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Swallows - Year 5

Summer Term 2019


Welcome back to the summer term.


We are already getting excited about our topic this term - Our Blue Planet.  We have been discussing the environment; talking about climate change, and are looking forward to analysing the data from our plastic waste log and Palm oil log which we are all doing for our homework (me included!).


We will be looking into how we can make a difference and help make our world a better place for future generations.


Watch this space for further updates of the work we are doing in class.



Leeson - day 3

Leeson - Day 2 evening

Leeson - Day 2

Leeson - Day 1 evening

Leeson House Day 1

Shaftesbury SAVED project - 11th July 2019

Science - learning about Air Resistance

Professor Know-it-all

Bee Craft

Identifying the parts of a flowering plant

Pollination - understanding the process

Understanding Climate Change

Diorama Homework Projects

Science - flower dissection


We began our science topic on Living Things by dissecting a flower.  We talked about the male and female parts of a flower and began talking about reproduction.  The children really enjoyed finding out about plants and flowers and are looking forward to the rest of the unit of work.

Science - flower dissection.

We have been devising story boards for our stop-frame animations. Our brief was to create an animation telling a conservation story of our choice. We worked in small groups planning our animations and devising back drops and models. 


Watch this space for our final animations!

Stop-Frame Animation Planning

Story boarding
Preparing our models and story boards
Preparing backdrops
Preparing backdrops.
Getting models ready
Story boarding

Spring Term 2019


Swallows class are well underway with our Anglo-Saxons and Vikings topic and have been enjoying a variety of activities linked to this.


We are particularly looking forward to working with Julian Richards and Claire Ryley later in the term to look at our local history and explore some of the wonderful links our part of Dorset has with the Saxons and Vikings.


Below you will find some photos of the things we have been up to in class.  Our focus for the first few weeks in English has been the Viking Saga of Beowulf.  We have enjoyed lots of drama activities linked to this and have created a re-enactment of one of the first Viking raids on 'Holy Island' in Lindisfarne,


As always, please do not hesitate to pop in if you have any questions.


Mrs McCall

Viking Day

Finding out about Viking life
Viking shields
Drinking vessel.
Exploring artefacts.
Boris the boar
Where are you?
Making Viking bread
Viking bread
Ye Olde Viking Bread recipe
Viking arts
Viking games
A Viking feast.
Viking bread and honey
Viking bread and homey
We are the Vikings!!!!

Olivia Orangehair defeats the Saxon army

Still image for this video
The fearsome Olivia Orangebeard takes on the Saxon army and defeats them with her fierce demeanour.

S.A.V.E.D Project - trip to Shaftesbury Abbey

The Abbey
Taking in the history of Shaftesbury
Historical talks
Navigating the area
Thinking like archaeologists
Observing changes in the ground
We wonder what lies beneath??
Carving stone - Julian demonstrates
Making tiles from clay
Tile making
Making tiles
Wonderful inscriptions
Meeting Avis
Meeting Avis
Thinking about food
Tile making
Tile making
Making tiles
Making toothpaste, soap and lavender pockets
Making toothpaste, soap and lavender pockets
Toothpaste - some of us even tried it... !
Sketching in the sunshine
Making tiles
Making tiles
Tile making
Tile making
The beautiful Abbey grounds
King Alfred the Great keeping watch over us.

Here be Dragons!!

Evidence of talon marks?
The tree appeared to be burnt.
What we think might be a dragon scale.
More scorch marks on the stage.
Part of a nest perhaps?
Letter from the residents association.
A dragon egg, found abandoned.

Swallows open afternoon - Creating dragon eyes and making sails for longships (oh and eating cake!)

‘Digging’ in our classroom

NSPCC Number Day. Friday 8th February. 


Today we all dressed up with our favourite numbered tops or cool spotty or stripey clothes to celebrate number day. We raised over £115 for the NSPCC. Year 5 mixed with year 6 for fun maths games and challenges. Here are a few pictures from our day. 


NSPCC Number Day 2019

Safer Internet Day 2019


We had a great day talking about how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet.  We asked the question "What is the internet" and tried (with some success) to draw the internet.


We then devised our own Safer Internet Pledge and agreed a series of statements which will help us to keep ourselves and our friends safe on the internet.


We hope you enjoy looking at some of the photographs below.

Safer Internet Day 2019

Introducing Swallows Space Travellers

Space Homework


The children have worked so hard over the holiday producing some amazing space related homework projects.  Below are some photos of the wonderful creations!

Peter Thorpe


Peter Thorpe is an American artist, obsessed by space.  He creates amazing abstract pictures and collages using a variety of mediums.


Swallows were inspired by his art, and decided to create their own version of his work.  The results are stunning!

Art inspired by Peter Thorpe

Titanium - creating a timeline

Swallows Book Sale

To Infinity.... and Beyond!!


We have had a great week discussing our topic - Space.


We were interested to know how far away from the sun the planets are, so we went outside armed with toilet rolls and chalk to recreate the solar system on the playground.


We were all very surprised to see how far away the planets are, particularly the gas giants.

Toilet Paper Solar System

Maths Games