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Swallows - Year 5

              Welcome to the Autumn Term!


Our Autumn topic is...


The Anglo Saxons and the Vikings


Meet the Teacher


Hello and welcome to the Autumn Term.  My name is Mrs McCall and I am the class teacher for Swallows class.  Due to the unusual start to the term we are unable to hold our usual 'Meet the Teacher' meetings but I am attaching lots of information about me in the PowerPoint presentation below.  


If you have any questions, please email the office or write me a note in your child's homework diary and I will reply as soon as possible.


I am very much looking forward to working with your children this year and it promises to be a year full of fun learning!

Meet the teacher - Mrs McCall

A la boulangerie

See if you can write down Madame Day's shopping list in English

How to play Loto with Marc et Milou

Teach your family and friends how we play Loto with Marc et Milou

1-31 en fran├žais - a better version of the song so you can sing along at home

A song for young beginners to practise French numbers from 1 to 31, using "5,6,7,8" by Steps as a backing track. Intended for educational use. No copyright i...

Numbers 1-31 avec Marc et Milou

We haven't done our numbers up to 31 yet but Swallows blew me away with how good they were at numbers this week when they surprised me by chanting all the numbers as I arrived on line! You rock Swallows!

Marc's favourite song

Marc tells us about his favourite song "Tout est super genial!" You could learn the words and sing this at home if you wanted to.

Marc introduces us to Sophie and Antoine

Can your family or friends work out where Sophie and Antoine live and how old they are?

Welcome lesson 1

This is how we start every lesson in French. Repeating questions and answers gives us confidence and helps us to speak with a beautiful accent.