and Miss K teach)



Thank you and see you later for our live lesson!! 


Mr Lee smiley




Hello again! 


You should have now all received your invitation to our live (practise) lesson. Please click to say that you will be attending so that you are able to join the 'lesson' tomorrow. 

Those of us in class are VERY excited to see you all! 


A couple of safeguarding tips for using TEAMS:

  • The child is in a public area of the house.
  • The child should be appropriately dressed.
  • The child is not alone in a bedroom.

** Phonics update ** Phonics Play are now offering free access for home learning. If you could spend some time each morning on some of the activities that would be fantastic. 

Link: https://www.phonicsplay.co.uk/


I plan to do a live phonics lesson every day from Monday - Thursday from next week. 


Thank you :) 

Home learning – Wednesday 6th January.


Good morning Wrens!


I hope you enjoyed writing all about your Christmas holidays yesterday? I look forward to reading them all! Instructions on how to send work through to me will be along soon.


** I would like to run a 'practise' teams live lesson tomorrow morning at 10:00am.** 

This will just be a quick call to ensure that everyone is able to log on and to check that everything runs smoothly. I will send you an invitation to this lesson later on today. You will then need to accept the invitation. 

Then tomorrow you will need to log into your teams account (the same one used for the parents evening last term) and click to join the meeting (which will appear on your calendar). 


If you are unsure about how this works, please get in touch before tomorrow.  

I look forward to seeing all of your lovely smiling faces and I'm sure the children who are in class are excited to see you all as well :) 




For your English literacy today we will be thinking all about farms!


Think about what animals we might see on a farm. Who can remember visiting the farm last year? (in Ducklings) – What was there? (if you weren’t with us last year, think about any other time you might have been to a farm or seen farm animals in the fields when travelling somewhere).


Write all of the animals you can remember – Try to find lots!


Can we think of rhyming words for each animal?


Goat – coat

Cow – Plow

Sheep – Sleep


See if you can write at least one rhyming word for each animal you think of.

(Extra challenge…Can you find 3 words for each one?)


Read Farmyard poem. (Attached to home learning document sent yesterday.)


Who can see the rhyming words?

When two sentences have rhyming words at the end of them, these two words are called rhyming couplets.



Little hen,
feathered and red,
pecking round for scraps of bread.


Can you find all of the rhyming couplets in the farmyard poem?




For our maths today, please continue to work through Mathletics, looking at some of the topics we covered last term.

You might also like to play some maths warm up games.

ictgames || html5 Home Page

Fun Kids Online Math Games (sheppardsoftware.com)


I hope to be able to run some live maths lessons next week and we can start to explore the next part of our maths learning together.




For our Science this afternoon we are going to think about some of the weather we see lots of during this time of year…rain!

To do this, we are going to make a rain gauge!

Take a look at this video - (112) How To... Build A Rain Gauge - The Great British Weather - BBC One - YouTube 


Activity – We are going to do a science experiment to see how much rain we get in one week in Motcombe! (or where you live)

Have a go at making a rain gauge at home. If you don’t have any modelling clay to flatten the bottom of your bottle, see if you can use some playdough/ blue tack or find a flat bottomed bottle. Please make sure you ask your adult to help to cut your bottle in half!

Place your bottle somewhere safe outside where it will catch lots of rain!


Next I would like you to make predictions of how much rain you think there will be. You have three things to record (write down).

1. What we did (make a rain gauge using a plastic bottle) placed it outside. (perhaps you could draw and label a picture of your rain gauge).

  • Extra challenge, think about the instruction writing we did for our Christmas cards last term. Can you write some instructions of how to make a rain gauge?


2. Prediction – I think there will be ____cm of rain this week.


3. Results (We will record these next week – let’s hope it rains!)



Good afternoon everyone! 


I hope your first morning of home learning has gone well?


Just a quick update regarding reading. As we are unable to send books home, we have signed up to Get Epic. This is an online resource with lots of books which your child can read on a laptop, tablet or mobile phone. I have attached some login instructions below to help you get started, I will then be able to assign new books for your children to read. 


As with our rapid phonics books which we would usually send home, please read each book twice before requesting a new one. 


I will continue to keep this page updated with work and I look forward to getting the live lessons up and running next week! smiley


Stay safe and enjoy the amazing books available on Get Epic! 


Mr Lee smiley

Our lovely, wintery playground tree!

Good Morning Wrens! Happy New Year!


This is a bit of a strange start to the year, but we have been through this before and we you will all be fantastic with your home learning! I’m very sad that I can’t see you all this half term, but hopefully we will all be together again after half term. The most important thing is that we keep you all safe.


Please see the document below for some home-learning to be making a start on this week. I hope to be able to drop in some live lessons alongside this soon!


I will be teaching the children of key-workers and vulnerable children full-time, so I am sorry that I will not be able to contact you all directly immediately. Once the Motcombe staff team have had a couple of days to make adaptations to our lessons and our timetables etc. I will put more information on here for you as I hope to do some live video lessons with you all on our MicrosoftTeams group later in the week.

I look forward to starting our amazing new topic together where we will be doorstep explorers, learning all about our local area! 

Your mathletics logins can all be found on the front of your reading record. If you need any support with mathletics or any of the other online learning platforms, please email the office and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


Keep safe and I look forward to seeing you all in our video lessons soon – keep smiling!


Mr Lee

We made Christmas cookies to enjoy at our Christmas party. They were so yummy!

Our scarecrow competition winner!

Exploring shape in our maths

A few snaps from our class birthday party...

We explored tin can telephones and started thinking of our own inventions which could help to solve a problem!

Our senses exploration

To kick off the Guy Fawkes section of our 'Fire, Fire' topic, we created some firework art!

To celebrate the Harvest Festival this week the children have designed their own scarecrows! 

These designs will be sent to all classes at Motcombe Primary for the children to vote for their favourite. The winning design will be recreated as a real scarecrow which will be placed in the school garden!

Good Luck Everyone!!

Harvest Festival

Re-creating the human chains used to try and fight the Great Fire of London in 1666

Still image for this video

It has been another amazing week in Wrens class! 


The children have continued to adapt very well to life in year 1 and they have shown a brilliant attitude when faced with challenges. Our growth mindset continues to bloom, well done everyone!


This week we have begun learning the story of Vlad and the Great Fire of London. We have used drama to re-tell the story and some hot seating to find out all about the main character (Vlad the flea!). 

We have also begun to explore the Great Fire of London in our Science, starting with a fire experiment to explore different everyday materials! The children were able to identify a range of materials and predict which ones would burn in our experiment. We also took this opportunity to discuss fire safety and how the houses we live in today are much safer than those in 1666. 


In maths this week we continued sorting items into different groups. We have also moved onto counting forwards and backwards (0-10), re-building the class numberline when the troublesome wind blew all of the numbers away. 


Well done everyone for another amazing week!! 



What a fantastic first week in Wrens class!


The children have settled very well into life in year 1, learning new routines and adapting to life back at school after a long time away. I am very proud of the way the children have started their year 1 journey and I am certain we are going to have a fantastic year!

We started the week by coming up with our class charter and discussing how we can have a growth mind set towards our learning. The children have all challenged themselves to try their very best, even when a task is very challenging. We embrace our mistakes as an important part of learning.

In literacy this week, we have been exploring our five senses. This included a listening walk around the school, a guessing game using our sense of touch and some fantastic sentence writing for things we could see in and around our classroom. We finished the week by looking at writing a senses poem all about fire! The children have come up with some fantastic adjectives to describe a roaring fire and have begun to use them in their poetry writing.

In science, we have been discussing the four seasons and we have begun our very own tree diary for the wonderful lime tree in our school playground! The children have loved singing the four seasons song and have produced some lovely artwork of autumn leaves.

In PE, we are looking at using a variety of skills within games based activities. This week we worked on our reaction and were able to make lots of speedy movements from lying, sitting and standing positions.


A big well done to every single child in Wrens class this week for all of your hard work, keep it up!


Mr Lee.