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Reception: Ducklings

Autumn 2014 Topic Booklet

September 2014... We had a phenomenal visit today from a 50 year old Jaguar. We got to sit in the front and back, put on the seat belts and 'drive' with our friends.

September 2014...We visited church today with our decorated pebbles. We lit candles, said prayers and sang before placing the pebbles in our spiritual garden.

September 2014...Ducklings class is so much fun!

September 2014...We have been thinking about people and animals in our family and why we love them so much.

September 2014...Take a look at our self portraits; aren't we a clever bunch!

September 2014...Today we got to learn and play with our buddies!

September 2014....Our very first day at school was most exciting. We got to explore both the indoor and outdoor classrooms whilst the sun shone.

Leeson House was phenomenal fun. We engaged in pond dipping, minibeast hunting, animal tracking and orienteering. The sun shone and we had a ball!

We shared books today with Year 6 to celebrate our love of reading.

We celebrated our 175th birthday in style today by dressing as Victorians and enjoying our whole school party. We met former headteachers, ate cake, had a picnic and explored our fabulous indoor and outdoor classrooms before sharing our learning in an assembly.

This week, we planted radishes, carrots and beetroot in our garden. We also made the most of the sunshine by making mud pies! Some of us chose to relax on our new bench. Thank you again Max's dad!

Max's dad very kindly visited this morning to share his wealth of knowledge about trees, vegetables and growing! We counted the rings of a trunk, identified root vegetables from their tops and matched various seeds to their trees. I think he wanted to stay because he went on to read a story! Thank you!

We planted our beans into the garden...I wonder how big they will grow!

Planting our herbs was enormous fun! Sage, thyme rosemary and lavender were planted by lots of enthusiastic children in the new trough sponsored by Jeary Agricentre. A massive thank you also to R.M Mogridge for the topsoil! "I love the smell" said one Duckling as she rubbed and smelt the herbs "it's so fresh and sweet!"

We have been learning about Vincent Van Gogh and recreated his famous 'Sunflower' painting. What do you think?

We had a visit from a cat with some magic beans. We solved a riddle and decided to plant them. We have been learning how plants grow and have been keeping a close eye on our beanstalks; we don't want them to go through the ceiling!

We have been climbing and balancing along the playtrail.

We have been visiting our 'Garden Centre'in the outdoor classroom and have bought seeds to plant in our new planters. We have been trying to work out what seeds and beans need to grow.

We had a fabulous Easter breakfast and made Easter hats. We paraded them around the church before singing our hearts out! The Easter egg hunt was most enjoyable too!

Our visit from two gorgeous lambs today helped us to think about spring. We got to bottle feed them milk and stroke their woolly coats! They were very friendly!

We basked in the sunshine and ate our snack outside today, whilst the birds sang to us!

How many times can you toss a pancake in 30 seconds? We estimated and then 'flipped' away! We also tasted three different toppings and made a pictogram to document our favourite. Can you guess what it was?

After exploring ice balloons, frozen gloves and animals trapped in ice, we thought about freezing and melting. We used this knowledge to predict the outcome of wrapping an ice lolly in newspaper; would it speed up or slow down the melting process? "It keeps the cold air in and the hot air out" was a comment from one child, "a bit like a house!"

We made clay owls with Mrs Dawkins, a local artist and parent. We went on to think about other creatures that live in British woods and made these too! Can you guess what we have made?

We have been busy making and writing about The Gruffalo this term. Here is some of our work!

The reception children from Port Regis visited Ducklings today. We were excellent at sharing our resources and friends and played beautifully, exploring both the indoor and outdoor classrooms.

Mere Down Falconry visited with their barn, tawny, little and African spotted eagle owls today. We got up close to these magnificent creatures and sat silently as they flew over our heads. Mr Gates also brought his kestrel called 'Mere.' We learnt about the colour of their eyes and how we can use this to determine if they are nocturnal. It was most exciting when Darcy the eagle owl sat on the bench with Ducklings class; I think she wanted to join us!

Mere Down Falconry visited us in class

We kicked off the term with another exciting visit from a bearded dragon, ball pythons, a spiny tailed monitor an Egyptian long eared hedgehog and an Egyptian uromastyx. This helped lots for our 'Skin, Fur and Feathers' topic this term. We learned why Bruce the hedgehog has big ears and why Buddy the uromastyx has spikes on his tail. We also asked lots of great questions like: 'Does the bearded dragon breathe fire?'

Our Christmas sing-a-long was fabulous! We baked biscuits to eat,sang Christmas songs to our families and then shared our Learning Journeys. Happy Christmas everybody!

We shone as stars in our Christmas play, 'Shine, Star Shine.' We danced our little hearts out on stage and made everyone proud!

We explored Waitrose today, looking at all the fruit and fish on the shop floor. A huge thank you to Sam the fish man, Gemma the fruit lady and Mrs Liz Cox for making this possible! We learnt so much from you! We got to look around the store rooms, fridges and freezers and then ate a whole range of fresh fruits in the staff canteen. The minibus ride was great fun too!

We walked through the woods to Port Regis today and visited their Reception class. The rain didn't stop us from having a wonderful time. We jumped in puddles, played on bikes and scooters and enjoyed their hospital role play corner. We look forward to the return visit at Motcombe soon!

Our French day was amazing! We enjoyed croissants and pain au chocolat, learnt a song, made flags and built the Eiffel Tower using straws and lolly sticks!

We have used a variety of materials to build and balance in our outdoor classroom.

We have used all of our senses to explore a range of materials!

We visited church and blessed our pebbles which we then placed in our Spiritual Garden.

We had our fingerprints taken by police officer Becky to try and work out who had stolen Mrs Curtis' biscuit!

A real firefighter visited class and we tried on his uniform and took rubbings of his bumpy tunic!

We worked as a team and solved problems together. We tried to build a house using pegs and blankets! We had to adapt our thinking when Mrs Curtis sprinkled us with water!