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Robins - Year 2

Welcome to Robins Class Page! 



Hi Robins,

I know you're really looking forward to coming back into school on Monday but you might have some worries about it too. You might have a bit of a churning feeling in your tummy because you have been learning at home for a long time and that is ok. I will be able to help you with any of your worries on Monday when I see you. 


But for now....you might want to look at the slides about coming back to school because they will remind you of what it will be like. You might even want to have a look at some of the activities in the document below if you want to write or draw some of your thoughts. 


Let me know if you need anything else,

From Miss Keogh 

Hello my superstar Robins! 


We have one more week of home learning to go, I know you can do it! I am so looking forward to us all being back together next week!


All your home learning for the week is below for you to access. I have included a timetable to help you keep track of all the different jobs. Myself and Miss Cox will be sharing all of the teaching this week so you get two teachers for the price of one....lucky you! 


Our live lessons will be at 11am every day this week. 


See you on Monday!

From Miss Keogh

Hello Robins,

I cannot tell you how pleased I am that we will all be back together on 8th March!

Mr Barge will send a letter with all the information about how we will keep everyone in school as safe as we can. 


I think we will have the classroom just like we did before the Christmas break and our playtimes and lunchtimes will be separate too.

Keep up with hard work with your home learning for now....you've nearly made it!

From Miss Keogh


 to our fabulous Robins,

We hope you have all had a  half term break and are feeling well rested. We hope to all be back in school as soon as it's safe and hopefully this will not be too much longer. 

We are completely blown away   with all the home learning you have done so far and we definitely think you are all . We know you will be able to  and  for us this week! We miss you lots and are really looking forward to when we are all back together!

All your home learning is below for you. Monday is INSET day so you do not have anything for that day. Live lessons are 10am-11am on Teams this week. There is no live lesson on Wednesday but you have a voice recorded lesson instead. 

Have a great week and let us know if you need anything. 


Miss Keogh and Miss Cox

Good morning Robins!

One more day of home learning before half term. You are all doing so very well and I am incredibly proud of you!

See you at 9am for our live lesson. Be ready with your recount writing from this week! 

We have signed up to a trial of Espresso which is something I plan to use lots after half term. Use the link below to find the site and you can log in with the same details as your Teams login. Your username is the first part of your Teams email address and your password is the same as your Teams password. Let me know if you have any problems logging in. I have set some fractions games and some materials activities for you to have a go at if you can. 

Have a great day and a wonderful, relaxing half term, 

Miss Keogh

Safer Internet Day 2021: We designed SMART posters to help others to know how to stay safe when on the internet.

Science - waterproof or absorbent? We predicted, tested and made some careful observations.

Good morning my super Robins!


I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend with your families. All the learning you need for this week is below for you. Our live lessons are at 9am every day this week so I will see you on Teams then!

You are all doing amazingly well, I am so proud of you! Keep up the hard work because you are all superstars!


From Miss Keogh

Life sized hugs for mental health awareness week. We think we will send these to people we haven’t hugged in a while.

Norman Shields!

Storytime Online


The link above will take you to online storytime. You can choose stories to listen to or you can download them to read them yourselves. If you have read all the books you have at home, you might want to explore some different texts on here.  

Week beginning: Monday 1st February 2021


Hello my super Robins!


I hope you have all have a lovely weekend and are ready for the week ahead. Our live lessons are at 11am this week so I will see you on teams then. You continue to amaze me with how well you work in these lessons and all the work that is being sent to the office is wonderful! There will not be a live lesson on Wednesday but there is an extra live science lesson on Tuesday at 1.30pm to make up for this - hope you can make it! 

Your timetable for the week is below and I have attached it as a document underneath so you can print it if needed. 

See you all at 11am :)

From Miss Keogh


Week beginning: Monday 25th January 2021


Hello my wonderful Robins, 


I hope you have had a restful weekend with your families. Harry H, I hope you had a lovely birthday and that the rainbow cake was a success! Barney, has Pip the puppy arrived?! I can't wait to hear all about the new arrival! 


Below is all of your home learning for this week. Our live lessons will be at 10am every day so you will have time to do some learning before the live lesson begins. If you have questions about anything, remember you can ask me in the live lesson. 


See you soon!

From Miss Keogh

William the Conqueror Portraits

Monday 18th January 2021


Hello Robins, 

I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Taylor, I hope you had a very happy birthday.

Thank you so much for all the wonderful hard work you have been completing at home, I am so proud of you. I continue to be amazed at how confident you are in our Teams lesson every day. You are my shining stars! Here is all of your learning for this week and your timetable so you can get yourselves organised. 

See you all at 9am!

From Miss Keogh

Monday 11th January 2021

Hi Robins,


I am very impressed with how amazing you have all been with your learning at home. I am so proud of each and every one of you! All your learning for the whole week is here in a timetable. It looks like lots but don't worry, it won't seem that much once you get started, you can work though it all at your own pace and tick off each activity as you do it. We have our live lesson every day at 11am on Teams this week so I'll see you there! If you have any questions, you can ask me there.  


I know many of you are finishing the reading books you currently have and can't change them for a new one at the moment. To help you to access reading books for your bookband have a look on Oxford Owl and select the bookband you are currently reading. Your helpful grown up will have to register so you can download books onto a tablet, phone or laptop. You can also read and listen to stories on Get Epic if you add our school code and then select your name.


https://www.getepic.com/students Class Code: lwb5048

Take care and please give your helpful grown-up lots of hugs!

From Miss Keogh


Maths with Miss Cox will be assigned to you on Teams on Friday morning. You will be able to complete it online and send it back to me via Teams.  

Live Lesson update:

Each week, every class will have an hour session live with their teacher on Teams. The time that this happens will change each week so there is a little timetable below so you know in advance. 


Week beginning

11th January

Week beginning

18th January

Week beginning

25th January

Week beginning

1st February

Week beginning

8th February

11am - 12pm 9am - 10am 10am - 11am 11am - 12pm 9am - 10am


Friday 8th January 2021


Friday is here Robins.....that means one thing for sure. We need the Friday song...

I will see you all on Teams at 9am. All you need to have with you is your good listening, your great thinking and those wonderful smiles! 


The rest of your home learning is below.

From Miss Keogh

Thursday 7th January 2021


Good morning and welcome to Thursday! Everything you need for your home learning is below for you. 

You are all.....  and I hope you all have a wonderful day today.


From Miss Keogh 

Wednesday 6th January 2021

Hello lovely Robins, 


Your home learning and resources are below. See you all at 9am on Teams. 


Miss Keogh

Hello Robins,

We are going to test out using Teams so we can get used to it! There might be some problems but it should work if we persevere and ask our grown ups for a little bit of help. Lots of you used Teams to meet with me for parents evening so I know you know what you're doing!

You should have received an invite for Wednesday 9am - Reading with Miss Keogh. 

There is some advice about using Teams below for you if you need it... 



Miss Keogh


How to access your Motcombe Primary Live lessons via Microsoft Teams.

  1. Login to Microsoft teams using your school email address. The lesson will work best by first downloading the teams app onto an ipad, laptop or phone. (Just like we all did for Parents’ evening calls last term).
  2. Your teacher will have sent you a virtual invitation to the lesson/meeting. This should automatically appear in the ‘calendar’ section of teams.

Problem solving if the meeting does not appear in your calendar section:

  • You sometimes need to delete any previous meetings from the calendar in order for newly scheduled meetings to automatically appear within the calendar.
  • If the meeting does not automatically appear within the calendar section of teams, sometimes you have to ‘accept’ the invitation first by opening the invite to the meeting within the email inbox in ‘outlook’ (go to office365 and login using the same details and click on ‘outlook’). Open the email invite and click ‘accept’ in order for the meeting to appear within your teams calendar. If you click ‘decline/reject’ to the email, you will not be able to access the meeting at all without your teacher manually calling you in – please avoid making this happen!

3. Approximately 5 minutes before the scheduled meeting time, click on ‘join’ from the calendar section of teams.

4. Please ensure the camera is switched on and the microphone is ‘muted’ so that background noise isn’t a distraction for anyone. Your teacher may ask you to speak in the meeting – you can ‘unmute’ when asked to by the teacher but at no other time.

Hello Robins and Happy new year! 


This is definitely not how I was planning on starting the new year with you all and I was very excited to see all your smiling faces in the classroom today but that is not going to happen for a little while. 


Everything you need for your learning at home is below for you. I hope you and your helpful grown ups at home can find what you need. Don't worry if you get yourself in a muddle with things. We will arrange some teaching using Teams later in the week so you can talk to me about any problems you have.


Try your best and remember.....  and can do anything you put your mind to.

From Miss Keogh


We make good choices about our behaviour in Robins Class. This document shows how children are encouraged to engage in positive behaviours and supported when they find it challenging to make good choices.

Have a look at the document below for information regarding the Year 2 phonics screening.

I notice that lots of Robins Class are using Time Tables Rock Stars and that is great! 

If you need more information about this, take a look at the handbook below which has been adapted from the TTRS Website. If you need any more information, please let me know. 


We thoroughly enjoyed christmas lunch in the classroom on the last day of term.

Our finished carnival floats look amazing! Can you guess the continent each float represents by looking carefully at the animals and the colours we have used?

In art, we have designed and made our own printing blocks. We chose an animal design and carefully used string to create our blocks. We can’t wait to test them out and evaluate our work!

We worked in groups to compose animal themed music. We practised, performed and evaluated our compositions.

We have been enjoying story time in the spiritual garden this half term. We like hearing the crunch of the gravel under our feet and looking at the pebbles on our journey to the story area.

We made a commitment in RE. We did this every day for a whole week and then reflected on how it made us feel and if it helped us in any way.

We have started our carnival float project. This week, we made cubes and cuboids to display our chosen animals.

We made a class composition of the carnival of animals this afternoon. We were very creative with our sounds and kept to the beat.

We started to use our editing zones in English this week. We’ve learned how to proof read our writing and used the zones to make our instruction texts even better!

Harvest - we used tissue paper collage to make autumn leaf stained glass windows. We hung them from our autumn tree and thought about the gifts God provides at harvest time.

We worked in pairs to discuss and order animal life cycles. We thought about the changes that happen in each stage of the cycle.

We spent time colour mixing this week and made a wide range of colours. We used these colours to print a page border using a repeating pattern.

We explored microhabitats in our school grounds this afternoon. We identified and sorted the living things we found in them.

We used our line drawing and shading skills to draw self portraits in art this week. We found looking at ourselves closely in a mirror very entertaining! I wonder if you can guess who each portrait belongs to?

We have been playing an online game linked to our science unit. They children have really enjoyed this so if they would like to play it at home, the link is here.

Animals and habitats

We are having a fantastic first week back in Year 2. We wrote animal list poems today and enjoyed sharing our poems with the class. Our poems were so descriptive, the class could guess the animals we had written about!

Our first topic this year is.....

A Carnival of Animals!

Take a look at the documents below to see the planned coverage for this topic. 

Meet the teacher - Miss Keogh!