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Owls - Year 6

Autumn Term 2020

World War 2 Topic

In science we are learning about human bodies. We created giant bodies, positioned the organs in the correct places and wrote descriptions of what each organ does.

We are writing biographies about Winston Churchill. Ask us about his life; we’re experts now!

French lesson 2 - Numbers 1 - 31

Learn your numbers 1 - 31 with Marc et Milou. Can you write down the name of the band members? Even better if you can write it in the 3rd person in French. Elle s'appelle Madame Day = She is called Madame Day. Il s'appelle Marc = He is called Milou.

1-31 en Français avec Steps

Here is a clearer copy of the Steps song with Monsieur Johnson MFL. Sing along at home - I find it really tricky to keep up!

How to play Loto with Marc et Milou

We didn't have time for this in class and we know how to play loto anyway. In case you want to show your family how to play it, you can use this video. Merci!

A la boulangerie

Marc explains different viennoiseries, shows us how to pronounce them and Madame Day tells us her shopping list with numbers up to 31. Can you test your family and friends and see if they can work out what Madame Day is going to buy today?

We’ve been learning about the key events during World War 2. We also learnt about British Spitfire planes and made some 3D models...

French - Welcome Lesson 1

We started our French lessons this week in Owls. Madame Day was super impressed with how much we remembered!

Introductions UKS2

We met Sophie and Antoine - we learnt about where they live, their age, their birthday and what they love. .

Marc's favourite song

Marc told us about his favourite song. If you would like to, watch this again at home and see if you can learn the words in French!