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Swallows - Year 5

Have a great summer break!

Last Week Fun - a great game of Taskmaster!

Preparing for Year 6!

Here is a little video message for you from Miss Kendrick, a letter for you and your parents to read together and a couple of activities. If you are in school, you will receive a copy of this letter and do the activities together in class. If you are at home, please read the letter and complete the activities for Miss Kendrick - bring them in on your first day back in September. smiley



Welcome to the Summer Term!



Our topic for the Summer Term is...





Home Learning

Week beginning 13th July 2020


** Breaking news**

***WLTGO Chapter 27 is up on YouTube***


Good morning and welcome to this week's home learning.


Below you will find everything you need to keep you busy whilst you are not at school this week.


It was so wonderful to see you all last week, I left on Friday evening with a warm and fuzzy feeling knowing you are all OK and happy.


As always, any questions, please email me and I will try to help.


Below I am popping up lots of work for you, choose a maths challenge that suits you and have a look at the writing activities I have set for this week.

There are also a few fun activities for you to have a go with this week.


I will be reading WLTGO in class this week and 

will try to get it filmed and up on YouTube at the end of the day, so watch this space!


Have a great week and keep being amazing!



Making friendship bracelets

Creating art in the style of Matisse

Week beginning 6th July 2020


Welcome to your home learning for this week.  Most of you will be back in school this week so the home learning activities I have set are for the remaining three days.


As usual, you don't have to complete them all but try to do a little each day.


I can't wait to see you all!

Fit Friday Workout 5

This week's workout is brilliantly demonstrated by some of the Year 6's. We hope you enjoy it!


So here we are with another

week of home learning... something a little different this week.



How amazing was the news that we are going to be

back together next week!  I am so excited to see

you all and so happy Mr Barge has managed

to organise it for us.  I am looking forward to having a

proper end to your Year 5 and lots of fun activities!


This week I am giving you a slightly easier week.

Below you will find the planning as usual, however, it looks

a little different to normal.

I really wanted to give you the chance for some

'me time' this week.


Have a great week, my amazing Year 5's.

I will see you all next week!!

Mrs M


P.s. - here is a picture of me enjoying an evening walk by the sea 

(I love the sea, it makes me feel calm and happy) 








29th June - Home learning planning and info sheet

Fit Friday Workout 4

Another fab Friday workout for you today! This week we are going back to the 80's and 90's to do some funky dance routines!

Home Learning - 22nd June 2020


Hello my wonderful Swallows! 

Welcome to another week of home learning. 


A few changes this week with your reading activities,

we are going to spend some time using Read Theory

instead of our VIPERS questions.


(I will keep an eye on your progress from this end - Owls are currently beating us... and you know how competitive I am!)


I know some of you are finding it difficult

to motivate yourselves at the moment.

Please email me if you are struggling,

I might be able to help you.


I know how hard this is and how

much you want to be back at school with

your friends around you.


Hang in there - you are doing brilliantly

and I have been so impressed with

your dedication and commitment.




Chapter 16 Part 1 - WLTGO

Chapter 16 Part 2 - WLTGO

Chapter 17 Part 1

Chapter 17 part 2 - WLTGO

Chapter 18 - WLTGO

Milo is festival ready this week with his tie-dye bandana. He isn't helping us out with our Science this week but he has enjoyed this week's Art task!

Fit Friday Workout 3

Enjoy another Fit Friday workout! Get out your leg warmers and tutu's and have some Friday fun (you can even do it on Thursday too!)

Swallows Photography Competition


The Year 6's have been working hard judging your photos today


And the winners are...

1st Place - Wilf

2nd Place - Paige

3rd Place - Oliver R

Home Learning - Week beginning 15th June



Watch this space for the winners of the photo competition!

Year 6 are voting for their favourite images as we speak!




Welcome to another week of home learning!


Below you will find this weeks planning

and several documents which

will help you with the tasks for this week.



You can find Chapter 13 of WLTGO here (or below):


You can find Chapter 14 of WLTGO here (or below):


You can find Chapter 15 of WLTGO here (or below):



Chapter 13 - WLTGO

Chapter 14 - WLTGO

Chapter 15 - WLTGO

English - Wednesday's Lesson - Pages 71-72

Fit Friday Workout 2

We had so much fun working out together last week that we filmed another one for you! Keep your body healthy. Join in with us at home!

We hope you enjoy our latest 'Fit Friday' routine!


Make sure you join in at home - get your parents involved too!

(sorry I dipped out of the burpees - my ankle can't handle them yet!!)

Good Morning from the Swallows Classroom!

Good morning Swallows!


Welcome to home learning for the week beginning 8th June 2020.



Below you will find everything you need for this

weeks learning.  I have broken it up

into sections for you to make it easier 

to find things.


I really hope you are all OK at home.


Keep scrolling for links to WLTGO chapters 11 & 12

(I really love chapter 11 - I have to try really

hard not to burst out laughing

during this one - we meet some

great characters!)



Any questions, please shout.


Photo competition is still open by the way!  

I have received around 7 entries, but 

definitely need more.

Loving them so far!  Keep them coming!







HOME LEARNING PLANNING Week beginning 8th June

Extract for Monday 8th June

Here you will find an extract read by Mrs Day. Think about the questions I have set for you as you listen to the recording.

Tuesday 9th June lesson - Extract 1

Here you will find extract 1 for Tuesday's lesson. Have a think about how it is written and what you might do to improve it.

Tuesday 9th June lesson - Extract 2

WLTGO - Chapter 11

Chapter 11 for you - some fab characters coming up in the next two chapters - hope you like them as much as I do!

WLTGO - Chapter 12

Here is Chapter 12 of WLTGO. I hope you enjoy it!

Milo is here to help us with our Science again this week. (He doesn't look impressed by his visit to the International Space Station!)

Get Active!


It's fit Friday! 

So check out this video of the

teachers bustin' some moves for you!

Make sure you join in with the Fit Friday fun!



Good morning Swallows!


Hello and happy Friday!


Did you join us for some Fit Friday fun today?

Keep your eyes peeled as this might become

a regular event!




Hope you are having a great week so far.  Please make sure you

still send me examples of the work you have 

been completing at home.

I love to see what you have been up to!


I have been doing the couch to 5K app for the

past few weeks, we started week 5 today.

Oh boy... I am exhausted!




Well done to those of you who have quizzed

this week - a couple of 100% quizzes,

which really made me smile... wonderful!



Can I please ask you to contact Mrs Day if you

have any urgent problems which need

sorting straight away - but please only

contact her if it is urgent.


I have put the whole weeks learning in the

documents section - it might look like a

lot, but take everything one day at a

time and I hope it will all make sense.


Mrs Day has sorted out all of our topic learning

for this week and you will find this in

the documents section too.


You can find Chapter 8 of Who Let the Gods Out here:



You can find Chapter 9 of Who Let the Gods Out here:



You can find Chapter 10 of Who Let the Gods Out here:

Part 1  -    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YpIGEKwhiU0

Part 2  -    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ERV9Ko5l_Cs



If you find you have run out of activites, then head

on over to any of the following websites:


TTRS :  https://ttrockstars.com/

MATHLETICS:  https://student.mathletics.com/primary#/launch

READ THEORY:  https://readtheory.org/auth/login

SUMDOG:  https://www.sumdog.com/user/sign_in



And don't forget to quiz on any books you have read:

AR QUIZ:  https://ukhosted114.renlearn.co.uk/2236842/


I haven't seen many quiz results in the last

two weeks - don't forget we are still competing

against Owls - and you know how much I like to win!  laugh





This week I am launching a photography competition!


Send me your photos of 'The Great Outdoors'

I am looking for the most amazing photographs of

something you have seen outside

your homes.


It could be flowers, trees, birds, insects or wildlife.

I'm looking for a striking image which makes

me say WOW!  surprise


I cannot wait to see your entries!


There are prizes available for the best image!!




Let's learn to draw together!

Still image for this video
Hi Mrs Day here! This is my before video. I did an after video after watching Daisy's tutorial but it won't let me upload it at the moment. I will try again later  - or at least try to get some photos of the finished Usain. I can't wait to see yours! 

A big hello and happy Half Term from me!

Happy half term!


I hope you are all having a fabulous half term break. 

Just a quick update to let you the plans for next term in case you are worrying.


I am going to be back in school teaching the Year 6’s from 1st June which means I won’t be available all of the time to answer emails and help you with problems. 


But don’t worry, I will still be setting you home learning – I will pop the whole week up for you ready for Monday morning – and I will still be able to help you if you need me.


Anything urgent will need to be sent to Mrs Day and anything not urgent I will pick up at lunchtime and at the end of the day.


Please email me if you have any questions about how this will work, or if you are worried about anything.


Enjoy the rest of your half term!

A message from Motcombe Teachers to you...

Another special message just for you...

Swallows Celebration Gallery

Imaginary Beam House



I gave you a challenge to recreate one of the activities we

would have been doing this week at Beam House.


Have a look below at some of the amazing things you

have been up to at home!I


Week beginning Monday 18th May


Good morning Swallows! 

I hope you are having a wonderful week. 

I will be working at the HUB today (Thursday) so won't be able

to pick up your emails straight away.

Have a great day!  


Keep those Imaginary Beam House photos coming in

they are really cheering me up and making me smile!



This week is Mental Health Awareness Week


The focus is “kindness”


Kindness strengthens relationships and deepens friendships. 

By being kind to ourselves and others will help boost self esteem and improve our feelings and the feelings of others. 

We are all extremely kind individuals but please  try super hard this week to show extra acts of kindness towards others.


Why not see how many of these wonderful acts

of kindness you can do this week (Miss Keogh made this, isn't it wonderful!)




In the 'Afternoon Activites' document there  are a couple of ideas about how we can celebrate Mental Health Week too.  


Please take a look.





I am attaching this week's work below in two documents 

and the afternoon activites in a separate document.



You can find Chapter 7 of WLTGO here:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FtWvPJijBzs  = PART 1


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zFbva_D7FKs  =  PART 2


You can find Chapter 6 of WLTGO here:


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GRyOS7K-dfs  = PART 1


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V77JgsLV_Zw = PART 2




As always I am on the end of an email if you need help. 

I won’t be available on email all day, but I will try to check

emails between 9 and 10am and

again between 3 and 4pm.  



Swallows Gallery - Week beginning 18th May 2020

Swallows Gallery

Week beginning Monday 11th May


Good morning my wonderful Swallows!





I have uploaded Elizabeth's poem here:



I have uploaded Harry's poem here:




I have uploaded Archie K's poem here




I am attaching Thursday and Friday's learning below.  The afternoon activities remain the same, dip in and complete any work you haven't yet done (no pressure to do it all though!)  


You can find Chapter 4 of WLTGO here:




You can find Chapter 5 of WLTGO here:






Here you will find a link to a lesson on YouTube to help you with writing your 'Really Scary Letter'.  I hope you find it useful.




As always I am on the end of an email if you need help. 

I won’t be available on email all day, but I will check

emails between 9 and 10am and

again between 3 and 4pm.



Swallows Gallery

Friday 8th May 2020


Good morning Swallows! 

Happy Bank Holiday


It is the 75th anniversary of VE day today, I hope you

are all doing something to commemorate this

very important day in our history.



The latest poem is on YouTube for you and this one is for Verity:




Poems coming soon...

Lilly - Doritos

Phoebe S - Ophelia

Archie K - music 


Don't forget to let me know if you would like a poem written

about your favourite thing too!




This week we have been doing things a little differently.  Please let me know if you are enjoying working in this way.

In the documents section you will find Thursday's work.  


Please have a look each day for the work you need to do.

I have also popped a document called “Afternoon Activities” in there. 


You can pick and choose which you do – some days you might not

feel like doing anything and that is OK. 


You DO NOT have to complete all of these activities they will just give you an idea of things you can do over the next two weeks. 

Some of the ideas are ‘just for fun’ activities if you are

feeling creative (or bored!)



As always keep me up to date with your emails and pictures, I love seeing what you have been doing and I will continue to update the website with your pictures as they come in. 


I will be answering your emails regularly, however, if I don’t respond

immediately, don’t worry, I’m just catching up with some other pieces of work

I need to do – I will get back to you, I promise!



Chapter 2 of WLTGO can be found here:









A big ‘shout out’ and a ‘well done’ to the following:


Claudia – for your dark, but wonderful narrative.

Millie– for you super VE Day poster

Phoebe S– for a fab narrative!

Bethany– for your excellent writing on WLTGO




A big ‘shout out’ and a ‘well done’ to the following:


Oliver S – for a great piece of independent writing.

Bethany – for some super maths work!

Danika – for a fab picture of Mr Boil!

Toby – for working so hard on everything this week.

Claudia – for an amazing week of VIPERS work

Lilly – for a super piece of speech punctuation!

Charlie – for a wonderful guitar concert!

Sophie – for a wonderful acrobatic display!

Vriya - for the most amazing documentary - with the whole family!



Swallows Gallery

A musical interlude from Charlie

Still image for this video
'Lockdown' certainly does have talent! What a wonderful musical delight from Charlie!

Somersaulting Sophie!

Still image for this video
'Lockdown' has some more talent! Super acrobatics from Sophie!

Swallows Gallery

A poem by Dani

Still image for this video
This lovely poem written by Danika made me shed a tear... Such a powerful piece. Well done Dani - simply stunning.

Friday 1st May 2020


Its Fri-Yay!!


So the end of another week – can you believe where the time is going, we are already in May and have completed our 6th week in lockdown.


Once again, this week I have been so impressed by your amazing attitude to your learning. 


I know things are getting more difficult for you the

longer this goes on, I feel the same. 

We are all missing each other and the routines of the school day. 

Rest assured we are all in the same situation, so if you

find you are struggling, or having a bad day, reach out

to someone because I can guarantee there are

lots of us feeling the same way.




Another poem for you today – I hope it puts a smile on your face!




I could celebrate so many of you today as I think you are all pretty amazing, but for today I really want to do a mahoosive shout out to the following:


Charlie – for your amazing life cycle documentary – super acting!

Lilly for your wonderful documentary (and for having super hair!)

Bailey – another fab life cycle documentary.  Well done!

Toby – for getting 100% on your quiz!

Bethany – for a fab documentary with a  ‘live guest’

Millie – for sharing your family Jumpstart Johnny video!

Oliver S – for writing a super story about a piano!

Oliver R – for his fantastic family holiday scene – I almost thought I was in Venice!

Imogen – for a wonderful ‘Podcast’ about life cycles!





Please head over to www.corbettmathsprimary.com and complete your 5-a-day for today.


For our main activity today, we are going to continue with our work on decimals.  Please go to:




and complete Week 2 lesson 1 (order and compare decimals).  The answers are there for you when you have finished.





Please see the comprehension below for today’s reading challenge.

Please complete a read theory quiz today!








Can you draw a picture of the girl’s next

adventure in her bath tub. 

Where might her next adventure be?

Draw a picture in your books.







Please complete any work set by Mrs Day today and…


  • Tidy and clean your room
  • Make an adult a cup of tea and make them put their feet up for a whole 15 minutes!
  • Read your book for 30 minutes before bed


Have a great day and a fantastic weekend!



Thursday 30th April 2020


Hello and welcome to Thursday’s learning!


Is anyone doing Joe Wicks today?

 In the McCall household it is part of our morning routine and you will find us all crammed into the front room jumping around. 

Are you joining us today?


Today’s poem is for Imogen and you will find it here…





I hope some of you have managed to get hold of a copy of Who Let the Gods Out by Maz Evans.

We will be starting work on this book next week and I will be reading chapters on YouTube for you.



You were working super hard yesterday and I have to say a massive ‘well done’ to the following people:

Sophie – for getting 100% on her quiz

Claudia – for keeping me up to date on her learning this week

Danika – for the most amazing poem (made my cry a little bit)

Archie K – for a fabulous use of ISPACE in his narrative





Please complete the 10 minute maths sheet (attached below).


For our main activity today, we are going to continue with our work on decimals.  Please go to:




and complete Week 2 lesson 1 (rounding decimals).  The answers are there for you when you have finished.





Please see the comprehension below for today’s reading challenge.

Please complete a read theory quiz today!





Continue writing your story today – you should be getting to the resolution and the ending of your story now.   


Don’t let the quality drop – make sure you are checking and purple penning regularly to ensure that quality writing is high!




Continue your work from yesterday (or life cycles work from earlier in the week).


I am also uploading some RE work from Mrs Day. 


You can do this tomorrow if you would prefer!


Have a great day!







Bonjour les hirondelles!

I have LOVED seeing your RE and French work from last week. This week I am uploading your French and RE at the same time. You could do one on Thursday afternoon and one on Friday afteroon - or whenever works for you. I know that you are super busy as I have seen all the AMAZING work you have been doing for Mrs McCall. You rock! 

 This week in RE it is all about the 5Ks. I know that you started to look at this before Christmas with Mrs Taylor but this will help us look back at it and you can be creative in these tasks. In French we are learning to give opinions about all the yummy fruits that we learnt. And as ever, there are some more songs! You know how Mrs McCall, Mrs Easby and I all love to sing! Have fun with these activities! Madame Day

Swallows Gallery

Wednesday 29th April 2020


Hello and happy Wednesday!!

I have had lots of requests for poems now and I will

write them and upload them as soon as I can. 

Today’s poem is for Charlie and you will find it here…




Big congrats to the following people today for sending in some fab work this week:


Evan – for your poster on Pandas

Phoebe O for the most amazing poem – so beautiful!

Phoebe S – for some amazing life cycles work






Please head over to www.corbettmathsprimary.com and complete your 5-a-day for today.


For our main activity today, we are going to continue with our work on decimals.  Please go to:




and complete Week 1 lesson 5 (thousandths as decimals).  The answers are there for you when you have finished.



English Reading


Please see the comprehension below for today’s reading challenge.

Please also complete a Read Theory comprehension today.





Continuing from yesterday, please write the next part of your story, again focusing on ISPACE openers and your year 5 writing features.  This is the part of the story where you character may be heading towards danger!  A waterfall perhaps? Or a crocodile spots her and begins to chase her.  You decide where your story will go!


What happens?

What is she thinking?

How will she be saved?


Don't write the ending yet, we will do that part tomorrow!


  • Can you add a relative clause using a relative pronoun (who, which etc) and use parenthesis?
  • Can you write a complex sentence by using a subordinate conjunction (although, despite etc)

Don’t forget to share your work on SharePoint if you can.



AFTERNOON ACTIVITIES (Wednesday and Thursday)


Please have a look at the Living Things and life cycles

PowerPoint in the documents below. 


You are going to produce a documentary using the planning sheet attached.


Film yourself (or ask a member of your family to become presenter and you write their script!) and share your knowledge with others! 


Send your short films to me.



Tuesday 28th  April 2020


Good morning Swallows!

I had three responses to my challenge yesterday and I am pleased to say I have three poems heading your way this week.


The next poem is for Bethany and you can find it here…




There is still time to send me your ideas for a poem, drop me an email with a topic of your choice and I will do my best to get it written and recorded asap.



Well done to the following people today:


Millie – for your outstanding French Fruit project!

Verity – for making the yummiest looking Welsh cakes

Freya – for sending in your fab poem.

Bethany - what an amazing Life Cycle poster!  

Phoebe S - an amazing array of wonderful life cycles!

Evan - for a fab Sikhism quest sheet for Mrs Day!






Please complete the 10 minute maths sheet (attached below)

For our main activity today, we are going to continue with our work on decimals.  Please go to:




and complete Week 1 lesson 4 (understand thousandths).  The answers are there for you when you have finished.



English Reading


Please see the comprehension below for today’s reading challenge.

Please also complete a Read Theory comprehension today.






Continuing from yesterday, you should have started to create a story board for your story (see yesterday for image).  If you need to finish this, use the time this morning to get this done.


When you have finished, please write your opening paragraph which will describe your setting and set the scene for your story.


Don’t forget to watch the following YouTube clip on ISPACE openers and show off your amazing writing!








Please continue your life cycles work from yesterday.



Monday 27th April 2020


Good morning Swallows! 

Happy Monday to you all. 

Hope you all had a wonderful, sunny weekend and managed to get out in the garden for some fresh air.


Did anyone watch the Orangutans on iPlayer? 

What did you think?  I have to admit it made me cry (you know me – anything sets me off). 

That little baby!  Oh my!


Well done to the following for your work on Friday:


Lilly a super poem with some lovely rhythm and rhyme

Claudia exceptional emotive poetry

Verity a super poem really well written

Charlie – for an amazing palm oil letter

Archie – fabulously decorated poem

Millie – for a fab poem and working so hard.



***Challenge for Mrs McCall***


I have been in touch with several of you this week and some of you are finding it a bit more difficult not being at school. 


I thought I should do something to cheer you up and to give myself a challenge too...


So... I have written a poem and am reading it on

YouTube (the link is below).

I have dedicated this one to a member of our class who I know likes to eat the subject matter!


My challenge is this... give me a subject and I will write

you a poem. 

I will then pop it on the YouTube channel

and dedicate it to you! 


It can be about anything!


I can't wait to hear from you!


Today's poem:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S7ryOnJktbA  





Please head over to www.corbettmathsprimary.com and complete your 5-a-day for today.


For our main activity today, we are going to continue with our work on decimals.  Please go to:





and complete Week 1 lesson 3 (decimals as fractions 2).  The answers are there for you when you have finished.





Please see the comprehension below for today’s reading challenge.

Please also complete a Read Theory comprehension today.





Please see the activity below – you will need a story board (also in documents) to help you do this one.


Remember your story writing skills and how to develop a story.

  • Set the scene
  • Describe your character/s
  • Let the tension build
  • Something dramatic happens (the climax of the story)
  • The problem is resolved
  • (If you want you can add something else dramatic and another resolution here)
  • Everything returns to normal (or does it…)






Please research and draw pictures of the life cycles of the following:

  • An amphibian
  • A butterfly
  • A bird
  • Humans




Send me a picture of yourself and I will pop you

into the Swallows Gallery below!

Swallows Gallery


Still image for this video

Friday 24th April 2020


Its Fri-Yay!!


Can you believe we have finished the first week of the Summer Term already!


  • Make sure you do the following compulsory jobs today:
  • Tidy and clean your room
  • Make an adult a cup of tea (if you are allowed) and present them with a snack on a plate.  Make them put their feet up for a whole 15 minutes!
  • Go out in the garden and make an obstacle course.
  • Read your book in the garden for 30 minutes – get lost in the characters!


Massive well done today to:


Freya - your panda picture was brilliant!

Evan - you have been working hard on your poem






Complete your 10 minute maths sheet (below).


Today in maths we are going to continue to recap some learning we did recently in school.  I am going to ask you to go to a website to do this. 


Please complete Lesson 2 – decimals as fractions.

Watch the video first and then complete the questions for Lesson 2 only.

Here is the link to follow: 





The answers are available, so your adult can mark your work for you.  If you get a question wrong, please purple pen (this doesn’t have to be done with a purple pen though!) your work and see if you can spot where you went wrong.


If you fancy a challenge, there are a few questions below.






Based on all of your learning around Orang-utans this week, please compose a letter to a big food company who currently use lots of palm oil in their food products.  You may need to do some research around this to help you find a company.



Consider the following:

  • Will your letter be formal or informal? Why?
  • What language choices will you make? What vocabulary will you use?
  • What sort of tone will your letter have?
  • How will you open your letter?
  • How will you close your letter?
  • How many paragraphs will it have?
  • What are your main points?
  • What will you say in each paragraph?  


Make sure you use lots of emotion to let the company know how passionate you are about saving organ-utans.





Today we are going to finish writing our poems.  The final stanza will be about what we are going to do to help our animal. 


Please head over to YouTube where I will be demonstrating how we can do that.  The link is here:




When you have completed your poems I would love you to share them with me.


If you are able to, please type them up in SharePoint and share them with me.  


I would also love it if you could get someone to film you reading them and send them to me!




Mrs Day has sent across a wonderful Webquest all about Sikhism.  Mrs Day has created a folder on SharePoint where you can pop any work you complete for her and she is on hand to answer any questions you have too.  Or if you just want to say 'hello'.





Thursday 23rd April 2020


Hello and welcome to Thursday’s learning!


I am working at the Hub today and therefore won’t be around to answer your emails all day.  I’ll make sure to check at lunchtime though, so do let me know if you are having any problems and I will get back to you asap.


Is anyone doing Joe Wicks today?

 In the McCall household it is our morning alarm and you will find us all crammed into the front room jumping around. 

Are you joining us today – I’ll be jumping about up at the Hub and will be thinking of you!


You were working super hard yesterday and I have to say a massive ‘well done’ to the following people:

Danika – for completing some fab work this week.

Verity – for making an amazing bird box (see pics)

Freya – for working really hard at home this week

Archie – for sending in photos of his banana loaf! Yum!






Please head over to www.corbettmathsprimary.com and complete your 5-a-day for today.


Today in maths we are going to recap some learning we did recently in school.  I am going to ask you to go to a website to do this. 

Please complete Lesson 1 – decimals up to 2dp.


Watch the video first and then complete the questions for Lesson 1 only.

Here is the link to follow: 




The answers are available, so your adult can mark your work for you.  If you get a question wrong, please purple pen (this doesn’t have to be done with a purple pen though!) your work and see if you can spot where you went wrong.


I have also attached some challenges (below) if you need an extra boost for the day!




Look at the spread from There’s a Rang-Tan in My Bedroom and answer the comprehension questions below:




1. What are some of the ways in which we can work to save orang-utans, according to the illustrations here?

2. What sorts of people can you write letters to in order to help protect the rainforests?

3. How can you raise awareness of the plight of orang-utans? Why is it important to do this?




There is nothing wrong with palm oil if it’s grown responsibly,

without chopping down the rainforests.



Write a pledge containing a list of actions that you can take to become a more conscious consumer and to help protect orang-utans.





Today we are going to write the second stanza of our poem.  Head on over to YouTube to watch how we are going to pull this together by thinking about our animal in its own environment.  The link is here:








Mrs Day has been working hard finding you some wonderful French activities to do.  I have posted all of the resources you need below.  Start off with the powerpoint as that will really help you to learn the words and then choose the activity you would like to do!


Please let me know how you get on and most of all....


Enjoy it and have a great day!!





Some more home learning to celebrate...

Wednesday 22 nd April 2020


Hello and happy Wednesday!!


Did you notice the art work pictures I uploaded to the website yesterday.  Weren’t they great!  Also I added a couple of pictures of butter making – I was so impressed with the outcomes – well done!  Big congrats to the following people today:


Bethany – for an amazing butter making extravaganza!

Elizabeth – for also making some fab butter over the Easter break!

Immy – for a fab panda drawing

Claudia – for some fab work on your tiger poem yesterday.

Phoebe S – for a wonderfully cute orang-utan picture!

Phoebe O – for a fabulous project (see below picture)

Charlie - for a great video of his amazing science experiment!




Below you will find your 10 minute maths for today.


We will be continuing our exploration of multiplication today. 


You will find today’s challenges below.  Make sure you use a multiplication method you are confident with, but also don’t forget to challenge yourself to try a newer method alongside the one you are confident with.


English Reading


Please make sure you go on and do another quiz on

Read Theory today. 

Owls are trying to catch up with us and we need to make sure they don't overtake! 

We are currently on 275 quizzes completed - whooooo hooooo - go Swallows!!



Please don't forget to quiz on books you are reading at home.  The AR website is  





Reading work for today


Below is an image from the book “There’s a Rang-Tan in my bedroom.”  Take a close look at the image and answer the questions below:




1. What is happening on these pages? How would you describe the scene? Is it positive or negative?


2. How is this image different from the image of the rainforest that we have seen before?


3. Why are humans causing this destruction to the orang-utan’s home?


4. How would you describe the orang-utan in the illustration? 5. What can you infer about why Rang-tan is in the little girl’s bedroom and not in her usual habitat?





Sadly, there are only about 110,000 orang-utans

left in the world. That’s because their rainforest homes

are being destroyed to make way for

palm oil plantations. L



Toby and his mum found this great story about Orang-utans.  If you have a spare few minutes have a read.  It is a really lovely story!






Today we are going to work on our poetry. 

Head over to YouTube for a virtual lesson and to see me pulling my own version of the poem together. Make sure you watch part 1 first and then have a go at the first couple of lines.  Then watch part 2 to complete your first stanza.


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cRHABw4DiMw (part one)



https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsgzWja08g8 (part two)



Watch this a couple of times before having a go at the first verse with the animal you have chosen.  


Having this verse near you will be useful as we are going to use it to make our own version:






Please see the document below for a range of

activities to complete in the afternoons this

week (more to follow tomorrow).






Bethany's Butter Making!

Elizabeth's butter making!

Endangered Species art work




Tuesday 21st April 2020


Well done everyone for such a fabulous

start to our new term!


Before we start I want to say a huge well

done to the following:


Toby - for working so hard over Easter!


Harry - for your awesome monkey art!


Evan - for your thoughtful responses to the Rang-Tan comprehension


Claudia - for your thought-provoking responses to Palm Oil production.


Millie - for getting 100% in your AR quiz


Ollie R - for a superb piece of panda art work!


Ollie S - for your thoughtful response to the palm oil issue.


Vriya - for recognising why your Dad doesn't buy Nutella anymore and for your kind words about our YouTube channel



I'm looking forward to celebrating lots of

other wonderful things tomorrow!







Head on over to Corbett Maths to complete the 5-a-day for today.


We will be continuing to explore multiplication today.  Make sure you dip into the YouTube channel for a refresher on this.


You will find today’s challenges below.  Make sure you use a multiplication method you are confident with, but also don’t forget to challenge yourself to try a newer method alongside the one you are confident with.



English Reading


Head on over to Read Theory today and complete another quiz.  Aim to do one every day this week - you are making great progress with this and your scores are going up every time you do one... I wish I could share the graph with you, it looks so impressive!


And then...


You may (or may not) have realised by now, that Orang-utans

are my favourite animal species on Earth. 

I absolutely adore them. 


Watch the clip below by the amazing David Attenborough

about how similar Orang-utans are to us humans:




Answer the following questions:


1)      Orang-utans and humans are different because…

2)      Orang-utans and humans are similar because …

3)      One thing I have learned about orang-utans is…

4)      This makes me feel differently about orang-utans because….


If you want to you could create a Venn Diagram (see below) to help you makes notes and compose your thoughts.






We are going to try to recreate the poem but using a different endangered species.  We will need to think about our chosen animal and what they would do if they were in your house.  Why are they endangered? Where would you find them?  What would they be doing?  Some examples are shown below:


  • Elephant – poaching, might be in your garage or back garden.  Think about its tusks and size, it would be crashing into things.  What might it stand on?
  • Shark – some are hunted for their fins.  Would it be in your swimming pool/paddling pool/bath!  Think about its thrashing tail fin, what would it be knocking off?  Think about its teeth – what damage might it be causing?
  • Sumatran Rhino – deforestation.  It could be in your house, crashing into your book case.  Think about its giant horn, what damage could it be causing?
  • Jaguar – deforestation in Amazon.  Would it be prowling around?  Hiding at the top of the stairs ready to pounce?  Would it be destroying your cuddly toys?
  • Ploughshare tortoise – deforestation.  Think about how this animal moves, would it get in the way?  What about when it retreats into its shell – hiding from you.  What would it eat?  All the salad/tomatoes/grass in your garden.
  • Sumatran Tiger – deforestation.  Would it be prowling in your garden?  Hiding in the trees?  What would it eat?


Draw a picture of your chosen animal in the middle of your page and around the edge write the following three headings:


  • Animal in my house/classroom
  • Animal in its own environment
  • What can I do to help?



Check out this video to help you come up with

some ideas for this activity:







Tomorrow we will start to write our own version of the poem.




Afternoon Activities


Continue with the activities set yesterday - choose which you would like to do 

But remember...

Go outside and enjoy the fresh air. 


Make another obstacle course

or bounce on the trampoline for a while.

Keep busy!





Monday 20th April 2020


Hello and welcome back Year 5! 

I am really looking forward to catching up

with some of you this week, so look out

for my emails and phone calls.


Back to a learning routine today,

and I am really looking forward to seeing

the outcomes of this weeks learning,

I hope you enjoy it too!


I’m really missing seeing your faces, so

please send me a picture of you doing

something fun – this will really brighten my day!


Mrs M x





To start you off and get your brain warmed up, please complete the 10 minute maths sheet attached at the bottom of this section!


For maths this week we will be focusing on multiplication.  Make sure you head to the YouTube channel and watch the videos Miss Kendrick has done. 


Choose the method you are most confident with, you could challenge yourself to do two different methods if you are feeling brave!




You will find your questions for today in the documents section below - as always choose the challenge you think will suit you.  There are some additional challenges at the end of the document too.


Have fun!





Our English focus this week is going to be the poem ‘Rang-Tan’, this was a poem written for the supermarket Iceland.  It was going to be used in an advertising campaign, however, it ended up being banned and wasn’t allowed to be shown on television.


Watch the clip below, listen to the words carefully (the poem is also typed in a document below, so you can read along whilst you listen)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TQQXstNh45g (link to Rang Tan clip on YouTube)



Think about the following questions and talk to an adult about some of the issues the advertisement raises:


1. What might the relationship be between the little girl and the orang-utan?

2. What are the possible similarities and differences between the little girl and the orang-utan?

3. Why do you think the orang-utan might be in the girl’s bedroom? Why is this unusual?

4. What sort of message do you think the story might have? Why?

5. Why do you think this advert was banned?


Or you can email me some of your ideas and I will reply asap.




Look at the poem ‘Rang-Tan’ – think about the layout and features of the poem.  In particular the following:


  • Where does the rhyme occur?
  • What patterns can you see?
  • Does the rhyme pattern follow all the way through?






If you have a partner (brother, sister or another adult) take it in turns to read aloud the poem one person taking the role of the Orang-utan and one the little girl.  Then swap around.


This will help you to feel the rhythm and rhyme of the poem ready for the next challenge!





Please see the document below for a range of activities to complete in the afternoons this week.






Check out the latest YouTube video for a fun

activity - how to make butter! 

Really easy to do at home and a great

physical activity for all the family,

and it's so simple!




Fri-Yay Celebrations!!


I am so incredibly proud of each and every one of my wonderful Swallows!  Watch this space for celebrations of some of the work handed in over the past two weeks...



Harry – for an amazing piece of writing about Pandora this week.

Immy – for your fabulous animation about recycling, it was brilliantly done!

Gabi – for a fabulous and thought-provoking powerpoint about the meaning of Easter and also a fab Pandora powerpoint.

Verity – another great Pandora powerpoint with awesome visuals.

Ollie S – for working so hard this week to catch up following your technology difficulties!

Millie – for your amazing Easter project – such creativity!

Elizabeth - for such an amazing quantity of work this week, you have put in so much effort!


 Verity, Bethany, Vriya, Bailey, Harry, Toby, Elizabeth, Archie K, Lilly, Millie your work is featured in the 'Hall of Fame' below... 







In addition to the tasks I set you daily I would like you to make sure you do the following things:


  • Watch Newsround everyday!
  • Go outside and get some fresh air.
  • Use Jumpstart Johnny to keep yourself fit and active.  Joe Wicks is also running live workouts daily (you can find him on YouTube)
  • Help your parents - tidy your room, do the washing up or give them a hug.  Small things make a big difference!
  • Don't forget to check out Mrs M and Miss K's YouTube channel daily - we are updating the content all the time!  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiZYvUCg8m61kONtD7raC5Q 


Mums and dads!  Some useful websites are listed in the two documents below.


Fri-Yay! Celebrations!!

Stop-Frame Animation

Still image for this video
This is Immy's animation - it really made me smile!

Stop-Frame animation

Still image for this video
This is Sophie's animation! I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!


Fri - yay 3rd April 2020




Please go on to Corbett Maths Primary and complete a 5-a-day for today.


Please see the maths sheet below plus additional challenges for today.



Continue with the VIPERS work from yesterday.  Don’t forget you can listen to me reading Phoenix here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Js9FcM_as8g

I also give you a few pointers on where to find the answers in the book.


Also complete another quiz on Read Theory today.  We have clocked up an incredible 180 quizzes and are soaring ahead of all the other classes!!  Keep going!!



Your task for today is to finish your Pandora Non-chronological report and send me a photo or a link to your work. 


You can email me on: Kelly.mccall@motcombeprimary.co.uk




Afternoon Work

Please complete any outstanding tasks from this week. 


If you have spare time, do some online learning (TTRS, Mathletics, Code.org etc).


And finally, organise a PE lesson for yourself. 

Do a YouTube dance tutorial (Saskia’s Dance Studio have some great ones) or create another obstacle course in the back garden. 

Get creative if you have limited space. 

You can always do another Joe Wicks workout if you are struggling for ideas… or Jumpstart Johnny… you know how much I love him!!


I’ll pop another message up for you later today, so keep your eyes peeled!


Stay safe and have fun!


Thursday 2nd April 2020


I hope you all enjoyed our little April Fools Day joke yesterday!  It was great to hear from those of you who enjoyed it and a big shout out to Mrs Keeble for sending me a lovely picture of her looking confused and befuddled!



  • Please complete the 10 minute maths sheet attached below… then…
  • Please see the addition and subtraction word problems below.  Some of these are quite hard.  If you are stuck ask your adult for help and try to complete at least two of the questions.  Have a look in your red/purple maths books for additional addition and subtraction questions.



Please read Chapters 9 and 10 of Phoenix and answer the following in your blue boxes:

 **You have two days to complete this**


Chapter 9

V - What phrase on Page 88 shows that Nox is arrogant?

I - What happens when Lucky picks up the astrolabe? Why’s this different to when Nox picked it up? Why might that be?

E - Explain why Lucky is confused to find out that astrolabes are alien technology

R - What do the 12 symbols on the astrolabe represent?

S - What are your impressions of Mystica?


Chapter 10

V - Explain the phrase ‘cloistered corridor’

V - Find a phrase on Page 106 that shows that Bixa is intimidating.

I - Why did Bixa have to learn to fight?

P - Predict whether Lucky will become a good fighter. Use the text to explain your choice.

E - Explain what the fighting styles of Astral Martial Arts are based on.

S - Summarise Lucky’s time on Sunfire thus far.



  • Yesterday you thought about what you would like to write about in your non-chronological reports.
  • Today and tomorrow you are going to write the rest of your paragraphs.  I have put a sentence bingo below, please use this to start writing your next paragraph on one of your creatures, or your own insect.
  • A sample paragraph is in the documents below to help you think about the writing features you might include.





This sentence will start with the word ‘Although’ or ‘despite’



This sentence will have a relative clause using – which or that


This sentence will contain brackets for parenthesis.


This sentence will contain a dash.



This sentence will include a preposition.




This sentence will start with ‘Have you ever...’


This sentence will contain a conjunction

E.g. furthermore, moreover, however...




The table below might help you formulate some sentences for your paragraphs.


Adjective Phrase



Verb phrase


Native to Pandora,


Large and frightening,




Undiscovered until recently,


Surprisingly gentle,















Dire Wolves



has been known to terrorise the Na’vi.


dwells in an abandoned tree.


resembles a rotting leaf.


will fiercely protect its young.


is a solitary creature.


are a unique race, almost human-like.





Please continue with your other projects from this week during your afternoon time.

Please also make sure you spend at least an hour outside today!



**Message for parents**


I just want to say what a fantastic job you are doing

at home with your children. 

As a mother of three myself, I know this is not easy.


There is no expectation that your child will

complete all of the work set out below,

please be guided by your own situation

and your child's needs. 


These are exceptional circumstances and

there is no 'one size fits all' learning for families.


I think you are all amazing!

Thank you.


Mrs M

Wednesday 1st April 2020


Don't forget to join in with Joe Wicks at 9am - the McCall household are loving it!


IMPORTANT - the government have asked us to make sure each child is tested on some spellings this week. 

We have created a video which you will find here:  


where you will be tested on the spellings. 

The answers will be online later today.  Good luck!




Please continue maths work from yesterday.  If you completed your maths yesterday, then head on over to Mathletics or TTRS for some additional practice.

Also complete today’s Corbett maths.





Complete the work set yesterday and see if you can do two more Read Theory quizzes. 


Plus make sure you read your own book for at least an hour today (spread out over the day). 





Yesterday you will have written your opening paragraphs about Pandora.  You may have picked up lots of great pieces of information from the video clip.


Today we will be starting to think about the creatures that live on Pandora. Today we will focus on the anatomy of the creature.


Watch the clip (Pandora) from The Literacy Shed again. Play from 1minute to 2m 10s.


Watch a second time to listen for vocabulary linked to the anatomy of the creatures.


Can you jot some of this vocab down?


Use resource 1 (below) to help you with vocabulary needed to describe an insect. 


Can you draw a picture of an insect who might live on Pandora. 

Think about what makes creatures on Pandora unique and use the vocabulary sheet to help you think about the features of such a creature.


Resource sheet 2 has some images of insects to help you think about the body shape of an insect.


ACTIVITY - Please draw and label their own insect (one which could be found on Pandora)


Talk through your design with an adult.


Think about the features of your creature…

  • How do they help the creature?
  • What are its strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is there anything you need to add to the design?


In addition to the above, choose an animal (two if you wish to challenge yourself) you would like to write about by looking at the clip again. 


You have the following to choose from:

  • Banshee  (the flying dragon like creature)
  • Na’vi (human like)
  • Dire Horse (6 legged Bohemith)
  • Leonoptrix (the larger dragon like creature)
  • Viper Wolves
  • Hammerhead Titanotherus
  • Thanator


Gather information about your chosen creature. 


Use your imagination to tell me more about them (you may have to imagine some facts) Listen out for lots of vocabulary on the video clip (heaxapods, bioluminescence etc.)


Once you have gathered your information we will start writing our paragraphs tomorrow. 



Complete (or carry on with) your work set yesterday.  Go outside and get some fresh air.  Try out the spelling game on our YouTube channel.  Make sure you spend at least an hour outside today!



IT project

Use a stop frame animation app or just use your camera and take lots of individual photos.  Here is a clip to help you see how easy this ishttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J3pzivXGMfI


This project can be as long as you want it to be. 

It would be great if you could link it to your topic work

in some way.  Plastic pollution for example or

showing how pollution is damaging the planet. 

You could even make a space themed film!



Tuesday 31st March 2020

Hello!  It's Tuesday and today I will be setting two days worth of work in one.



** 2 days work below**

Some addition and subtraction practice for you today and also tomorrow.  Loads to do here, so pick out as much as you would like.  Below you will find a sheet with fluency practice (one sheet for all) and lots of problem solving (1,2, and 3 star).  You will also find a 10 minute maths sheet. 

There is plenty here to keep you going for two days.





** 2 days work below**


Please read Chapter 7 again and answer the following questions carefully. 


*** VIPERS – Chapter 7


Explain the phrase ‘seared into his mind’





Why is Lucky so upset?

Back up your answer with evidence from the text.




Predict what the aliens will do with the astrolabe.





Explain why SF Said has chosen to use disjointed writing in this chapter.





What does Captain Nox demand that Lucky hands over?





Summarise Lucky’s current emotional state.

Back up your answer with evidence from the text.





Then read Chapter 8 and answer the following questions:


***VIPERS – Chapter 8




Why do you think SF Said refers to Lucky’s pain as a ‘great burning hole’?


Find phrases on Page 79 that show that Bixa is aggravated.







Explain how SF Said and Dave McKean show the reader when it is a dream sequence.







What impression do you get of the ship? What might that tell you about Nox and Bixa?






Look at the notes you have made yesterday about Pandora.  Pick 6-8 facts which you think are important to put into an introduction about the planet.

For example

  • It is located in Alpha Centauri
  • It is 4.4 light years from Earth
  • Pandora orbits Polyphemus
  • it has a toxic atmosphere


Then I would like you to construct your first paragraph.  You can create your piece in one of two ways:

  1. As a powerpoint presentation (not just images though, I would like lots of good quality writing too)… or
  2. As a double page spread in your blue book.


I want you to focus on the clauses you are using.


  • relative clauses (see YouTube clip https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ebJ6e96iPk)
  • fronted adverbials (you are amazing at these)
  • fronted subordinate clauses (starting with subordinate conjunctions - although, whenever, even though, despite etc)


I would like you to create a paragraph about the planet/moon Pandora which will form the introduction to your non-chronological report.  Your introduction should contain each of the clauses above. 


There will be more YouTube clips coming tomorrow which will help you with this.




Please continue with the work set yesterday.

If you have spare time, please do some online learning or go outside and burn off some energy.  Try to create a new game and share the rules with your friends!



Monday 30th  March 2020


Make sure you check out https://20dv.co.uk/ as Diversity are offering their subscription dance lessons for free over the coming weeks. 


I will be adding it to my list of daily activities in the McCall household alongside Joe Wicks work outs.  So have a go and maybe send me some pictures of you ‘bustin’ some moves!’  Have fun!




First thing this morning, head on over to Corbett Maths and complete a 5-a-day at your level.  Check the answers page when you are done and spot any mistakes you have made.


This week we are going to review our calculation skills, starting with addition and subtraction.  Below are some questions for you to have a go at.  If you want some further practice, please look in your home maths book (red or purple books) and pick out some pages which have additional practice for you.


Reading VIPERS

-you have 2 days to complete the reading tasks below.


Follow this link to the YouTube clip of ‘Old man of the Forest’ which is a poem I wrote for you to enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f3EpJaVKEwo


A copy of the poem is below for you to print and read if you wish.  Please answer the following VIPERS questions in full. 


Find the meaning of the following words:

V – Deigned

V – Ancient

V – Vibrant


I – What do you think the following means?  A chain of metal whirring

I – What do you think the following is referring to?  Tall it stood, metallic, standing face to face

I – What type of monkey do you think this poem is about?

R – Can you find a phrase meaning ‘old and big’.

P – What do you predict will happen to the old man of the forest?

S – Can you summarise in two sentences what you think this poem is about?  Give examples from the text to back up your answer.


Also – read Chapters 6 and 7 of Phoenix and answer the following questions:



Find and explain a phrase on Page 55 that shows that shadow guards are known liars. Find a phrase on Page 58 that shows that Diana isn’t panicking.


Why does Diana throw Lucky off the tower?


At the end of the chapter, predict what will happen to Lucky now that his mother is gone.


Explain what Diana does to protect Lucky, and why you think she made that choice.


What is the flower on Diana’s shirt?


If you have some spare time, why not do another quiz

on Read Theory and don’t forget to keep

reading – I am waiting for your AR quiz results

to ‘ping’ into my inbox!





  • For your writing activity I would like you watch the following clip from The Literacy Shed  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GBGDmin_38E.
  • What information do you find out when you watch this?
  • Take notes and write as many facts as you can from the clip.  You may have to pause it from time to time as there is so much information in there.


  • Look up the following words in a dictionary and record their meaning in your books:  toxic, uninhabitable 

Over the week we will be creating a piece of non-chronological writing about Pandora and some of the creatures that live there.




I have attached a short spelling activity below for when you have finished taking notes.



Afternoon activities


We are currently living in a time that will become a part in history and be talked about for years to come.  I would like you, over the course of the week, make a ‘Time Capsule’. 


See if you can find an old box and gather up some reminders of this week.  This could include:

  • Photos of you and your family in your home.
  • Photos of the kinds of activities you are doing to keep busy.
  • Pictures you have drawn explaining how you feel about life at the moment.
  • A fact sheet about Corona Virus and what you have learnt about keeping yourself safe.
  • Perhaps a list of the things you are looking forward to doing when this is all over.


Anything else you can think of that will be a reminder of this time.


Once you have gathered your time capsule together, hide it away somewhere… in the back of a cupboard, or in the loft. 


Somewhere where you will forget about it.  Then in years to come you can look back on the amazing ways you found to fill your time.


Also, again over the course of the week, Mrs Day has asked me to pass on an R.E project for you.  I have attached it below for you to have a look at.


As always, stay safe and keep well.  Make sure you get outside every day for some fresh air and exercise and keep in touch to let me know how you are getting on!


Mrs M

Friday 27th March 2020


We made it through week 1 of home learning. 

Well done everyone for your hard work this week. 

Please give your parents and carers a huge hug and a round of applause for being superstars and taking

care of your learning this week.


I miss you all, but I know you will continue to try

your best over the coming weeks.


So now it's weekend time! 

No homework - just keep those rooms tidy and

help your parents out at home.


Have a great weekend and I will be here on Monday

morning with your next batch of learning.


Stay safe!


Mrs M



Due to the amount of time your children are spending online at the moment, please could you find time to head over to the Think You Know website https://www.thinkuknow.co.uk/ and spend some time talking to your child about safety on the internet.  


There are some really useful clips to watch here and it will open up the discussion about keeping safe online at this difficult time.


Many thanks


Mrs M

Friday 27th March 2020


It's Fri-yay!


Today’s tasks should be a bit of fun!


I would like you to check all of your online logins please, so login to the following over the course of today:







  • Please spend around 20 minutes on Mathletics.
  • Around 20 minutes on read theory.
  • Around 20 minutes on TTRS
  • Spend 20 minutes on code.org


Also don’t forget to quiz on any books you have read!




Please read up to the end of Chapter 5.  Create a bright and colourful image of Bixa (use the description in the book to help you – she is a colourful character!)



I know many of you have completed the sequel (part two) of your story already.  If you haven’t please make sure you finish this today as we will be moving on to a new piece of writing next week.  Make sure you have carefully edited your work and emailed it to me, or uploaded it to SharePoint.




1)  Tidy your room.

2)  See if you can do some baking today – send me a picture if you can!


Don’t forget – I would like to see some writing

from all of you before the weekend.


Friday Celebrations!

  • Well done to Claudia who got 100% in a quiz this week!
  • Well done to Bailey for completing a mountain of writing this week!
  • Well done to Lilly for also completing lots of writing this week!
  • Well done to Mille for a fab piece of writing!
  • Well done to Immy for a great powerpoint on plastic pollution!
  • Well done to Charlie for some exceptional video clips of his home made obstacle course!


Thursday 26th March 2020


Happy Thursday everyone!


Below you will find your work for today... if you have things to finish off from earlier in the week, please feel free to do these during any spare time you have today and tomorrow.



  • You will find a 10 minute maths sheet below - it doesn't matter if it takes longer than 10 minutes, this is just a guide and something we can work towards.
  • In the documents below you will also find the statistics worksheets for today.  Again there is a 1, 2 and 3 star challenge for today.
  • If you finish quickly and fancy another challenge, head on over to Corbett Maths and do a five-a-day (maybe push yourself up to the next level!!)




  • Please read chapter 4 of Phoenix.
  • Draw a picture of Lucky and annotate with things you know about him.
  • Please also complete a quiz on Read Theory.



  • Have a look at the DADWAVERS prompt (attached below called 'thumbnail') start writing some sentences describing what might happen next for our main character.
  • Can you use ‘show not tell’ in your writing?

Remember – this is where you tell me what a character is thinking or feeling through describing what they are doing or what they look like.  For example –“ his eyes widened when he, once again, spotted the Gyrocopter” (eyes widended might suggest s/he was scared or surprised).


  • When you are ready, please start writing your sequel (second part – the what happens next in your story) using all of the wonderful DADWAVERS you have created.  We will finish this off tomorrow.



  • This afternoon, could you please create a poster to encourage people to recycle.  It needs to be bold and bright so that it catches people's attention and makes them think about their actions.
  • If you have time spare at the end of the day login to Scratch and create a game with a pollution theme!  You can continue with this tomorrow.

Have a great day!

Wednesday 25th March 2020


Hellooooo and welcome to Wednesday morning.  Below you will find some learning for today:



  • Please go to www.Corbettmathsprimary.com and complete a five-a-day.
  • Underneath this post you will find 1,2 and 3 star maths questions for you to complete today.  I will post the answers for your parents later in the day so that they can help you mark your work.



  • Please read Chapter 3 of Phoenix, then answer the following VIPERS questions:




Find a phrase on Page 21 that shows that Lucky is nervous.

What phrases on Page 21 show that Lucky’s mum has rushed him to the port?

What phrase on Page 23 shows shock?


Why’s Lucky looking for the crack in the sky?

Why is the officer shocked that Lucky has an astrolabe? Why was Lucky shocked when his mum twisted the officer’s arm?


Read up to ‘if only he knew how to work it’ on Page 26. Predict what happens next.


Explain why no one will fly Lucky and his mum off Phoenix


Summarise the events that have happened on Phoenix.




I want you to think about what happens next in 'Ruin'.  We have already learnt so much about our character and his/her emotions and motives. 

  1. What do you think might happen next?  
  2. Where might our character go?
  3. What is s/he trying to find?
  4. Does s/he find it?


If you have not completed your narrative I want you to focus on getting it done by the end of the day on Thursday and then start to plan your sequel.  Make sure you have edited your work carefully.



Below you will find a sheet asking you to add in 'parenthesis'. 

We have covered this is class, but if you need a reminder, you can go to the YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiZYvUCg8m61kONtD7raC5Q

where you will find a video clip reminding you all about parenthesis.  You don't need to print the sheet out, you can simply copy it into your books adding in the parenthesis (and possibly some other punctuation I have missed!)



In the afternoon you can spend a bit more time on your powerpoint presentations or go out and help your parents/carers to tidy up the garden.  Dig up some weeds, or help trim the hedges.  Send me some pictures of you having fun in the garden.


You could also try out some spelling games.  I'll pop a list of the 5/6 spelling words below for you.


Make sure you spend some time outside today, we are very lucky to have some lovely weather at the moment and we don't know how long it will last!


Have fun, be kind and stay safe


Mrs McCall



Tuesday 24th March 2020


Hello Swallows!  Happy Tuesday!


Please find your work for today below:


Morning Work


  1.   Please complete the 10 minute maths sheet (below)
  2.   Pick a 1,2 or 3 star challenge for maths (statistics) below - this is the same as we do in class, pick the right challenge for you.
  3.   Read chapter 2 of Phoenix.  From the text, draw a picture of an astrolabe.  You will find a description on pages 13 &14.
  4.   Look at my comments on your writing from yesterday and purple pen your work.  
  5.   Make sure you read your narrative thoroughly... then... watch the chase part of the Ruin clip. 
  6. Write the next part of your narrative making sure you add in as many Year 5 writing features as you can.


Afternoon Activities

Go out in the garden and make yourself a fitness circuit.  Challenge your parents/brother/sister to join you.  You could include skipping, jumping over obstacles, trampolining (if you have one), ball bounces, ball throws against the wall.  Anything you can think of to get your heart pumping!


Take a sketch book outside and do a close up drawing of a plant or a flower.   See if you can spot the following in a flower:

  • Anther and filament
  • Stigma and style
  • Sepal
  • Petals
  • Can you spot some pollen grains?



Monday 4th March 2020


Dear Swallows,


Please find below your home learning for today:


1) Go to Corbett Maths and complete the 5-a-day for today.  Check your answers and try to spot your mistakes if something goes wrong.


2) Complete the maths questions attached below in your blue book.


3) Read Chapter 1 of Phoenix and answer the following VIPERS questions:


What is a constellation?

Find a phrase on Page 7 that shows that Lucky isn’t very strong.


How old might Lucky be? How do you know?


At the end of the chapter, predict what caused the sheet to burn? At the end of the chapter, predict what the V shape is.


What do they see in the sky?


Summarise this chapter in a few sentences.



6)   Watch the clip of 'Ruin' again up until our character destroys the two missiles and then spots the drone appear again.


Read the attached description of this part of the clip.  Highlight, or write in your books the writing features used.  Think about what you like about the text.  


You are going to write your own version of the opening part of this narrative.  I would like you to write from the perspective of the main character describing the following:

  • The setting
  • The character - think about what we know about him
  • What does he see on the screen?
  • How does he feel when he hears the drone?


I would like you to draft this first section of the narrative up until he runs away from the sound of the drone.  Please include:


  1. ISPACE openers (watch out for a YouTube video on these!)
  2. Description
  3. Character details - what is his back story?
  4. Emotions of the main character


Please type up your narrative in SharePoint so that I can give you some feedback.


Afternoon Activities


Please do some research on plastic pollution and start to create a PowerPoint to demonstrate your learning.  This will be an on-going project for two weeks, I will be checking in regularly to see how you are getting on with it.


I also want you to make the most of this wonderful sunshine... go outside in the garden and play.  Help your parents in the garden or learn how to mow the grass.


Please help your parents at home by doing some chores - the washing up, tidying your bedroom etc. - without them having to nag you all the time.  Keep busy and help each other.  Show kindness.  Everyone will find the next few weeks challenging, so let's all work together and help each other.


I am on the end of the email if you need any help with this. 


Have fun


Mrs McCall


Saturday 21st March 2020




Our YouTube channel is up and running!  Take a look:





Suggested Daily Timetable for Year 5 - for parents

Friday 20th March 2020


Good morning Swallows


If you are at home today I would really love it if you could write a letter to our friends at Motcombe Grange.  Like you, they are isolated at the moment and are unable to have visits from friends and family.  Write to them, tell them about yourself, make them smile by telling them a funny joke - I know they will love hearing from you.  You could also send them a picture of you enjoying a home activity.  Let's do what we can to brighten up someone else's day today.


I'll be in touch later with logins for read theory and your new email address logins - it should be really easy to keep in touch once we are all up and running.


Thank you 


Mrs M

Thursday 19th March 2020


Good morning Swallows parents


Today I have given those children still at school a new login to a website called 'Read Theory'.  As of next week I will be asking them to complete one comprehension activity each day.  If your child is currently self-isolating I will send home login details before Monday via text.  Please look out for this text and ask your child to login and complete the initial assessment.  


Those of you currently at home and well, please ensure you visit the following websites daily:




https://readtheory.org/  (login to follow)




Also make sure you continue to quiz on any books read whilst at home (you can do this during school hours:



For writing practice please to to:


Here you will find some great story starters and ideas for writing.  


I sincerely hope you are all keeping well and healthy during these difficult times.  Please do email the school office if you have any questions and I would be happy to reply.


Many thanks and best wishes to you all.


Mrs McCall

Tuesday 17th March 2020


Dear Swallows Parents/Carers,


Due to the cancellation of parents evening this week, I will be sending home your child's targets for the summer term and some information regarding their reading progress.  This was information I was planning to share with you at parents evening. 


If you currently have your child/children at home self-isolating I will be posting some information below which may be of use to you, however, my priority will be teaching pupils who remain on site.  Please do check the website regularly for updates.  Also check the 'home learning' section of the website (under parents) where you will find some useful links to online learning.


In the event of the school closing, I will be posting daily activities for your child to complete in their blue writing journals - which were sent home last week.


Thank you so much for your continued support during this challenging and uncertain time.


Kindest regards,


Mrs McCall

Home Learning


If you child is currently self-isolating at home, please find some ideas for home learning below:


1)  Watch 'Ruin' again (you tube).  Write a character description based on what we know about the character. 

  • Describe what s/he looks like.  What is s/he wearing?  Colour of hair/clothing eyes
  • Think about his/her motives and feelings. 
  • What is s/he running from? 
  • What has happened in the past? 
  • Does s/he have a family?


Use complex sentences and rich description to describe this mysterious character.  Make sure you include all of our Year 5 writing features and use ISPACE openers.


2)  Visit Corbett Maths Primary and complete a '5-a-day'


3)  Make up some mathematical word problems using the 4 operations.  Test your parents to see if they can solve your problem... don't forget you need to create an answer sheet too!


4)  Read.  Just read.  Curl up on the sofa and get lost in your book.  Why not complete a reading challenge too and tick off one from your list!

Welcome to the Spring Term in

Swallows Class


Please find our curriculum knowledge organiser below which will give you further information about the curriculum coverage this term.

Emergency on Planet Earth!

Our topic this term is all about our amazing world.

We will be learning about Earth and Space in science over the first

half term and then in the second half of term we 

will be looking at the environment and the impact of

pollution on our beautiful planet.


World Book Day 2020