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Robins - Year 2

Welcome back to the second half of the summer term! Please see the documents below for the planned coverage of our new topic....Water, Water, Everywhere!

We have been working very hard on our underwater dioramas.

Meet our spelling bee champion!

Dusty went on a mysterious journey and we used clues in his suitcase to work out where he had been. We think he may have been to Mecca!

We love sharing stories in Robins Class.

We used expression and added our own actions when performing poetry in groups.

Water poetry performance

Still image for this video

Welcome Back! I hope you all had a lovely Easter Break. The documents below show the planned coverage for our new topic - Pets and Vets

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit from Vicky the equine vet yesterday. She taught us so many things and answered all of our difficult questions. We listened to Jenny's heartbeat and enjoyed learning about how Vicky looks after her.

Science: investigating the importance of hand washing.

We love sharing the stories we have written. We use expression and read our stories clearly and confidently.

We have started using expanded column method to solve addition and subtraction problems. We are becoming more and more confident with this method every time we use it!

Animals and their offspring.

Our new topic for this half term is 'A Carnival of Animals'. The documents below show the planned coverage.

We prepared and enjoyed our healthy class 'picnic' today. Our teddy bears enjoyed it too!

We decorated our Easter tree today. We talked about the different symbols of Easter and what they mean to different people.

Position, direction and movement. All our clockwise and anti-clockwise turns had us in a spin!

We have been working hard to improve our editing skills. We use our different editing zones independently and can talk about how we can improve our writing in different ways.

We completed group hot seating of our 'Tiger Child' character. We used a new grid to help us to generate thought provoking questions.

A huge thank you to Mr Irwin for coming into talk to us about our topic this week.

London skyline artwork

We thoroughly enjoyed creating Banksy inspired artwork with Mrs Lewis this week.

We thoroughly enjoyed our fire visit this week. We learned about how to keep ourselves safe and what to do in an emergency.

Take a look at our wonderful wildlife map of the UK!

We designed our own prayer mats when we learned about Islam this week. We created designs that followed traditional prayer mats.

Lowry - Station Approach

We have been learning about Islam. Today, we designed prayer mats using patterns with shape and colour.

We made 'Naughty Bus' puppets and used them to retell the story in groups. We used expression and sequenced the story confidently.

We have been learning about George Stephenson this week. We researched his life and the things he invented and recorded the new information we had learnt.

Train printing

Welcome back and happy 2019! Our new topic for this half term will be 'Planes, trains and automobiles'. Take a look at the documents below to see what we will be learning about.

In Robins Class, we make good choices about behaviour. The document below shows how we celebrate this and how we support children to make good choices if they find it challenging.

Useful Links....

We will continue our chocolate topic for the rest of the Autumn term. Take a look at the documents below to see our planned curriculum coverage.

Can you make brown paint? How many different shades can you make?

In RE this week, we all made a commitment to follow some new rules 5 times a day. We thought about how this might impact on our day and if it will help or hinder our learning. We will learn how this links to Islam later on in our unit.

Haven't Robins been busy over half term! The 'chocolate homework projects' that have been completed are simply fantastic! From science experiments, creative projects, songs and even stories of chocolate explosions! The children have really enjoyed sharing their projects this week.

Welcome back! I hope you all had a wonderful summer. The documents below show what we will be learning about in each subject area for this half term. The children have already suggested their ideas about what we should learn about and will continue to do so throughout the topic.

Thank you to everyone who came to the 'meet the teacher' session after school last week. If you weren't able to come, take a quick look at the document below to see the routines and expectations for year 2 and the content of the National Curriculum.

Chocolate bar design project. We evaluated the packaging of existing chocolate bars and used our new knowledge to design and make our own chocolate bar packaging.

We love our new editing zones! These zones help us to assess our writing and think of ways we can improve.

Robins thought of questions to explore in science. Will the weight of an object make chocolate melt faster? Which type of chocolate melts quickest?

We had a rather exciting visitor in Robins. Thank you Ophelia for sharing your tortoise knowledge with us! We had lots of questions.

We followed our instruction text to make the 'Best hot chocolate ever'

Chocolate Challenge. Can you change your piece of chocolate in four different ways? Can you use the words bend, twist, stretch or melt to describe what you have done?

Retelling our story 'The Smartie Pirates'

We worked on developing our balance, co-ordination and core strength at gymnastics this week.

The Smartie Pirates - we have been exploring a quest tale in our English lessons this week. We drew story maps, experimented with using expression and made puppets to retell the story.

Greater than, less than or equal to? Use your crocodile arms to show the sign!