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Welcome to the Skylark Class webpage! 

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But first...some facts!



 We are Skylarks...these little birds may look ordinary but they are quite cool...

The Skylark has a crest of feathers on its head that it raises when it is excited or shocked...so sort of like a feathery mohawk!
The skylark is a super flyer...it carries out "display flights" where it flies vertically into the air. Very impressive!




The Skylark is on the RSPB "Red List", meaning that the charity is concerned that its population is falling. Farmers are working with the RSPB to make better habitats available to help the Skylark numbers grow.





Springhead 2017 

The children had a fantastic time on the residential. Take a look below to see some examples of the super things we got up to! 


We have been learning about electricity. Firstly, we discussed what we already knew and tried to identify what we didn't understand yet. Then, we sorted items that do and do not need electricity to work. We also thought about the things that need to be plugged into a mains socket and those that can run on batter power. 

A special visitor! 

We were lucky enough to welcome a specialist science teacher from a secondary school into class to teach us about circuits. First, we used sting to learn about how a current travels and how batteries can run low on energy. Then, we used things such as wires, bulbs, batteries and switches to create circuits of our own. 

We also looked at the symbols for such components and had a go at drawing the circuits we had designed using these. 

A very contentious hypothesis! 

To kick-start a science experiment where we need to think about how we present our data; I gave the children a contentious hypothesis...


Boys are faster than girls 


It got quite a reaction! In groups, the children collected their data and then worked alone to present it. They timed boys and girls travelling a set distance in different ways. They made sure it was fair by making the start and finish points the same for every test. The children also kept the girl and boy who was being timed for that group the same for every test.  

Results differed and some groups found my hypothesis to be accurate, some inaccurate and some groups stated their results inconclusive. No matter the result, all the children presented their tables and graphs neatly and accurately. Well done Skylarks! 

Let the music play! 

The children had a great time using items donated by parents to make musical instruments they had previously designed. Then, they created graphic scores and played these in groups. 

Making the instruments.

Using our instruments to compose our music.

Playing our musical compositions to an audience.

Data collection. 


The children did superb work interpreting data from bar charts! 

Then, they devised their own research questions, frequency tables, collected the data from their friends in Skylarks and Robins Class, created bar charts to represent the data and, finally, wrote statements about the data to show their understanding of what it showed. They all improved their ability to interpret and present data clearly and I am very proud of them! 

Let's get loud! 


The children enjoyed exploring the musical instruments. They looked at the musical elements, such as pitch, volume, dynamics, texture and tempo, and used the instruments to show these in action. They enjoyed sharing their ideas and getting comfortable using this vocabulary. 

Kandinsky and the art of music! 


The children looked at the artwork of Wasilly Kandinsky and his use of musical elements, symbols and movement in his compositions. They then used both paper, pencil and pen and their ICT skills on Microsoft Word to create their own Kandinsky and music- inspired artwork. They made super use of shape and colour!

Our topic for Summer Term 2 will be:

"So loud... it's shocking!"


Below are the topic booklet and Medium Term Plan to give you an idea of what we will be covering in this time.

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Gangsta Granny 


Year 3 and 4 went to Poole Lighthouse Theatre to see a wonderful production of David Walliams' story: Gangsta Granny. The children all had smiles on their faces throughout the play and were full of chatter about the scenes they liked best as we left the venue. They behaved impeccably and represented the school so well. Thanks go to our adult helpers who, as always, were superb! 

Swimming Gala! 


Ten of our swimmers went to Clayesmore Sports Centre and took part in a gala that included over 8 schools. They all swam very well- our boys mixed-stroke relay team even won their race! I was so proud of how the children cheered-on and supported not only their own friends but also children from other schools. :) 

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Griffin Tennis Day at Shaftesbury Upper School


Twelve of our talented tennis players spent the day at Shaftesbury Upper School learning from Year 9 tennis helpers and having mini games to challenge themselves to use their new skills. All the children enjoyed the sunshine and played their best. We are so proud to say that four of our children will be taking part in the North Dorset semi finals later on next month. Well done to all who attended and thank you to The Griffin Tennis Academy for organising such a fun day! 

The Water Cycle! 


During our Science work learning about solids, liquids and gasses, we also looked at the Water Cycle. The children wrote some super diary entries as little water droplets as they move through this cycle. They did this following some drama to get the ideas for the thoughts and feelings of the water droplets flowing. 

Motcombe Church Flower Festival 

The children of Skylarks were asked to produce this year's entry to this wonderful festival. Using the artwork of Keith Haring , who created brightly-coloured dancing figures, and the hymn 'Lord of the Dance' as our inspiration, the children produced beautiful and dynamic arrangements. These we then placed together to make a whole-class entry. As you can see, we have pride of place on the font! 

We hope you get the chance to visit the church during this event. The other entries look super too! 

Many thanks go to the kind and supportive parents and staff of Motcombe school who donated the flowers that we used. 

Literacy in the sun. 

As it was such a beautiful day, we wrote our adaptations of The Storm Whale outside. The children worked hard and were all busy thinking of the best ways to use accurate pronouns in their writing to make the subject clear and avoid repetition. 

Church Assembly


The whole-school gave a superb performance to parents in church to celebrate our work on the Creation story in Genesis. Each member of Skylark class had contributed to the work we showed and I am so proud of the children who presented the work for us. As promised last week, here are images of the giant collages about the days of creation and a copy of the class poem we wrote based on the individual poems of each child. 

States of matter! 


The children have been learning about the three states of matter: solids liquids and gasses. 

In groups, they categorised different materials based on their general properties. We then discussed the three states and their particular properties and re-sorted the materials based on that. We used drama to learn about how the particles behave in each state. 


We also had a very in-depth discussion about jelly! We talked about the process of making jelly and how it moves from a liquid to a solid when placed in the fridge and a cold environment. We decided that the jelly transitions from liquid to solid the moment it can no longer be poured and does not then take on the from of any new container it is put in to. 


I think the children all want jelly for dinner now too...

Tuesday Tennis! 

Skylark class enjoyed our first tennis session of the summer term this week. We looked at how to hold the racket properly, where the service box is and how to return the ball using a forehand stroke. 

A musical treat! 

This week we celebrated the musical talent of one of our class. This member of Skylark class has only been learning piano for a few months and already she is composing her own pieces. We all enjoyed listening to what she has created and looking at the score she wrote. 

We are so proud of her and look forward to hearing more in the future. 

Friday Football! 

This week, Skylark class had the first of our football sessions with FA coach John. During this session, we learnt how to find and use space, control the ball with different parts of our feet and how to work as a team to discuss roles within a game and tactics to help us earn more points. 

Genesis 1

To begin this term, the whole school have been undertaking an R.E focus of "Creation". Skylark class have written poems showing 10 helpful rules for enjoying creation and have created giant, group collages to show the days of creation. As a class, we will create a poem to read in church during our whole-school assembly. 

Here are some sneak-peak pictures to show the art work we have created.  Finished pictures and the poem will be uploaded after the assembly...! 

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Our topic for Summer Term 1 will be:

"Water, water...everywhere?"


Below are the topic booklet and Medium Term Plan to give you an idea of what we will be covering in this time



Skylark class were able to have extra tennis coaching. They worked on the different techniques for hitting the ball and also how to move around the court. 

Egg-cellent science! 


Recently, we have been learning about teeth, their different roles and positions in the mouth and their internal features. We have created information pages and planned science experiments to see the effects of different liquids on eggs shells. We compared egg shells to teeth and talked about how some more acidic or sugary liquids may change the colour and strength of the shells and maybe our teeth. 

Red Nose Day 2017!


As part of our fundraising efforts this year, the children came in dressed in their home clothes and red items! We all contributed donations to the charity and enjoyed an assembly where we learnt about the good work the charity does, where our money goes and how it helps those in need both in the U.K and in other countries around the world. 

A musical treat! 


Some children from Skylarks took part in a musical afternoon. These are the children who have been getting extra musical tuition in piano, guitar, and clarinet. We are all so proud of them and their musical abilities! They performed well to an audience of their classmates and parents.  

Our topic for Spring Term 2 will be:

"Happy Habitats!"


Below are the topic booklet and Medium Term Plan to give you an idea of what we will be covering in this time.

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World Book Day 2017

Skylarks had a wonderful time dressing up as our favourite book characters, sharing our our favourite books and creating dramas about these stories. 

Our topic for Spring Term 1 was:

"Ancient China? Sounds good to me!"


Below are the topic booklet and Medium Term Plan to give you an idea of what we covered in this time. 

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Oh, Canada! Oh,Canada! 

This week we have been lucky enough to be joined by a pupil from Canada. She was visiting a family friend who is a member of Skylark Class. On her last day, the family very generously brought in pancakes and maple syrup for us all. Our Canadian treat was delicious! 

Shang Dynasty Vessels

This week, we learnt about Shang Dynasty burial traditions. We now know that important people, like Kings, would be buried with 'sacrifices' for them to take with them into their next life. Using slab-building techniques, we made our own replicas of Shang Dynasty 'Fangdings' in groups. Soon, these will be glazed, fired and on display in the classroom. We are very proud of our clay vessels! 

"Philosophy for Kids"

This week we were visited by Mr Twiss (who will visit us more in the future) to begin our module on philosophy. In this first session: we created class rules for our discussions and talked about the idea of being fair and how it feels to be laughed at. 

It was wonderful to see the children, once again, talking to each other with such respect and kindness. 

Chinese- inspired dances with ribbons. 

In class, we have been working on dance techniques. In groups, we identified the different techniques shown in several dance videos we watched of traditional Chinese dances. One video showed a dance troop who were hearing impaired. We thought their dances were amazing and could see many moves we wanted to try in our own dances! We wrote simple dance algorithms to help us remember the moves. 

Once we had perfected our dances, we also danced with fabric to add drama and detail. 

Willow Pattern Plates

In literacy we have been focusing on the Willow Pattern story. We have learnt the storyline, thought about the motivations of the characters and what they think of each other and will soon write diary entries as the mandarin.

We also used pencil crayon and the colour blue to create our own versions of a Willow Pattern plate.  

Languages Week! 

This week, Skylark Class we have been learning about the French language. We have looked at where France is in the world and discussed its location compared to our own. We also created our own board games using French words on the board and French numbers on the dice!    

In groups we researched the French vocabulary for foods, drink and things in the kitchen. We used these words to create our own meal collage and label it with the French words.  

As a class, we learnt the song Frère Jacques. We then learnt to sing it in a round. This means when the same song, lyrics and melody are sung at different times. Then, we decided to make it even more complicated by changing the order that our groups sing in it during the song. 

Our Autumn Term 2 topic was: 'Rotten Romans! Captive Celts!' 


Below are the MTP and Topic Booklet. 

Christmas Jumper Day! 

The children all came into school wearing festive jumpers and giving a small donation towards the charity "Save The Children". 

Don't they look wonderful? 

Bench Ball! 

We had a fun on the last day of term playing mini games of Bench ball. Previously, we had all boys as Team Captains, so today if was the responsibility of the girls to be the ones in charge! 

Excuse the blurry images, the children we so fast! 

Christmas Lunch. 

The children all had a wonderful time pulling crackers, eating their festive meal. They all remembered their "pleases and thank you's" and enjoyed the blessing from Reverend Pam before the meal.  

Cracker Time!

A special visitor! 


We were lucky enough to spend the day with Ros Liddington from Wilton House who was a font of knowledge on all things Roman. She guided the children through hundreds of years of Roman history using the story of invading soldiers. We looked at a variety of things, from tools and artwork and architecture to medicine. 

The children had great fun and threw themselves into the drama of the day. 

Christmas Wreaths 

The children worked in pairs to create beautiful Christmas wreaths to show the symbol of  the eternal, never-ending nature of God and His love for us. 


"I worked with someone new today!" 

It's Christmas time! 

The Year 3's in Skylarks had the special job of decorating the Christmas tree for the library this year. The children talked about the meaning of Christmas with Miss Berry as they added the lights, tinsel and baubles. We were so impressed with their team work and commitment to making this festive symbol look great! 

Didn't they do an excellent job!

"Oh Christmas Tree! Oh Christmas tree!"

Carey Camp Team-building Day! 

On a very cold day, Year 4 took a little trip to Carey Camp for a day spent working together and problem solving. 

The focus really was on building the values of trust, fellowship and commitments to their peers. 

It was wonderful to see the children working in different groups, thinking carefully and having a giggle. We spent time on a low-ropes course, a trail they had to do wearing a blindfold and on a climbing wall. They were all beautifully behaved and seemed to have a great time!


Gym, dance and ribbons! 

With Mr Southwood, Skylarks have been working on their sense of rhythm and using ribbons to create shapes, patterns and movements. Using Roman-themed music and different movements, the children created a short sequence. They then performed these to a very impressed Wren Class and Miss Purdue! 


"I moved slowly when the music slowed down!"

"I marched like a Roman soldier when the music became jerky." 


We are learning about multiplication strategies in maths at the moment. We played games to help us develop quick recall of the multiples. We also looked at factors, square and prime numbers. 

What would Boudicca say? 

We have been learning about Celtic rebellion against the Romans this week. After some drama, where we put ourselves 'in the shoes' of various people in the rebellion story and were able to ask them quesitons, some of us write speeches as Boudicca trying to convince some wary Celts to fight back against the Romans. 

Are you convinced?

Celtic Woad. 

We focused on the features of Celtic warriors and Roman soldiers. We learnt that Celts wore woad patterns on their bodies during battles. We now know that woad comes from a plant that used to be seen all over this country.

When the plant has been dried, crushed and mixed into a paste; it becomes a blue colour and can be used to paint designs on skin. 

We talked as a class about why the Celts would have worn these patterns during battles and mostly agreed that it might be because they were so good at fighting that they were showing that they did not need armour to protect them and so could decorate themselves instead. 

What brave warriors! 

We designed our own woad patterns for Celtic warriors.

Run Celt! Run! 

We looked at the features of Roman soldiers and Celtic warriors. We learnt that Celts could be identified by their crazy hair, woad patterns, colourful clothes and special round shields. Romans could be identified by their clean-shaven faces, the colour red and their rectangular shields. We worked in groups to make large collages of these brave fighters and displayed them in the classroom as if they were in the middle of some epic battle. 

Run Celt! Run!

Dance algorithms! 


Click on the link below to see what Skylarks have been learning about with Wren and Robins classes. 

Mosaics! Little bits of fun!


In order to add some colour and a new interesting feature to the Spiritual Garden;  we created mosaic artworks.  We are learning about the Romans and we now know that they enjoyed mosaic artwork too. You can still see some original Roman mosaics today! 

We worked in groups to plan a design that would help us to reflect on our faith when we are in the garden and that we could challenge ourselves with when actually making them. We included shapes, patterns, words and even a tree! 


"These look really pretty and restful in the spiritual garden." 

Our first topic together was:

"You rock! You rule!"

The children of Skylark Class worked hard to extend their knowledge of rocks and fossils and completed some interesting experiments. Well done to them all! 




Below are the Medium Term Plan and Topic Booklet for Autumn Term 1 as well as some examples of the fantastic things we got up to in Autumn Term 1. 



smiley  Here are a few memories from the children of this term.  smiley

Recycled 'Bottle Birds'


The bottle birds we made a few weeks ago (see below for further details!) have been added to the structure on the school field. Click on the link below: it will take you to the school art page where you can see some pictures and be given inspiration for possible linked activities that you can do at home! 


We thought hard about the Christian value of looking after your environment and so were delighted to be able to make artwork together from recycled items that would otherwise be thrown away in some cases. 

The 'Golden Mile'

We took part in a running session to kick-start our 'Golden Mile' efforts this year. This initiative aims to encourage children to be more active. We were given four minutes to run as many times as we could around a 100 meter track. Our distances were recorded and the aim is for us to improve this later on in the year. Between now and then we will be able to run during school time in order to continue to develop our level of cardio fitness.


We all had fun running around the track on a cold but bright morning. I was very proud- no-one gave up and we all ran for the four minutes. Some of us managed just over eight times around the track!  

Friday Football! 

In PE this week we have continued to concentrate on developing our Football skills. We worked in groups to create challenging cone courses through which we could dribble the ball. We also made sure to use different parts of our feet to keep control of the ball.  

Column subtraction. 


In maths we have been learning how to use column methods to subtract amounts up to 4 digits. 

We made use of 'base 10' blocks to help us see how the values can be moved when exchanging in order to help us complete a subtraction. 

We know that, when a subtraction can not be done in its column, we can exchange from the column to the left in order to help us. 

Harvest Festival. 

The children performed wonderful poems at our Harvest Festival. After this, we created small collages to represent the Harvest time of year and thought deeply about how the festival itself helped us to feel closer to God. 

A rock-tastic science experiment. 


We have been looking at rocks in more detail this week; we focused on their properties and how different rocks are effected by different processes.

As a class, we listed different 'processes' we could expose the rocks to. We carefully set up our experiments. We know we need things like equipment lists and a clear aim to our experiment to make sure the test is fair and that we are testing what we say we are. We also made predictions and were able to see if these were correct when we had finished our experiments. 


We found that some types of rock, like granite, seem unaffected by being placed in water but others, like chalk, become mushy and begin to break up.