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Swallows - Year 5

              Welcome to the Autumn Term!


Our Autumn topic is...


The Anglo Saxons and the Vikings


Science - changing materials

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We talked about reversible and irreversible changes then went outside to see what happens when we mix Coke with Mentos. We discussed whether the change was reversible.

Hands-on maths. Measuring in the classroom


What are we reading in Swallows Class?

Our finished Viking pendants

Viking Day 12th November 2020


We have had the most amazing day today!


We started our day with an fabulous workshop from Wessex Archaeology where we heard all about how amazing the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings were.  We had the opportunity to experience many artefacts and had an interactive lesson working with a variety of weird and wonderful items from the Viking era.


We later did some great activities including the following:


Writing cryptic runic letters from the perspective of the monks at Lindisfarne.

Discovering the runic alphabet and de-coding a hidden message.

Making Viking jewellery from clay

Making Seagull Stew and garlic mushrooms 


Later on we made Viking Sweet bread and went outside to prepare for battle, practising our war cries and finally facing the fearless warrior...




He was pretty scary (as legend states) and we ran away pretty sharpish when we heard his fearsome roar!



Finally, this afternoon we had our Viking Feast.  We enjoyed our Seagull Stew and many of us were surprised by just how tasty it was!  The garlic mushrooms were also very popular.  Some of us weren't sure about tasting the meal at first, but when we did we were surprised by just how good it was.  Some of us even had a THIRD serving!!


We finished off our meal with our Viking Sweet bread (no mead was available) which was also very popular among our young warriors.


What a great day!  I hope the children are full of stories and facts to tell you.


Thanks to all the parents who made such amazing costumes for the children, I think you will agree they all looked fabulous!

Viking sweet bread

A Viking feast of seagull stew and garlic mushrooms

Viking Sweet bread

Ryan Redbeard defeats the Vikings

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Viking Day - Viking marching

Viking Day - decoding the runic alphabet

Viking Day - making clay pendants

Viking Day - creating a Viking feast

Viking Day - interactive workshop

Friendship week 2020 - Monday 9th November


We kicked off friendship week by thinking about what makes a good friend.  We discussed the characteristics of a friend and then voted for what we felt were the most important ones.


We decided that kindness, trust and looking after each other were most important things we look for in a friend.


We then talked about how it feels when someone is unkind to us.


We talked about different strategies we could use if someone is being unkind to us.  We then tested these new strategies on each other by doing some role play to explore how powerful it can be to change the script.


Watch this space for more of our work.





Friendship week

Thursday 22nd October


In our science block we have been talking about properties of materials.  Today we devised an experiment to explore which would be the best take away cup to keep my coffee as hot as possible for as long as possible.


We were able to take accurate measurements and record our findings in a results table.

Exploring materials

DT Project - Dragon Eyes


Part of our DT project this term has been to design and create dragon eyes with clay, using slip and score techniques.


We planned our dragon eyes in our sketch books, thinking about how we could create patterns and texture in clay.  We thought about the equipment we might need in order to create the desired appearance.


We decided to use: cocktail sticks, pasta, straws and sticks.

DT - creating dragon eyes

Harvest Time

This week in Swallows Class we have been celebrating harvest. 

We have given thanks to God for the harvest and thought about the reasons why we

celebrate this important time of year.


We all decided to capture our thoughts in our 'Floor Book' (see below). 

We were really happy to hear about the Food Banks being full up with food

at the moment as we realised this meant many families

would be helped if they were in need.


Instead of the usual Harvest activities in church we decided to

learn a song using sign language. 

We thought this would be a great challenge.  

We also learned how to use the alphabet and have been sending

each other messages using sign since.

Harvest Time

Let’s Harvest - part 1

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Let’s Harvest (part 2)

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Let’s Harvest (part 3)

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Let’s Harvest part 4)

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Viking Banners


Today we started our DT project. 

Around half the class pinned and cut their banners using pattern paper. 

The other half were designing their embroidery and planning their clay 'dragon eyes'.


This is an ongoing project which will continue after half term,

so everyone will end up with a Viking Banner

and clay dragon eye by Christmas.


Watch this space for more pictures as our project takes shape and comes to life!


I know the children (and parents) will love their finished designs!


DT project - Viking Banners

Reflection Tree

In R.E this week we thought about what we are thankful for and created prayers for our reflection tree.


We gave thanks to God for all the wonderful things in our world such as the flowers and the beautiful trees.


We asked for God's help to be better people.


We then hung our prayers on our tree and promised to read one each day.

Our reflection tree



This week we have been thinking about staying safe online.  We came up with some rules for staying safe and displayed some in our classroom.


We shared our stories of our online experiences and were surprised that many of us had had some negative experiences in the past year.


We were also surprised that many of us felt we probably spend too long online when we are at home, particularly over lock-down.




Today we have been practising our coding skills

in our computing lesson. 

We are very happy with how well our skills are progressing!

Practising our coding

A study of the eye of Draco Magellicus

Meet the Teacher


Hello and welcome to the Autumn Term.  My name is Mrs McCall and I am the class teacher for Swallows class.  Due to the unusual start to the term we are unable to hold our usual 'Meet the Teacher' meetings but I am attaching lots of information about me in the PowerPoint presentation below.  


If you have any questions, please email the office or write me a note in your child's homework diary and I will reply as soon as possible.


I am very much looking forward to working with your children this year and it promises to be a year full of fun learning!

Meet the teacher - Mrs McCall

When is your birthday?

Year 5 did brilliantly at working out when Hermione, Superman and Steve from Minecraft have their birthday. Can you work them out at home?

Numbers 1-31 avec Marc et Milou

Monsieur Johnson MFL and Steps teach us our numbers 1 - 31 (One for all the parents who are Steps fans!)

A la boulangerie

See if you can write down Madame Day's shopping list in English

How to play Loto with Marc et Milou

Teach your family and friends how we play Loto with Marc et Milou

1-31 en français - a better version of the song so you can sing along at home

A song for young beginners to practise French numbers from 1 to 31, using "5,6,7,8" by Steps as a backing track. Intended for educational use. No copyright i...

Numbers 1-31 avec Marc et Milou

We haven't done our numbers up to 31 yet but Swallows blew me away with how good they were at numbers this week when they surprised me by chanting all the numbers as I arrived on line! You rock Swallows!

Marc's favourite song

Marc tells us about his favourite song "Tout est super genial!" You could learn the words and sing this at home if you wanted to.

Marc introduces us to Sophie and Antoine

Can your family or friends work out where Sophie and Antoine live and how old they are?

Welcome lesson 1

This is how we start every lesson in French. Repeating questions and answers gives us confidence and helps us to speak with a beautiful accent.