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Robins - Year 2

Welcome to Robins Class!


We are the year 2 class at Motcombe Primary School. 


Our teaching team:

Miss Edwards - Class Teacher 

Mrs Eslick - TA who joins us every morning to assist with teaching in the class. 


Feel free to look through this page to see the learning we have done this year!

This is the behaviour system that we use in Robins class. The system explains the rewards for when a child makes a good choice or the consequences if a child needs to think about their choice. 

Summer Term - Sea, Sand and Sailing!


Welcome back! We are going to be exploring all elements of the seaside this term! We will be taking our imaginations under the sea to find out about the amazing plants and creatures that live there and then travelling far and wide over the ocean's surface while we learn about Christopher Columbus' adventures. Please read the term's plan and new topic poster below for more detail!

16.3.18 We started thinking about our new topic by acting out a day at the beach! We came up with some great vocabulary for what we could see, hear, smell, taste and feel.

2.4.18. We have been learning about Christopher Columbus and how he was an explorer. Today we drew our own map on an unknown Island to find treasure and acted out the scenarios in the playground while following our maps!

24.4.18. We have been learning all about plants this term. We started off by acting out the life cycle of a plant to learn the function of each part.

26.4.18. We then wrote the functions on each part of our own plant and made beautiful flowers to put on our display in the classroom!

1.5.18. We planted our own cress for the classroom and put the plant pots in different conditions. We observed them after 2 weeks.

9.5.18. We recorded our observations in pictures and words.

16.5.18. After a class discussion, we came up with our conclusion.- plants need sunlight and water to be healthy and strong!

21.5.18. Today we wrote our entire method of planting cress using time asverbials and bossy verbs!

4.6.18. Our sunflowers are growing well!

Spring 2


This term's topic is transport! We will be learning the story 'The Naughty Bus' and exploring the different forms of transport people use and how we use directions to get where we would like to go! We will continue to learn about London and the landmarks that a London Bus may pass as they travel through the capital city. 

7.3.28. We have been really lucky this term because we have a football coach coming in to teach us! Today we learned all about teamwork!

8.3.17. We have been learning about directional language. We explored our environment and wrote directions to different places around the school using a compass and left and right turns.

9.3.18. To continue with our Transport topic, we used directional language to direct our naughty bus around London. We visited different landmarks and described where it needed to go very clearly.

12.3.18. In ICT we used our direction knowledge to programme a beebot to travel around the countryside !

In PSHCE, we have been learning about road safety this week - we made posters and went into Ducklings to teach them what we had learned.

22.3.18 The Naughty Bus experiment and World Book Day! We investigated how far the naughty bus could travel over different materials to see how much friction each material had.

23.3.18. Dance-a-thon for Sport Relief!

27.3.18. We have designed and made our own Easter cakes this week! We used our measuring skills we have learned in maths to weigh all the ingredients!

28.3.18. We used our designs to decorate our Easter cakes using the ingredients we had chosen.

28.3.18. Then we evaluated our final products and compared them to our original designs.

Spring Term!


Welcome back Robins, hope you've all had a wonderful Christmas! This term we are going to be learning all about the Great Fire of London! Here is a Topic Poster and a Medium Term Plan to give you an idea of what we will be looking at throughout the term! 


Looking forward to the new term!

4.1.18 - We have been doing some excellent gymnastics this afternoon! We have tried out some new positions and jumps by moving our bodies in different ways.

10.1.18. We have been learning about London in the past and what it is like now as a result of the plague and the Great Fire of London.

23.1.18. We have been doing super subtraction this week using blank numbelines - the class even chose maths over snack time today!

25.1.18. We have finished our artwork of the Great Fire of London! We have used paint for the back ground, strips of cards for the silhouette houses and tissue paper for the fire - they are now up in the classroom on display!

26.1.18. This week we have been learning about Kings and Queens of England. We compared King Charles II to our Queen now!

In RE we have learned the salvation story by acting it out!

1.2.18. We have continued to learn rolls and jumps in gymnastics today!

2.2.18. We have been learning the song ‘London’s burning’ in a round and on the xylophones! We even managed to play outside.

6.2.18. We put the finishing tounches to our Tudor houses in the Great Fire of London!

7.2.18. We have been learning how to record and read data in statistics. We used the tally chart method to record how ticklish our peers are!

8.2.18. We set up the city of London with our Tudor houses. The palace at the end did not get burned down because the King blew up the houses before it meaning the fire could no longer spread!

Autumn 2!

We have had a great term so far and I am looking forward to the next half term in Robins! So far, we have explored the rainforest as a habitat for animals and studied lots of the animals that live there!


This half term we will be looking at comparing the rainforest with other parts of the world - the climate, physical geography and the culture in these places. We will also be investigating materials and which materials will be best to make a den in the rainforest!


In art, we will be discovering "Natural Art" using the patterns, colours and textures from natural objects to form artwork in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.


For a more detailed plan of the term, please have a look at the Medium Term Plan below. 

13.11.17 - Our new story for the term is "The Tiger Who Came to Tea'. We have started our learning by acting out the story using puppets we made ourselves and performing to our peers.


Still image for this video

We have been learning ball skills in our PE lessons this term! We have looked at different ways of passing the ball to another player.

Our snakes are finished!!

In Science this term we have been investigating different materials. We looked at the properties of paper when we wet, scrunch, twist and rip it to see how the material changes. We then used paper to see who could make the tallest tower using the knowledge of its properties.

20.11.17 - We have been looking at the artist Andy Goldsworthy this term. He creates artwork using natural objects so we began by drawing sections of natural objects using a viewfinder.

4.12.17 - We tried to recreate the colours and shapes of Andy's sculpture - 'Rowan leaves laid around a hole' using paint and tissue paper.

Then we made our own nature sculptures out of the Autumnal natural objects we have collected.

It's Christmas!!

We have continued with our learning this week while getting into the spirit of Christmas!

11.13.17 - In Maths, we have been measuring presents for Santa using cm on a ruler and recording them in a table.

It’s Christmas!!!! We have designed and made our very own clay decorations. We then used paint to make them come to life!


Autumn Term!


Welcome to Robins! I hope you've all had a great summer and I look forward to the term ahead! Below is a short welcoming letter to you all, a brief plan for the term and a poster describing our topic - Rainforests! 


Plans may change throughout the term depending on the children's progress and what they would like to explore further.

4.9.17 - We started the term off with a whole school focus on a book called Willy the Dreamer! We chose our favourite part and wrote our own stories. The class made puppets to act out their story and even made their own monkey by following a list of instructions. 

5.9.17 - We started by looking at number in maths. The children have made good use of the resources in the class and practiced strategies together and individually.

8.9.17 - In RE we have been looking at what makes a good friend after looking at Luke 5:1-11 Jesus Chooses his First Disciples where Jesus chooses those that are hard working and who do not think they are worthy of anything. We also wrote our own prayers for our class prayer book.

11.9.17 - In music, we have been looking into the sounds of the rainforest. We listened to a piece of music based on these sounds and discussed what we could hear. The children decided the storm was the noise they heard the most so we decided to make the sounds of a storm with our hands and feet and then moved on to musical instruments.

13.9.17 - In Science, Robins are looking at materials! We investigated the environment - in the classroom and outside in the playground - and discovered which objects were made out of each material we had discussed. Robins recorded this in a table. 

18.9.17 We focused on shape in maths this week! Robins explored the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

19.9.17 - Robins have been attending gymnastic sessions throughout the term. They have learned floor, bar and beam skills and have all passed the sessions they completed!

22.9.17 - In Geography, we have been looking at the layers of the rainforest and finding out about the animals that live there as part of our Science topic. We worked together in groups to match the correct labels to the diagram and research about the animals using non-fiction books from our rainforest reading corner. 

25.9.17 - We've been practicing to write common exception words so that we can spell them correctly in our writing. Robins enjoy playing the 'tricky word game' where there is a race to find the correct common exception word from our display. This helps recognition of the word as well as familiarity for spelling.

2.10.17 - We celebrated the Harvest Festival as a class and as a school. We found out what happens during the festival period for RE and made some vegetable pictures using different mediums in art. 

5.10.17 - In Maths, Robins have been learning about money. We have labelled and ordered coins, looking at the new forms of money that has recently changed. We then moved on to adding and subtracting values of money and finished with problem solving to find the amount of change needed after a calculation. 

9.10,17 - In Literacy, we have been looking at poetry. We learned a class poem about the rainforest and performed actions as we recited it. 


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