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Swallows - Year 5

Welcome to the Summer Term!


Our topic this term is:

Who Let The God’s Out?






Something strange arrived in our classroom over the bank holiday weekend...


Hot seating with Pandora - we had quite a few questions to ask her!

Making our own Pandora’s Box

Easter Homework Projects - Dioramas


The children have worked really hard on their Dioramas over Easter, I was really impressed with their imagination and creativity!

World Book Day 2021


We have had a great day!  I was blown away by all of your amazing costumes - they really put a smile on my face!  We have looked at the work of Katherine Rundell today and read extracts from one of her books.  We thought about how we can look from another perspective to inspire us to write great stories - just like Katherine did.  I really hope you like the photos (below).

World Book Day 2021

World Book day

Reading to Year 1

World Book Day 2021

Celebrating Easter


We have been looking at Easter in class by talking about the stations of the cross and deciding who was to blame for Jesus' death - this was very thought-provoking and we have head a healthy debate about our opinions based on the facts presented.


We reflected as we created Easter cards using natural resources foraged from our school grounds and considered the meaning behind the Easter story.

Celebrating Easter

Superhero Day - raising money for Comic Relief

Swallows World Book Day potato entries!

We turned Ellie into a flowering plant to discuss pollination. 


Week Beginning 22nd February 2021


Hello and welcome to another week of home learning. 

I really hope you all had a fabulous half term and are feeling

refreshed and ready for some more learning.


Don't forget - Monday is an INSET day so no live lessons or work being set on Monday. 

However, I will see you on Tuesday at 11am for our live lesson.


I am so proud of each and every one of you for how well you

are coping with learning at home - the work you are sending in is

fantastic and makes me beam with pride every time

you send something to me.


Work for this week will be uploaded to Teams as usual - let me know if

you have any problems accessing anything.









Dear Year 5 - your poems


Make sure you check the link below to see the poems I have written for you, I will try to upload one per day and keep on top of all your requests!  


Keep them coming!

Slowly, Slowly Mr Sloth

Space Food! We tried some astronaut food in class today...

Peter Thorpe inspired art

Week Beginning 8th February


Welcome to another week of home learning.  

You can find all of your work in Teams.

Please drop me a message if anything doesn't make sense, or if you have any questions at all.

I am also available if you just need a chat, or are feeling lonely.


Have a great week my wonderful Swallows!


You are all superstars - your Pandora work

is stupendous by the way!!


Exciting news Year 5!


While we were discussing our VIPERS question in class today, we got talking about Bixa's name...  we decided to 'Tweet' S F Said our question and he replied!!



Make sure you send me your images of Bixa (if you haven't already) as I've promised him I will send some over for him to see what we have been up to whilst we are learning at home!


I am soooo excited!!


Ps - if you have any more questions for S F Said, please let me know and I will ask him!

A message to all Year 5 parents and carers...

Dear Parents and carers


At the end of another week of home learning, I want to send

you all my heartfelt thanks for all you are doing

to help your children at home.


Year 5 have amazed me with their resilience and

determination and this is down to you amazing

people at home supporting them and keeping spirits high.


As a parent of three myself, I know how hard juggling

'life in a pandemic' can be - know that

you are all doing an amazing job and this is

demonstrated in the wonderful engagement in

live lessons and the super work your

children are submitting.


Thank you.


Mrs McCall

Monday 1st February 2021

Home learning


Dear parents, carers and children of year 5


Welcome to another week of home learning.  Our live lessons this week are at 9am and we will continue our story at 12 midday.  Thank you for all your hard work, you never cease to amaze me with your enthusiasm in our lessons and the lovely work you are sending in.


All of this weeks lessons are available on Teams, please let me know if you are struggling to access anything and I will aim to send it out as soon as I can.  If you have any on-going tech issues, please let me know and we will do our best to help you.


This week is Children's Mental Health week and the theme is "Express yourself!".  I have dropped some ideas into assignments on Monday of things you can do to celebrate your wellbeing this week - I would love it if you managed to do one thing you enjoy every day!  Let me know what you have been up to!!  This Friday is a 'screen free' day - I'll talk to you some more about this over the course of the week.


Have a great day and never forget how fabulous you all are!!


Emergency on Planet Earth! Knowledge Organisers.

Make sure you check out our 60 second challenge for today!

Fruit Solar System

Toilet paper solar system

Oreo moon phases

Monday 25th January 2021


Hello!  Welcome to another week of home learning.


I have been so impressed with your continued engagement in our live lessons this week, you are always full of ideas and questions - it makes me feel so proud of you.


This week our live lessons are moving to the 11am slot, so I plan to start our book reading at 12:05 to allow us time to log off and back on again (so that they can be recorded separately).


This week you will need to be proactive with your learning in the morning, I need you to check teams assignments and see what I am asking you to do each day by looking at the PowerPoint. 

You will see what you need to start working on and what our live lesson focus will be.


Please also look at the timetable  (above) for an idea of how best

to structure your day.


As from today, I won't be posting all of your work on the website

as I know most of you have managed

to save and upload your work to Teams without difficulty.


Please do let me know if you are having trouble opening

any of the work set and I will

send it to you directly.


Keep working hard, my wonderful Swallows!


Have you tried today's 60 second challenge???

60 Second Challenge!!

Still image for this video
Following our conversation yesterday about well-being, I have devised a weekly challenge for you all at home.

Try this challenge at home with your family. There will be one posted per week, so keep your eyes peeled!

Look at this wonderful card from Motcombe Grange!

A few pictures of the amazing learning happening at home

Live Lesson Timetable for the next few weeks





Week Beginning 18th January 2021


Hello!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend and are ready for another fun week of home learning.  We have some great activities planned for you this week from 'toilet roll' solar systems to Oreo moon phases - I really hope you will enjoy what we have planned.


I am confident we will finish Viking Boy this week and I am sooo excited to be reading you the next book I have chosen..  Eek!  I can hardly contain myself!


Don't worry though, we will continue reading Phoenix in our guided reading sessions, exploring the text and seeing what happens to Lucky.


Below you will find your home learning for this week.  It is all available in 'Teams' and as from next week I will only be posting it there.  Please get in touch if you need some help mastering it and we will be happy to guide you through.  In fact, I plan to spend 10 minutes of our live lesson on Monday to go through one or two things, so please grab you parents to be close by for the first 10 minutes of Monday's lesson if they need some help.


Can't wait to 'see' you all on Monday morning - 10 am start!



To access the video of a live lesson


Please look here for all lessons happening in school if you are unable to attend. 

Or if you want to catch up with the 'Live' reading of Viking Boy.


1) Wait around 30 minutes after the live lesson.


2) Login to Office365 on either the office365 app or by going to www.office.com on an internet browser.


3) Locate the ‘OneDrive’ app. You might find this by clicking on the dots in the top left hand corner then clicking on ‘OneDrive’. (Like the first picture below)


4) Click on Shared.


5) There should then be a list of lesson videos. Click on the one you need according to the date/description. (Like the second picture below)


6) Open the video. You will have to wait a little while for it to load/buffer. DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE VIDEO - Just view it. It will look like a blank screen for anything up to 15 minutes (maybe longer depending on your internet speed) whilst it loads.




If you have run out of reading material or just want to try something different, look in your emails for a document containing some new

login details.


This will give access to 'Get Epic' which has loads of books

for you to read online. 

You can pick ones which match your AR ZPD score (in your diaries).


It is an American website so if you are looking for books about football, search 'soccer'. laugh

Week beginning 11th January 


Well done to you all for being amazing during our first week of home learning.  Next week things will be a little different and definitely more structured.


I am posting all of the work for this week below, however, I am in the process of creating assignments in Teams for all of this work.  Moving forward I would like everybody to be using Teams every day to see the work being set and upload any work completed.  It has been lovely to see so many of you already getting the hang of where things go - you are certainly improving your IT skills!


Next week we will have live lessons Monday - Thursday each morning at 9am.  We will have an additional live lesson at another point during the week - this could be broken up into three 20 minute sessions, I will let you know asap.


I also intend to record myself reading Viking Boy and upload that to teams so you can enjoy story time every day.


Thank you for your patience this week, moving forward I am hoping we all adapt to the new way of doing things and that I can offer you all as much support as I can at home.


I will add to the files below as we move through the week, but any questions please drop a message into the 'Chat' facility on Teams and I will get back to you asap.  Alternatively, you can email me directly.

Afternoon Activities

Friday 8th January


Hello year 5!


Well done for managing to come to our first 'live' guided reading session.  I think it went well (although I still need some practice!) and it was lovely to see your faces again.


Next week we will start daily live lessons and you can see the timetable below.  We will also have a few additional live lessons and I will let you know when these will be.


Below you will find some additional work for today but please also look back at the original sheet I gave you for other tasks you can complete today.  Please make sure you spend some time today enjoying the great outdoors, persuade an adult to go out for a walk with you or create some art in the garden (Google Andy Goldsworthy for inspiration).


There won't be a live lesson on a Friday morning as I am not in school.  However, we will make up for this at another point during the week.


Have a great day and a fab weekend and please send me a message on Teams or via email if you have any questions or worries.  I will always reply as soon as I can.


Take care and stay safe my lovely Year 5's

Wednesday 6th January


Well done to all of you who managed to get into our 'Teams' meeting today - it was so lovely to see all of your faces!


Live lessons will become a regular thing from next week, starting on Monday at 9am.  I will send you an invitation which you can access in the same way you did today.  We will be working on our new book 'Phoenix' so please make sure you have a copy in front of you - you will also need your exercise book and a pencil.


Well done to those of you who have attempted to save work in the 'Assignments' section of Teams - we will use this to upload any work you have completed at home, this can be photos of work or Word/Powerpoint documents.


I am working on a way to record me reading Viking Boy to you and saving it on Teams - as soon as I have sorted this out I will let you know, so keep an eye on your emails.  In addition to this, I plan to record all of my live lessons, so if you are having problems with tech, you can catch up and watch them later.


Thank you for being amazing year 5 - I am so proud of how quickly you are adapting to this new way of learning.


'See' you again really soon.


Mrs M

Thursday 7th January


Below you will find some alternative maths for today - work your way through the powerpoint and answer the questions in your books.  You can upload a picture of your work to Teams.


I'll add some more alternative work for you below, so keep your eyes peeled.



I have uploaded a reading comprehension ready for Friday morning for you on Teams, please have a look and make sure you can access the document attached please.

Hello Year 5!


This is not quite the 'Happy New Year' I was looking forward to... I am so sad I won't get to be in the classroom with you for a while - I was so excited about starting our new topic.  However, I have my growth mindset head on and I am working behind the scenes to make sure we still have all of our wonderful learning opportunities.


For the next couple of days I am attaching some work for those of you staying at home.  I will be in school working with some children who will continue to attend.  I will be available on email, but I may not be able to respond to your queries straight away as I will be teaching.  Please be patient with me - I promise I will reply as soon as I can.


As the week progresses we are looking at ways to be able to give you 'live' lessons from school.  I need you to make sure you are able to login to your 365 account at home so that you can access these.  Please can you make sure you try your login at home when you read this message and send me an email to confirm you are able to get in.


Keep a close eye on the website as I will be sending your messages and additional information as soon as I can.


Stay safe my lovely year 5's - know that we will get through this and be back together soon.


Mrs M



Trial live-lesson 9:30am Wednesday 6th January


Hello year 5!  I hope you had a good day yesterday and got some work done after the initial surprise change of plan. Hopefully you checked your school email inbox - I have sent you all a quick email to check everything is working.


I also sent your parents a text asking them to pop to the school to collect a named pack containing an exercise book and a 'Phoenix' reading book for you.  WE will be reading this in class together during our live lessons, do please don't start reading it yet!


I would like to trial a short video call today at 9:30am so that we can all work out how the live lessons will work and practice before the 'real thing' next week.


If you have access to a device with Teams on at 9:30am today, please attend the trial video session. If you can't access it today - do not panic! It is absolutely fine as today's video call is just a chance for me to check some of the school tech works and give me an idea of any issues that I need to resolve before planning my video lessons for you to start properly next week.


Here are instructions of how to access the video call today...


How to access your Motcombe Primary Live lessons via Microsoft Teams.

  1. Login to Microsoft teams using your school email address. The lesson will work best by first downloading the teams app onto an ipad, laptop or phone. (Just like we all did for Parents’ evening calls last term).
  2. Your teacher will have sent you a virtual invitation to the lesson/meeting. This should automatically appear in the ‘calendar’ section of teams.

Problem solving if the meeting does not appear in your calendar section:

  • You sometimes need to delete any previous meetings from the calendar in order for newly scheduled meetings to automatically appear within the calendar.
  • If the meeting does not automatically appear within the calendar section of teams, sometimes you have to ‘accept’ the invitation first by opening the invite to the meeting within the email inbox in ‘outlook’ (go to office365 and login using the same details and click on ‘outlook’). Open the email invite and click ‘accept’ in order for the meeting to appear within your teams calendar. If you click ‘decline/reject’ to the email, you will not be able to access the meeting at all without your teacher manually calling you in – please avoid making this happen!

3. Approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time, click on ‘join’ from the calendar section of teams.


4. Please ensure the camera is switched on and the microphone is ‘muted’ so that background noise isn’t a distraction for anyone. Your teacher may ask you to speak in the meeting – you can ‘unmute’ when asked to by the teacher but at no other time.

Mrs McCall’s poetry attempts



Below you will find a poster for a competition!


If you decide to enter I would love to see what you have created, so please send me a picture. 

Space - poster competition

Welcome back!


I just love the Spring term!  Not only do we get to talk about one of my favourite subjects - space - but we also get to explore the wonders of nature during the best season, Spring.


The first half of term we will be focusing on all things Earth and Space, exploring the planets and the wonders of the universe.  During the second half of the term we start to look at living things and the environment - there is just so much to talk about!


So buckle your seatbelts, get your power packs ready and prepare to launch into space!



              Welcome to the Autumn Term!


Our Autumn topic is...


The Anglo Saxons and the Vikings


Relaxing in front of a Christmas movie to end the day!

Enjoying our Christmas lunch

Still image for this video

Christmas lunch in Swallows!

Our Spelling Bee finalists

Our completed Viking banners

Our completed Viking Banners

All ready for our lesson on perimeter this morning,

Taking our driving test!

Still image for this video

Using the sewing machine

Using hacksaws

Our completed dragon eyes

Our completed Dragonologies

Exploding lunch bags!

Still image for this video

Science - changing materials

Still image for this video
We talked about reversible and irreversible changes then went outside to see what happens when we mix Coke with Mentos. We discussed whether the change was reversible.

Hands-on maths. Measuring in the classroom


What are we reading in Swallows Class?

Our finished Viking pendants

Viking Day 12th November 2020


We have had the most amazing day today!


We started our day with an fabulous workshop from Wessex Archaeology where we heard all about how amazing the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings were.  We had the opportunity to experience many artefacts and had an interactive lesson working with a variety of weird and wonderful items from the Viking era.


We later did some great activities including the following:


Writing cryptic runic letters from the perspective of the monks at Lindisfarne.

Discovering the runic alphabet and de-coding a hidden message.

Making Viking jewellery from clay

Making Seagull Stew and garlic mushrooms 


Later on we made Viking Sweet bread and went outside to prepare for battle, practising our war cries and finally facing the fearless warrior...




He was pretty scary (as legend states) and we ran away pretty sharpish when we heard his fearsome roar!



Finally, this afternoon we had our Viking Feast.  We enjoyed our Seagull Stew and many of us were surprised by just how tasty it was!  The garlic mushrooms were also very popular.  Some of us weren't sure about tasting the meal at first, but when we did we were surprised by just how good it was.  Some of us even had a THIRD serving!!


We finished off our meal with our Viking Sweet bread (no mead was available) which was also very popular among our young warriors.


What a great day!  I hope the children are full of stories and facts to tell you.


Thanks to all the parents who made such amazing costumes for the children, I think you will agree they all looked fabulous!

Viking sweet bread

A Viking feast of seagull stew and garlic mushrooms