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Robins - Year 2

Hello Robins! It has been a pleasure teaching you all and I hope you have a wonderful summer! From Miss Keogh

Monday 13th July


Hello Robins,

It was absolutely amazing to see so many of you in school last week and I am looking forward to seeing you again this week too. Only one more week left of the school year, you can do this!

Three days of home learning is below for you. 

We will be doing lots of things to get you ready for next year on the days you are in school and will even have a little 'bubble' sports day! 


From Miss Keogh  

Hello Robins!

So many of you are coming back to school this week! It will be lovely to see you all. Make sure you have a look at the 'Robins back to school' document before you come in please - it will show you what things are like at school. I will explain EVERYTHING when you come in for your first day so there's nothing to worry about at all. 

There are three days of home learning below. These tasks can be done on the days that you aren't with me.

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Miss Keogh 

Coming back into school


It will be really helpful if you share the document below with your child before they return to school next week please. This will help their transition back to school and enable them to feel prepared for the things that are different. The more times you share this with your child, the more prepared they will be.  


So looking forward to having my Robins back! 


From Miss Keogh

Fit Friday Workout 5

Some of our lovely Year 6 children were inspired by the staff videos and asked to plan and create their own!

Monday 29th June


Hello to my lovely Robins!

I hope you are all well and have had a wonderful weekend. I have your next set of home learning ready for you to do this week. I am veeeeeeeeeeeery happy that lots and lots of you are coming into school part time next week, it's going to be so wonderful to see you! 

One more full week of home learning is below. Try your best, give your helpful grown up a big hug and have a lovely week.


From Miss Keogh


Fit Friday Workout 4

This week's theme: Classic dance moves from the 1980s and 1990s!

A message from Mrs Lewis...

Monday 22nd June


Hello all! A brand new week is here and I hope you are feeling ready for it! Your home learning is below for you. Let me know if you need anything.


From Miss Keogh

Fit Friday Workout!

This week we added some activities to a twister wheel and took it in turns to spin!

Monday 15th June

Good morning! I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. Your home learning for this week is below. Thanks so much for continuing to share your home learning with me, I love seeing what you are doing!


Let me know if you need anything or have any problems!


From Miss Keogh

Chapter 2 The Hodgeheg

Robins Class Gallery

Workout with us for Fit Friday!

We had so much fun working out together last week that we filmed another one for you! Keep your body healthy. Join in with us at home!

Monday 8th June


Hoping you've all had a wonderful weekend! Your home learning for this week is below. Thanks to everyone who has been to collect their copy of 'The Hodgeheg' I will leave the box of books outside the office this week too. Thank you for the wonderful letters, cards and messages that have been left for me in the box. heart

Have a great week everyone

From Miss Keogh 

Chapter 1 of the Hodgeheg

Hello! It's Miss Keogh here! I hope you enjoy Chapter 1 of the Hodgeheg.

It's fit Friday!

Lots of teachers and support staff are in school being very active today and we want to help you to be active and healthy too! 

Join us for a little Friday workout here...


Fit Friday Dance Workout

Every Friday in the summer term is FIT FRIDAY. We usually come to school in PE Kit and workout as a whole school on the field first thing in the morning so we wanted to let you have a chance to join us while you are at home....

Next week, we will focus on a new text called...

'The Hodgeheg'

by Dick King Smith. I have a copy of this book for every child in the class and you can collect this from outside the school from Thursday morning.  I would request that you avoid collecting the book at the start or end of the school day to support social distancing. If you could let me know that you have collected your copy I would really appreciate it. Children could even leave a message in the box to let me know they have it if you like. 

It is advised that you let the book rest for 72 hours before using it.


If you would prefer not to collect the book you can access the text online here

Thank you!

Miss Keogh


Monday 1st June


to my wonderful Robins!

I hope you have all had a lovely half term and have been enjoying the sunshine. Your whole week of home learning is below for you and the letter explains how things might be a little different from this week. 

Have a great week and let me know if you need anything.

From Miss Keogh 


We all miss you lots and lots!

Half term is here! 


I hope you all have a wonderful break and enjoy the sunshine. Stay safe and enjoy some quality time with the people you care about. 


From Miss Keogh

Thursday 21st May

Hello you wonderful bunch of Robins,

Your next two days of home learning is here for you. Have a great couple of days and remember to let me know if you need anything. Keep those photos for the class gallery coming my way! They're great! 

Miss Keogh



My Wednesday....in a nutshell....

It's mental health awareness week this week and this year the focus is kindness. In Robins Class we are very good at being kind to each other. Right now, it is more important than ever that we show kindness to the people around us.

The great thing about kindness is that it spreads more than you can even imagine! 






Monday 18th May


Good morning Robins.

Three whole days of home learning is here for you! 

Thanks so much for all the photos you are sending for the class gallery, keep them coming! amy.keogh@motcombeprimary.co.uk


I am in the hub today so if you get in touch with me, I'll get back to you as soon as I can. 


Have a great day and remember, let me know if you need anything! 

Miss Keogh 

Lip balm challenge update!

You have been so busy designing labels for the lip balms and they are all so wonderful I have decided I'm going to have to choose 5 different designs. So far, I have chosen 3 of my favourites and have tried my hardest to copy your drawings!

Remember to send your designs to me....there are 2 spaces left!

From Miss Keogh

Friday 15th May


Good morning to my wonderful Robins!


Hope you have had a lovely couple of days and are ready for Friday. Thank you to those of you who have been sending photos for the Robins Class Gallery. I will upload these later, remember to use the title 'Class Gallery' when you send the photo so I know you are happy for it to be on the website. 


Have a great day today and a wonderful weekend too.


From Miss Keogh 

Wednesday 13th May


Hello Robins! 

You have all been working so very hard! I really want to share some of the work you have been doing so I am going to start a class gallery of your photos on here. If you would like your photo in the class gallery please send it to me with the subject of 'Class Gallery' and I will make sure I upload it for everyone to see.

Your next two days of home learning is here for you to have a go at. 

Missing you lots

Miss Keogh 

Monday 11th May


Still image for this video

Friday 8th May


Today is a bank holiday so you get a day off! It's a bank holiday because it's VE Day....that stands for Victory in Europe. This day is special because on the 8th May 1945 it was the end of the Second World War and was a day for celebration!


Learn some more about VE Day here https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/48201749 


You can learn about VE Day and complete some VE Day activities if you would like to. If you are tired out from all your other home learning, then just make sure you have an extra day of resting and enjoy the sunshine! 

From Miss Keogh

Wednesday 6th May


Hello Robins,


Well, you have been working very hard for the last two days! Well done everyone. Your home learning for Wednesday and Thursday is here for you now. Everything you need to go with it is here too. Let me know f you have any problems.


Keep up the hard work!

From Miss Keogh 

Rafe's Tadpole diary: We've had an update

Update from Mrs B

Still image for this video
We planted some seeds last term and Mrs B has been looking after them for us. She has an update for us all. Thanks Mrs B!

Outside growing!

Still image for this video

Monday 4th May


Good morning all, 


I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and are feeling refreshed and ready for some more home learning. Your jobs for the next two days are below for you. Your topic job list for the whole week is there too so choose a job you would like do to each afternoon. 


Have a great couple of days and I will update again on Wednesday.


Take care, 

Miss Keogh

Thank you! I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who sent birthday messages to me yesterday. This was so sweet and I am really touched by your kindness!

Friday 1st May


Good morning and welcome to Friday!


Your home learning for today is here. 

Hope you have a wonderful day today and have a lovely weekend too. 


From Miss Keogh



Thursday 30th April

Good morning all, 

Home learning for today is here.

If you don't manage to do it all, that is absolutely ok.

If you just manage one or two things, that is absolutely ok.

If you don't have a printer and so you have to do it on a piece of paper, back of an envelope, chalk on the ground, on the inside of a cereal box, that is absolutely ok.

If you don't have colouring pencils to colour in your English picture for today and have to result in using a blunt pencil you acquired the last time you were in IKEA, that is absolutely ok (I quite like the monochrome look anyway).

If you have an idea for how to complete one of the topic jobs in a way that suits you, that is also absolutely ok! 

Have a great day today and thank you for your continued support. 

From Miss Keogh

Wednesday 29th April

Hello Robins, 


Here is your home learning for today. Keep up the hard work!


From Miss Keogh


Rafe has been keeping a close eye on the tadpoles in his garden and how they are developing. They are growing well and I bet they are enjoying the rain! Watch this space for more updates. Now they have developed hind legs, we should see the front legs very soon! 

Tuesday 28th April


Good morning, 


Now....I think it might be quite rainy today but don't let that get you down. The plants need some water if they are going to grow beautiful flowers. Why don't you pop a cup or a bucket outside and collect the rain water....then at the end of the day you can measure how much rain has fallen with a ruler.

Your home learning is below, have a lovely day!


From Miss Keogh


Monday 27th April


Good morning, 


Look at the fantastic learning that was sent to me last week, I am so very impressed! Thank you all for sharing this with me and for working so hard. 

You home learning for today is below. 


From Miss Keogh

The Selfish Giant.mp3

Friday 24th April


Good morning all, 


It's Friday and I hope you all have a lovely day.


Here's a few interesting animal facts I'd like to share with you this Friday morning....

Did you know that it is physically impossible for a pig to look up at the sky?

Did you know that a shrimp's heart is in its head?

Did you know that a crocodile CANNOT stick its tongue out?


Here is your home learning for today. Keep up the hard work, I am proud of you all!

From Miss Keogh


Thursday 23rd April


Your learning for today is below for you. Thank you for all working so very hard yesterday, all the photos and videos that were sent to me were fantastic!


A big, extra special well done to...

Renji - you have been working so hard!

Beth, Emily and Megan - your animal chatter poems were great to read!

Belle and Isla - your poetry performances were so lovely to watch!


From Miss Keogh


Wednesday 22nd April


I couldn't be prouder of how hard you are all working Robins, well done to you all...but an extra special well done to...


Esme and Rafe -  you have been working so hard and your map work was brilliant!

Paige H and Alfie - excellent poetry work in English.

Elsbeth - some excellent emailing skills and a whole range of wonderful topic work!


Your home learning for today is here for you. Keep up the hard work!


Miss Keogh

Tuesday 21st April


Some fantastic work was sent my way yesterday, well done Robins. A special well done to....


Luther, Harvey and Conrad - you really challenged yourselves in maths. 

Seth and Harley - very creative factory designs for George.

Paige S - some great animal life cycles in science.

Belle - you must have been working hard all day long! 


Here is your home learning for today....enjoy the sunshine when you take a break!


From Miss Keogh

Monday 20th April


A big welcome back to you all! I hope you are all well and ready for the start of a 'virtual summer term'. Our new topic for this term is 'Nature Detectives' and we will aim to improve our science and geography knowledge over the term.


All my lovely Robins are currently going to be in 'holiday mode' so some children make take a while to get back to the idea of home learning and some might be rearing to go from day one. I will be happy if you try to get a few jobs done each day but it would be great if you could aim to complete all the tasks I set.


I love it when you share home learning with me so please continue with this! I am working in the hub school today and will respond to you when I can.

Take care


Miss Keogh     

Happy Easter to you all!

You have all worked so hard over the last two weeks. Enjoy a break and family time and you will hear from me in a few weeks.

I sent your letters to Piperpotamus and guess what??? He replied! 


From Miss Keogh 

Some of you are really enjoying the routine and focus of my suggested activities during this uncertain time. Below, there are suggested activities and websites you could use during the Easter break if you would like to.  

Friday 3rd April


Today, I need to say a big well done to....

Paige S and Alfie - Fabulous number sorting!

Emily -  A lovely letter to someone you care about.

Charlie R and Beth - Super letters to Piperpotamus.

Harley - A very creative 'home learning charter'.


Your home learning message and resources are below for you. Have a wonderful Friday!

From Miss Keogh

Thursday 2nd April

I feel the need to celebrate some of the amazing work I am receiving from my wonderful Robins!


Well done.....

Isabella and Esme - your counting in steps of 3 was brilliant! 

Isla, Paige, Alfie, Seth and Luther - Letters to people you care about written with such careful spelling and handwriting.  

Megan - doing extra maths involving money! 

Conrad and Summer - you are the King and Queen of addition!


You will find your message and learning for today attached below. 

From Miss Keogh


Wednesday 1st April


I am very impressed with the 'Home Learning Charters' some of you made yesterday. Well done and keep up the hard work Robins!


From Miss Keogh


Tuesday 31st March


Home learning for today is attached below. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent photos of work, it's so lovely to see what you have all been doing! Keep it coming! 


Robins, you are all amazing learners!


Miss Keogh

Monday 30th March


Welcome to your second week of home learning!


Everything you will need for today is attached below for you. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for one more week of home learning before the Easter break. 


Thank you so much for your continued support,

Miss Keogh



Just in case anyone is wondering how our class tadpoles are doing...they are happy and swimming away on my windowsill.

When things are completely different to normal and you don’t fully understand why, it can be difficult to cope with the changes. Today, I spent some time with the important little people in my life making worry monsters. We can write down our worries and let our worry monsters gobble them up for us. The worry monsters will let the grown ups know if there’s anything that needs talking about. Of course, there’s a giant worry monster for the grown ups too because it’s important that everyone gets the chance to share anything they might be worried about.

Friday 27th March

Happy Friday Robins,

Here's something you might want to take a look at today or over the weekend. I know some of you will have finished your reading books by now and might want something to keep you reading interesting texts. This site has texts to read and then asks you questions after each section. readtheory.org/auth/login

All pupils have been registered but I was not able to share login details with everyone. I can share your login details individually if you would like them - please contact me if you would like me to do this and I will happily send them your way!


Friday's home learning is attached below for you.


Miss Keogh 




Thursday 26th March


Here is your learning for today smiley  I hope you are keeping active, enjoying the sunshine and working hard! I planted some seeds in my garden yesterday and am going to do some weeding and cut the grass today to help me get some fresh air. I hope you've been getting lots of fresh air too. 


Keep helping your family with jobs around the house and remember to be kind to each other. 


From Miss Keogh




Wednesday 25th March


Hello Robins, 


You will find everything you need for your home learning today below. You really are the most wonderful class in the entire world. I keep seeing your messages and photos appear in my inbox and I am incredibly proud of you! Keep up the good work because every day is a learning day....even for the grown ups! 



Miss Keogh

Tuesday 24th March


Good morning!


Ideas and and helpful images for home learning for today are attached below for you. If you have any questions, let me know. Thank you to those of you who have emailed me, it's so lovely to hear from you!


Kind regards,

Miss Keogh  

Monday 23rd March

Dear Parents/carers, 

Thank you for visiting Robins Class page – this is exactly where you will find Year 2 home learning. I will attempt to provide you with the tools, resources, guidance and support to enable you to help your child to access learning from home. I will post messages, images, links and possibly even videos (if I am brave enough!) to help you to do this. I would really appreciate it if you could read the messages/letters I post here to your child or support them to read them themselves so they can continue to learn.

It will help your child if they have a timetable for their home learning day. You can use the timetable suggested in the document below or mix things up to suit your commitments. It would be really useful if this was put somewhere on display for your child to see so they know what to expect.   

If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me because the learning and well-being of all the children in Robins Class is, and will continue to be, my priority.

Kind regards,

Miss Keogh

Home Learning Monday 23rd March 2020

Dear Robins Parents/Carers,


Due to the cancellation of parents evening this week, I will be sending home pupil targets with children at the end of the day on Thursday. These were due to be shared and discussed with you during your appointment.


The 'home learning' section of the website is a key place to visit for links to online learning platforms, all login details are stuck inside reading records. In the event of school closure, I will post daily tasks for completion on this page and also post links to websites you may find useful.


Thank you so much for your support and positive attitudes during these challenging times.


Kind regards, 

Miss Keogh        


'Famous Faces'

The knowledge organisers below show the planned curriculum coverage up until Easter. We will continue to learn our topic words and extend our vocabulary using the words in our word lists. 

In Robins Class, we make good choices about behaviour. The document below shows how we celebrate this and how we support children to make good choices if they find it challenging.

Sport Relief 2020 - our house team dodgeball competition was great fun on Friday.

We had a wonderful day in Nunney! We explored inside and around the castle and sketched what we saw. We used our history knowledge when talking about what we thought each part of the castle would have been used for.

World Book Day

Estimating, measuring and comparing weight.

Finding fractions of a quantity. We created a challenge for a partner and then checked their work for accuracy.

Bayeux Tapestry line drawing.

The voyage of William the Conqueror. Drama to support our recount writing.

Drama with George’s Marvellous Medicine. We used our voices and bodies to act as George and Grandma today.

Number day 2020. We thoroughly enjoyed doing lots of different maths activities through the day. We worked collaboratively with Wren Class to complete place value and data challenges.

Waterproof or absorbent? Let’s investigate! We predicted, observed and recorded our results and made simple conclusions.

This week, we elected our new school council and faith council representatives. We understand the importance of voting to make sure we are heard.

We worked in groups to match statements to sections of the Bayeux tapestry using our historical knowledge.

What is the best material to make a shield? Let’s investigate!

Sharing the ideas in our story plans this week.

Dramatic scenes when acting out the events of The Battle of Hastings!

We explored medieval portraits and talked about the style and techniques used. We then painted our own portraits of William the Conqueror using watercolours.

We have been exploring traditional tales this week. We’ve been looking at what makes a good traditional tale and have read some alternative fairy tales. We sequenced and retold the story of Rumpelstiltskin using our voices and bodies to show the qualities of each character.

We are thoroughly enjoying learning about William the Conqueror. This week, we have learnt lots of new facts and have extended our vocabulary.

We have been exploring, performing and writing poems in English this week. We can use expression and project our voices in an appropriate way when performing.

Happy Christmas!

We designed and made wooden printing blocks using PVA glue and string. We carefully followed our plans to make sure we cut the correct length of string for each part of the design. We patiently held the string in place to ensure our designs were clear.

We wrote christian poetry and shared our poems with the class.

We used our science and geography knowledge when designing and making carnival floats for each continent of the world.

Our commitment: Five times each day, we will stop what we are doing, all face the same way and move together to music. We will consider if this has a good impact on our day.

Super subtraction!

We have been working very hard in our art lessons. We used printing, line drawing and collage to make pictures of animals and the continents they can be found on.

We practised and performed poems in groups. We added our own actions and used expression to entertain the listener.

We have been exploring the inverse relationship between addition and subtraction.

We wrote poems about ourselves today. We used similes and alliteration.

What makes a good friend? We thought about this question and recorded our ideas inside an outline of our hands.

We used our new editing zones to edit and improve our instruction writing. We checked our spellings, added different punctuation, used words to ‘wow’ the reader and added conjunctions to extend our sentences.

We visited prayer stations in the church this week.

Rain didn’t stop play for us today! We used our new batting and catching skills to play indoor cricket.

We made fantastic observations in science today. We used the terms floating, sinking and dissolving to describe what we saw.

We loved using the iPads this afternoon. We researched different habitats to discover animals that we had never heard of before.

We thoroughly enjoyed cricket coaching this week. We worked on our throwing and catching skills and are looking forward to our next session on Tuesday.

Thank you to everyone who came to the meet the teacher session this week. It was great that so many of you could make it. Please see the document below if you need a reminder of any of the content.

We have been exploring the text ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ this week. We have been telling the story in different ways. Today we made puppets of the characters and retold the story using different voices.