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Robins Year 2

Summer 2017

By the sea



This term, our topic will be by the sea. Please see the medium terms plans and the topic booklets to see what we will be covering in the summer terms.



Please see the attached sheets below for the spellings that the children need to learn. I will add each week as they are given out to the children. 


We have also signed up to BugClub as an extra resource for reading. The children were given login and I will be updating books every week.. 

Oceanarium Trip! 


On Wednesday, Robins class went on their class trip to Bournemouth Oceanarium.

We saw a variety of different animals including black tip sharks, stingrays, clown fish (Nemo), regal tanks (Dory) and loggerhead turtles.

Our tour guides were amazing and they shared facts about each animals. They also had shark skin, shark teeth and turtle shells for us to hold!  

We all had a fantastic day! 



Robins completed an experiment this week using magnets and paperclips. We looked at different magnets and different sized paperclips and investigated how many paperclips our magnet could hold. 


We later walked about the school to see if we could find any magnetic materials. 



This week, Robins class were chosen to help in Open the Book and they did a fantastic job! 


They also helped me during whole school worship by acting out a story all about our key theme of truth. Well done! 

Mini Olympics 


On a warm, Wednesday morning, Robin class along with Wrens and Ducklings participated in Mini Olympics. We took part in a variety of different activities from running, hurdles and relay. It was a fantastic morning and we all enjoyed ourselves! 


This week, we began work on our piece of artwork for Motcombe's Village Fete. 

We started off by making loops out of brightly coloured ribbons. After choosing our favourite colours, we stuck them together and placed our design in the middle. 

Your artwork looks fantastic! 

Shape and symmetry


In maths, our focus has been 2D shape. To help us understand lines of symmetry, we had an investigation lesson. We drew around shapes, cut them out and then explored symmetry. 



We have been making the most of the sunshine and this week, we took part in some team building activities! It took lots of concentration but we got it in the end! 

Boat building


In science, we have been looking at different materials and have spoken about which ones would make the best boat. We were given a variety of different materials to chose from but only had 30 minutes to create our boats!


We then tested them to see if they would float and for how long. Miss Ward then added in marbles to those successful boats to see how long it would be until it sunk! 



Along with Swallows, we traveled down to SafeWise. We learnt how to cross a road, make 999 calls, what to do in a fire and how to be safe when at the beach. 

We all enjoyed our day out and came away knowing something new. 

Instruction writing 


It has been a busy week in Robin class. To help us understand how to write instructions, we began by following them and we all made jam sandwiches! YUM 

Later we had a go at making sandcastles so that we would find it easier when we write our own instructions. 



We have been looking at different materials and thinking about which ones are easiest to bend, twist, squash and stretch. We made some predictions before we started and then began investigating. 



This week we have been concentrating on creation. We started off by looking at the creation story  and then began thinking about what we would put in our own world. We discussed ideas and how we could link them to our jigsaw pieces. We look forward to sharing our worlds with you next week in church. 

Spring 2017

This term our topic will be 'Ancient Greece.' Please enjoy looking at the topic booklets and medium term plans below. Visit the site regularly to check what we have been up to.



We finally made our clay pots this week. Thank you to all the volunteers who came in to help us: we couldn't have done it without you! Your pots looked amazing and next term, I will hand them back to you so you can take them home. 



This week is national science week so we decided to make our own SLIME!!! We got incredibly messy (Miss Ward in particular!)  but we LOVED it! 


As all of us enjoyed it so much, I have attached the instructions so you can have much fun and mess as we need. 



Play scripts


We have been looking at play scripts as we will be creating our own based on two Ancient Greek states: Athens and Sparta. To help us, we started off by continuing Little Red Riding Hood and then we performed them. 



This week, it was Robin's class turn to create a piece of art work using recycled bottle tops. Thank you to Mrs Dawkins-White for all your help: it looks FAB!



In Maths, we have been focusing on division and to help us, we have been using equipment and numberlines to check our answers. 



We were lucky enough to be taught how to say our names in Greek, learn common phrases, our numbers to 10 and even watch TV in Greek. Thank you to Mr Wolf who kindly gave up his morning to spend it with us. 


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World Book Day 


In the lead up to World Book Day, we began by reading our class story: Blobfish by David Walliams. Using this as our inspiration, we all created our own Blobfish  and gave them personalities. 

You also looked FANTASTIC in all your costumes so we created book reviews about the character that we came dressed as. 

Data Handling 


We have started a new 2 week topic on data. To help us get started, we used smarties and grouped them based on colour and recorded our results using a tally chart (Yes we did get to eat the smarties!) We then gathered our own data by asking everyone what their favourite colour was. We will use this data to complete pictograms and bar charts. 



Our science topic this term has been humans and animals and we have looked at what makes a healthy meal and nutrition. This week, we focused on our skeleton. To help us do this, we had to build our own skeleton and label at the different bones! There are over 200 bones in our body so it took us a while to get them in the right place. 



We have been looking at length, weight and capacity. We did lots of investigation including ordering ourselves from tallest to shortest, reading scales and weighing objects by estimating.  


Greek Myths


As well as focusing on Pandora's Box, we have also been reading and exploring other Greek Myths such as Medusa, Icarus, Theseus and the Minotaur and the Trojan Horse. 

To show their understanding, the class performed short plays in groups based on their favourite myth. It was lovely to see how enthusiastic they were especially when it came to bring in props. 

We also worked together as a class to retell the Trojan Horse Myth. 



Pandora's Box. 


Our book study this half term is Pandora's Box. 

So far, we have written character descriptions of our favourite character, drawn our own evil creatures and acted out parts of the story.


Meet the teacher


Thank you to those who attended meet the teacher on Wednesday. It was lovely to meet so many of you and I know that as the year goes on, I will have more opportunities to have conversations with you about how your children are doing in their work. 

Below is the powerpoint that includes all the information for this term and routines for the class


Languages Week 


This week in Robins, our focus was French.

The children worked hard on learning their numbers upto 29, the colours of the rainbow, common phrases and locating France using an atlas. 

We also learnt head, shoulders, knees and toes in French and performed this during our assembly.

 It has been a fantastic week for Robins and I have enjoyed getting to know the class, their personalities and I know that we will have many great weeks and terms together. 


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Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thank you to everyone who helped at the Christmas lunch! We had great fun!

We have been baking Christmas biscuits!

We made shadow puppets to complete our Science topic - light

We have been looking at fractions this week. We have learnt about finding fractions of numbers (including non-unit fractions) and have been looking at ordering fractions. We made washing lines and tried to hang our fractions in order!

We've written some Christmas prayers for our prayer tree.

In computing we have been making some stop motion animation jungle movies! The children worked in partners to create a background and a plaster one model and filmed using I Can Animate.

An education officer from Monkey World came to visit Robins Class. She told us all about the different species of monkeys that they have at the centre and all about the important work they do as a charity! We learnt lots of interesting facts!

We have investigated 'which paper towel is best?'. To investigate this we soaked different paper towels in water and used pegs to weigh the towels down!

Medium Term Plan for after half term

Our butterflys have grown!!!

We painted our our prayer pebbles. We will use these pebbles through the year.

We have been learning about fractions in Numeracy. We have found fractions of length (using strawberry laces), shapes and created fraction walls.

We had an amazing afternoon with Longleat! They brought all sorts of Rainforest animals into our classroom! We learnt lots of facts about the animals and got to hold and touch them too! They briought a parrot, armadillo, scorpion, chameleon, lizard, tarantula and two boa constrictors .

Wacky Hair day!

Our first piece of writing! We've written the story The Tiger Who Came For Tea but we've added lots of adjectives, conjunctions and speech!

I want to be like you!

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We have been learning about pollination. To understand the process we dipped our fingers in 'whatsits' and buzzed around the room touching different flowers! This showed us the important jobs that bees and other insects do!

The Tiger that came for tea

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The children have been learning the story of 'The tiger that came to tea'. They created actions and have been retelling the story. This is a great way for children to internalise story language.

We are growing our own butterflies! The caterpillars have just arrived and we will be watching them grow and making careful observations as they do!

We have started learning The Tiger That Came For Tea!

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Fantastic first day! We wrote about our summer holidays and created a class charter by signing and decorating jenga blocks!

Autumn Term 2016

It's a JUNGLE out there!




Welcome back! I hope you have enjoyed the summer break. Our topic for this term will be 'It's a JUNGLE out there'. Please find below the Medium Term Plan and Information booklets about the topic. All planning is subject to change as I will adapt it to the childrens needs and interests!

Home Learning


Weekly spellings will be displayed on ​Spellodrome and weekly mathletics homework will be set. These are fantastic learning tools that are accessible on tablets and computers. The logins for both sites are the same (I will send your child's login home within the first week back at school!)

Thank you!