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Owls - Year 6

Our wonderful Year 6 children in their leavers' hoodies. Thank you Mrs Mattocks for creating this...

Salisbury Cathedral are holding a live/virtual Year 6 leavers service on youtube...

Friday 10th July at 1pm. Watch it on this link...


Here's a link to an online drama workshop, which we would usually be doing at Salisbury Cathedral with pupils from schools across the South of England... 


Here are some song lyrics and some craft activities from the cathedral for you to do too...

July 2020

Hello everyone!

As you will be aware from all of Mr Barge's helpful update letters, for the last two weeks of term, each year 6 bubble will have two days in school and three days home-learning. This is so that all other year groups can come back to school for some face to face time with their teachers.


Below you will find an overview of activities for 6 days worth of home learning to cover the last two weeks of term and all of the documents you will need in order to complete the tasks.


Watch this space for links to a Leavers Video and an 'End of Year Virtual Awards Giving' video - COMING SOON!! laugh


Take care,

Miss K

Home-learning activities for the last two weeks of term (both weeks within the document below)...

A Fit Friday workout filmed by some of the Motcombe staff. Join in at home...


IMPORTANT DOCUMENT: What will school be like when you return? A letter from me for those of you returning to school (and for those of you who are undecided and want to know what it will be like before making a decision). This letter is only applicable to Year 6 children; the expectations and routines are slightly different for the younger pupils. Please see Mr Barge's letter in your parent's email inbox for general information about school drop off and whole-school safety measures etc. It is important that the letter below is read by all Year 6 children and parents before returning to school...

Home-learning 1st-2nd June


As we are having pupils return in stages (as you will have seen in Mr Barge's letters), Year 6 have the option to return from Wednesday 3rd June onwards. Linked below is home-learning for Monday 1st and Tuesday 2nd June. I'm really excited to see some of you on Wednesday but don't forget - whether you stay at home for the rest of term or come back to school, I care about ALL of you. I won't be able to email or phone you very much if you are at home but if you really need some support or are struggling a lot, please let me know so I can find a time to help you. Mrs Day will still be on the end of an email as your first port of call. smiley

Home-learning support from 3rd June onwards...


If you are not coming back to school this term, it is now your parents responsibility to manage your home learning from Wednesday onwards because I will be teaching full time.

To make this a bit easier, please find lots of worksheets and links below which will help.


These websites have daily lessons for Year 6 for a range of subjects...


Oak National Academy daily learning: https://www.thenational.academy/online-classroom/year-6#schedule


BBC Bitesize daily learning: https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/tags/zncsscw/year-6-and-p7-lessons/1


You have log-in details to access activities on these websites/apps...


Mathletics: https://www.mathletics.com/uk/


Times tables Rock Stars: https://ttrockstars.com/


Sumdog: https://pages.sumdog.com/


Read Theory: https://readtheory.org/auth/login?


Accelerated reader: https://ukhosted114.renlearn.co.uk/2236842/


Code.org: https://studio.code.org/join/YKQXWR

Ideas for writing projects...

Year 6 Topic

Summer Term

First half term: Shakespeare

Second half term: Transition and our future!


What would we usually be learning about if we were in school? These documents should show you and your parents a snapshot of what is covered during summer term in Year 6 under normal circumstances...

A celebration of our wonderful Owls during school-closure... Send me photos, i'll pick a few at random to keep adding!

Your Globe Theatres...Want yours celebrated on the website? Send me a photo when it's done...

A message from the teachers...

A message from more of our staff who miss all of you...

Home-learning Monday 18th - Friday 22nd May


Hello everyone!

It is the last week of this half-term, which means next week you have a half term break from school work. You deserve a break after all of the amazing work you have been producing! Let's finish the half-term on a high with one more week of brilliant work (home- learning over view and documents attached below).

Mr Barge will be writing to your parents in the next few days with the information regarding the potential re-opening of the school for Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. Remember this will only happen if the government decide it is safe to do so according the national Covid situation closer to June 1st. It is a really complicated process to plan the re-opening of the school because we have to work to guidance set by the Department for Education (some of this guidance was only given to us on Thursday so it takes some really quick thinking from us to figure out how best to act on it), take more guidance from Dorset County Council and more guidance from Academy trust leaders... then we have to physically make our school site as safe as possible for you by moving lots of things around and creating new designated spaces etc, check that we have enough healthy staff who are able to work with children and remain safe and healthy, communicate new routines and rules to the staff and many more jobs that have to be done to make sure we look after you as best as we can. Because of this complicated process, we haven't been able to give you much information yet - it would be really confusing to you if we gave you information which had to change or still needed adapting so we will give you info when it is possible to be as clear as we can be and when we are able to answer your questions in the best way possible. It is up to your parents to decide whether to send you back to school, based on your family's personal circumstances during this time - As much as I want to see you all again soon, I will support your decisions either way because you and your family's health and well-being is the most important thing.

If there is national news about schools definitely reopening, I might pop a message on here for you with Year 6 specific info about how our class routines on site and the home-learning provision will adapt so please keep checking.

Stay safe,

Miss K

Arithmetic answers for Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th May...

Home-learning Monday 11th May - Friday 15th May


Hello everyone! I hope you enjoyed watching my poem about how brilliant you all are! Did you all enjoy the extra-long weekend? Hope you managed to enjoy the sunshine before it got a little chilly yesterday. You might have seen the Prime Minister announce last night that Year 6 will be a priority year group for a likely phased return to school in June. At this stage, that’s all the information schools have been given. Over the next few days, we hope to receive further guidance from the government about how to safely make this happen. Mr Barge will give you all information when clear guidance has been received and we have had time to decide on the logistics for reopening the school. Please do not email asking me for more information about exactly how school will work when we return because I won’t have the answers you will be hoping for yet - I really, really wish I did have all the answers! Keep going with the amazing work you’re all doing in your homes for a little while longer and I’ll make sure you are kept updated.

Below you will find attached a grid with all of the learning activities for this week explained plus separate documents for some of the activities as usual. Now that we are into a regular routine, I thought it would be good for you to see what to expect for the whole week. Keep in touch - it's great to hear what you're up to, how you're feeling and seeing your work. laugh

Missing you all.

Miss K


Arithmetic answers for Monday 11 and Tuesday 12 May

Home-learning Thursday 7th and Friday 8th May


A video message for you all... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fts5ZgutB4w


Good morning everyone. It's been good to hear from so many of you this week. I know some people are loving lock-down life and lots of others are starting to find it challenging or frustrating. However you are feeling right now is absolutely ok. Everyone's experience of this strange time is different. Don't forget to be flexible with your school work and adapt the timetable/schedule of the day to suit what you and your family can achieve. Some people this week have created a poster for their bedroom of all of the things in their life right now that make them happy. Go ahead and do this activity if you need a visual prompt to pop a few more smiles on your face at the moment!


Please find below the activities for today and tomorrow.

Have a great weekend when it arrives and don't forget to get fresh air and step away from screens for a while - your brain, eyes and mental health will all benefit!

Take care,

Miss K  smileyyesheart

Home-learning Monday 4th - Wednesday 6th May


Good morning Owls. Welcome to another week of our summer term from a distance! I have decided to upload Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday's work all together. Please look at the first document below to see a two-page grid. The columns show you which activities I have set for each day. As always, there's morning arithmetic, some daily reading, English and Maths plus a variety of other subjects spread throughout the week. I try to include some written, some creative and some online activities each week because everyone works well in different ways. In order to meet the needs of 32 different children, I have to mix it up across the week. There are links to video clips and online activities within the first document. To access them you will most likely need to either click on the 'Ctrl' button on your keyboard and the link at the same time or copy and paste the link from the document into your internet browser. Keep sending me things you are proud of to add to the 'shout out' gallery above. Check back here on Thursday for the rest of the week's activities.

Arithmetic answers for Monday to Wednesday...

Home-learning Friday 1st May


Check the new pictures in the photo gallery above to see who I am celebrating in photo form instead of a written shout out today.


Yesterday, I emailed all of you because I am just finishing off all of the pupil information documents to send to your new schools later today. I just need two last bits of information to help me to complete the forms. Please email me this info by 3pm today either from your email account or your parents account (thank you to those who already replied with this info yesterday)...

1) What is your swimming ability? Om (can't swim), 10m (a width of a pool), 25m (a length of a pool) or 50m (two lengths of a pool without a rest).

2) Name three students you work well with who are definitely going to the same school as you in September (not who you socialise well with).



Make sure your day includes plenty of physical movement. Suggestions include...

- A walk or run in your local area,

- A safe cycle ride,

- Use one of last week's online links like Cosmic yoga, Just Dance, Jump Start Jonny, Joe Wicks etc (scroll way down this page to find the links),

- Create a fitness course (e.g. A skipping rope zone, a hula-hoop zone, a keepy-uppy zone etc).

I'll definitely be doing a dance workout this afternoon. Send me a photo of you doing your 'FIT FRIDAY' activity so I can show it on the website next week!


Things to do today...


1) Practice the same 6 spelling words you worked on yesterday. Test yourself on the words you learnt last week or get a family member to test you... can you still remember how to spell them and explain what the words mean?


2) Go to https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/ and click on Week 1, Lesson 2. It's the same format as yesterday but takes yesterday's ratio learning onto the next step. Watch the video, do the activity and check your answers. Don't forget that if you can't print the worksheet, just write the answers into your home-learning book.


3) Continue with your writing task from yesterday. Please spell 'Shakespeare' and 'Theatre' correctly... I keep seeing these words spelled incorrectly on many people's work!


4) Complete the science lesson linked by Mrs Day below.


5) Continue with your 3D Globe Theatre.




Optional extra tasks if you're a speedy worker: Read Theory, Code.org, Mathletics, Sumdog, TTRockstars, Read a book and take an AR quiz when you finish it, create a powerpoint on sharepoint, do an art project or writing project of your choice, write a letter to a loved one who lives in a differen household, surprise your parents by tidying your room without being asked to!




Science from Mrs Day...

Hello Owls! Thank you so much for all your amazing Science from last week. If you weren't able to fit in Science last week, no worries.  Simply read through the powerpoint Lesson 1 and then try to do Lesson 2 this week. I know how hard you have been working for Miss K - do what you can.  This week is all about how light is reflected. There is a quiz, some videos, some experiments and some challenge tasks. I would love to see what you do on these, even if its on another day. Any questions, drop me an e mail at Alison.day@motcombeprimary.co.uk and please upload any work on to Sharepoint or email it to me. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK OWLS! YOU ROCK!! Have a great day and stay safe! :-) Mrs Day 



Home-learning Thursday 30th April


Good morning. I have decided that instead of shout-outs today, I would add a little celebration photo gallery on the class page (above). I am enjoying seeing your pictures so much that I thought you might like to see some too! I obviously can't upload everything you and your parents send me because I am receiving so many every day but I'll add a few more every now and again. Keep them coming in. If you haven't sent me anything in a while, let me know what you've been up to.


Today's activities...


1) Mark Wednesday's arithmetic (pictures of answers below)


2) Spellings/handwriting. Pick 6 words from the vocabulary lists on the topic knowledge organiser. If you don't know what they mean, look up the definitions. Learn how to spell them using your preferred practice method and make sure you are using neat handwriting.


3) Maths - Go to this website... https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/year-6/

Click on 'Week 1' and look at the materials for 'Lesson 1' all about ratio. Watch the video and do the linked activity. Answers are on that page so you can check your work afterwards. We have looked at ratio a little bit together in class. To jog your memory... We used multi-link cubes to represent the ratios, breaking them up into smaller groups to simplify using factors and I created a liquid potion using ratio to cure a bite from a yellow-spotted lizard.


4) English - This task can take today and tomorrow. Write a detailed, Year 6 level description of the Globe theatre. Look at your sketch, your model, the videos from earlier in the week, your list of facts and do a google image search to inspire your descriptions. Up to you if you hand-write it beautifully, type it in your own document or type it on sharepoint.


Think about high quality descriptions. For example instead of ‘It is white and brown’, you could write...  'Unlike most theatres in England, the exterior is milky-white with eye-catching and strong brown, Tudor-style beams.'

Instead of ‘There is no roof’, you could write... 'Unfortunately for the audience, there is no roof to protect spectators from the British rain!'


You can structure your writing however you like but you should do a short plan of the content of your paragaphs before you get writing. E.g. Paragraph 1 = the location (look up images of the river Thames running alongside it etc), Paragraph 2 = the exterior, Paragraph 3 = the inside, Paragraph 4 = the performers and the audience.


Age related expectations for writing in year 6 include...

- Well organised paragraphs,

- A sense of cohesion (don't jump from one idea to another and back again. Describe something thoroughly using more than one sentence then move on),

- Varied sentence starters (Use ISPACE starters like we do in class: ING words, similes, prepositions, adverbs, conjunctions and 'ed' words),

- Legible hand-writing,

- Almost all spellings correct,

- A wide range of vocabulary,

- Semi-colons between related main clauses,

- Colons after a main clause and before a list,

- Commas in lists and between subordinate and main clauses,

- Complex sentences,

- Expanded noun phrases (not just 'There is a door.'..... instead, something like 'There is a large, old, creaky door at the entrance which looks as if people have been entering through it for hundreds of years.')

- A description of this type, at this age should be at least 3/4 of an A4 page long (about 3 or 4 paragraphs).

- Proof read at the end and edit to improve it further.


5) Continue on the French tasks from yesterday or try some brilliant new activities today! Mrs Day has loved seeing your work so far! 


6) Continue to work on your Globe theatre model.


Optional extras: Read Theory and Code.org


Have a great day yes


Wednesday’s arithmetic answers...

Home-learning Tuesday 28th and Wednesday 29th April


Good morning. I hope everyone is still safe and healthy. I will not be available via email today. This is because I worked at the Shaftesbury childcare hub over the "Easter break" so I am owed some 'Computer free/school-work free' time. I will be back on emails at 8:30am on Wednesday. If you encounter a problem today, either ask a grown up in your household to help or email each other to see if anyone else in the class knows the answer to your question. Because, I will not be on my computer today, I am uploading both today's and Wednesday's home-learning activities.


Shout out...

Tabitha - for using and exploring a new app to present your Globe theatre research in a creative way.

Annabel - for taking on the shape challenge from the youtube video and creating a HUGE 3D shape!

Keira - for using BBC Bitsize to do even more lessons once she has completed all of the work set by me each day - great effort and attitude.


If you haven't had a shout out yet or it's been a while since you had one, don't forget to email me - I need to know or see what you've achieved in order to shout it out!


Tuesday's learning activities...


1) Mark yesterday's arithmetic (pictures of answers below).


2) Do today's arithmetic (linked below).


3) Read! Either read a chapter or two of the book you are currently reading, read a magazine, read a non-fiction book.... just find somewhere comfy and read quietly for at least 30 minutes. If you have read something great recently, feel free to email your book recommendation to the whole class, using appropriate content in your email of course (motcombeyear6students@motcombeprimary.co.uk ...CC me into the email so I can see what you recommend to each other) You can also continue to quiz on read theory if you like. Here's an update of the class progress... (we have completed 151 quizzes as a class so far - what an improvement! Students 1, 13 and 28 have completed loads!)...


4) You have today and tomorrow to complete the maths task. It continues our focus on money skills. Find linked below a meal planner for a week and a shopping record sheet on page two of the same document (if you can't print it, use a ruler to draw your own copy in your home-learning book). You need to imagine that you have been given £30. This £30 is for you to spend on an imaginary food plan. You need to buy food to feed yourself for a whole week. Each day needs breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. You can choose a supermarket website of your choice to find the prices of each food item. For example, if you choose to have a full-English breakfast and a cup of tea on your meal-planner one day, you will need to find the cost of tea bags, milk, bread, eggs, beans, hash-browns, sausages etc and write the items and the cost on the second page of the attached document (or draw your own if you can't print it). You will need to ensure that you consume a healthy, balanced diet across the week (not a week of cheap ready-meals) and stick to the budget by doing some adding as you go along!


5) Look up images of the Globe theatre and do a whole-page pencil sketch of the theatre. Try to use the sketching techniques we have worked on in class before to make it look 3D, detailed and realistic. Here's a youtube video with a reminder of some of the skills we have already covered in our art books together earlier in the year...



6) Optional extra: Continue your computer coding games by using your code.org login. (You were either given these in class the week before school closed or I emailed it to your school email account last week if you were already self-isolating the week before school closure). Remember that 99% of the 'my login doesn't work' problems that children bring to me about code.org are because they haven't typed the web address correctly. Do not just go to code.org and type in your username and password - this won't work - you need to copy out the specific URL printed on your login slip. If you have lost your login, you will have to wait until Wednesday for me to find it for you.


Have a great day! laugh


Home-learning for Wednesday 29th April...


1) Mark Tuesday's arithmetic (pictures below).


2) Complete today's arithmetic (linked below).


3) Finish your food budget task from yesterday. If you already completed it, double check your calculations and make sure you have correctly figured out either how much money you have left over or figure out by how much you went over budget - if this is the case, which food item could you get rid of to ensure you stuck to the budget? Talk to an adult about the task - What was tricky? What was enjoyable? What do you think it must be like for your parents to plan and purchase food for the whole family each week? How has this experience changed for your parents during this lockdown period?


4) French activities will be linked below by Wednesday by Mrs Day.


5) You have the rest of the week (and some of next week if you want to spend more time and make it spectacular) to create a 3D small-scale model of the Globe theatre (example pictures below). This is a task we do in Year 6 every year and my previous classes have thoroughly enjoyed it. We have even held art galleries for parents to come and look at the models. We usually do this task in the afternoons of SATS week - after the tests are over - you lucky people just get to do the fun art project without any of the morning tests! Either just make the exterior or create a stage inside with performers too! Use any materials you have at home.



Have a great day. Keep up the wonderful work. You are an amazing class and you make me so proud everyday.heart


Monday’s arithmetic answers...

Tuesday's arithmetic and the budget task for Tuesday and Wednesday...

Tuesday’s arithmetic answers (do not look at them until you have completed the task)...

Wednesday's arithmetic...

Wednesday and Thursday's French and a message from Mrs Day...   BRILLIANT WORK ON WEDNESDAY'S FRENCH. NOW TRY THE SECOND LESSON BELOW SVP. 


Bonjour Les Hiboux! Merci beaucoup for all your amazing Science work from last week! I have loved seeing all your photos, labelled items and demonstrations about how light travels. Well done and if you haven't had a chance to have a go yet, I would still love to see anything you can send me. For Wednesday I have created you a French webquest for you to have a go at to find out more about France. There are also games and songs that you can use to help you remember bits of French that we have already done. Have fun with it! Madame Day

Home-learning Monday 27th April


Good Morning everyone. Welcome to week 2 of the summer term smiley. Hope you all had a lovely weekend. 


Shouts outs...

Mia for a fantastic Shakespeare poster, presented very neatly with lots of detail.

Rohan for taking the shape challenge from my youtube video to another level! (See picture below)...


Today's activities...


1) Arithmetic linked below.


2) Maths - This week's maths tasks are all about the money skills you will need for the future! You will need an adult's help for the task today so politely ask a grown up in your household when a good time of day to work together would be. You will need to open the example bank statement linked below then answer the following questions (you will get the answers by discussing them with a grown up)...

A) What is a bank statement?

B) What do the numbers in the top right hand side refer to and why are they important?

C) What does 'opening balance' mean?

D) What is a 'mortgage'? How is this different to 'rent'?

E) What does DD stand for and what does this actually mean?

F) What is an ATM?

G) What is council tax and how does that system work?

H) What is a contactless payment?

I) What is 'interest' on a bank account? How does this work?

J) Why is it important to have a savings account as well as a current account?

K) What does 'closing balance' refer to?


3) Go on ReadTheory and do at least 2 quizzes. Here's the anonomous overview of our class' amount of quizzes so far. Well done to 'Student 13' laugh... can anyone beat them today?!


4) Continuing our Shakespeare topic...

Watch these three youtube videos all about the Globe Theatre in London, where Shakespeare's plays are still performed today. Watch the videos then write down as many facts as you can about the Globe Threatre. You can rewatch the videos as many times as you like to help you to recall the facts. You can also use the internet to search for more facts if you wish.





Don't forget to keep watching newsround, practicing times tables, reading and practice spellings. yes

Have a great day. I'm keeping my fingers crossed we will be reunited soon.laugh



Home-learning Friday 23/4/20


Happy Friday Owls! It would normally be our first 'FIT FRIDAY' of the summer term today if we were at school; we would all arrive in our PE kits, run the Motcombe Mile track and do a bit of dancing to upbeat music to get our day started brilliantly. Sadly, we can't do this together at the moment but you can make sure your day starts with energy - if you don't already do so, start your day with some form of movement. Here's some options if you don't fancy the usual Joe Wicks or Jump Start Jonny etc...

Dance = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0Vlhde7N5uGDIFXXWWEbFQ/featured

Yoga = https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5uIZ2KOZZeQDQo_Gsi_qbQ

Did you know that Mr Dines is doing a fitness challenge this term to do 100 Burpees per day?! You could set yourself a similar challenge - email him if you are going to take on the challenge with him and tell him how you are getting on.


Shouts outs...

Logan - Very in-keeping with our FIT FRIDAY theme - for your marathon running challenge. Logan has challenged himself to run the distance of a marathon during lock-down. He only has a couple of miles to go and has been using his maths skills to log his distance and pace etc in a results table everytime he goes running with his family.


Today's tasks (after your FIT FRIDAY movement of course)...


1) Spelling - Pick three more words from the 'extending vocabulary' list you used yesterday. Find out and write a definition. Write a sentence using each word then learn how to spell them using your preferred spelling practice method.


2) Maths - Always, sometimes or never true maths statements to explore. Attached below.


3) Reading - Bumble Bee reading comprehension. Attached below. The answers are also attached below but please be honest and only check the answers after you have completed the task to the best of your ability!


4) English - Write a letter to yourself to open in 10 years time, on your 21st birthday! Write to your future self all about this strange time we are going through. It will all be a distant memory by then and an interesting and entertaining reminder to read in the future. When you have written it, fold it up and put it in an envelope. Ask your parent/carer to keep it in a safe place for you and to give it back to you when you turn 21 years old. Don't forget to impress your future self with neatly presented work, correct spellings, accurate punctuation and well-organised paragraphs. Include the following information in your letter...

- Today's date.

- Your current age, friends and hobbies.

- What changes have happened in your life over the last month and why (school, shopping, socialising, travel, holidays etc).

- How are we keeping ourselves and each other safe?

- What have you found most challenging about this time and why?

- What have you enjoyed the most during this time and why?

- What have you learnt from this experience that you hope you will always remember?

- What are your hopes for the future? What do you want your life to be like when you are 21 years old?

- Any extra messages you would like to give your grown-up self!


5) Optional extra lesson (music) - I know lots of you usually have singing lessons in school and might be missing them. Here is a link to an online singing lesson with lots of videos and activities that you might enjoy.



Have a great weekend. Keep sending me things you are proud of - it brightens up my day to hear from all of you.

Miss K

Home learning Thursday 23rd April


Good morning everyone. Hope you all managed to enjoy the sunshine in some way yesterday? Thanks for the improved efforts on Read Theory... in one morning, we went from 13 completed quizes to 65! yessmiley Feel free to go on and do a quiz whenever you like (we still need to try and beat Swallows, who are on 298 now!)


Shout outs...

Kacey for getting 100% in your Holes Accelerated Reader quiz and sending a copy of your poem to family members in other households to cheer them up - what a lovely, thoughtful idea.

Charlotte C for letting me know that she got 12/12 on her arithmetic yesterday - woohoo!

Ava for an absolutely stunning hand-drawn Shakespeare poster.

Rohan for another great Shaeskespeare poster with lots of facts included.


Today's activities...


1) Mark yesterday's arithmetic (answers pictured below).


2) Look at the vocabulary lists on the 'Year 6 Knowledge Organiser - Summer' document attached near the top of this page. In your home-learning book, copy the words you are already familiar with from the 'extending vocabulary' list on the far right-hand side of page 1 of that document. For each word you already understand, neatly write a definition plus an example sentence containing that word. Then pick two words you don't know, look up the definition in a dictionary, write a definition and example sentence for each new word then learn how to spell the word. You can practice the spelling in your preferred learning method you use in class (repeated writing, using colours for vowels and consonants, bubble writing, pyramid writing etc). Play Mrs McCall's spelling game from this video to help you remember the spelling... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6aa6NAzHL8 

Challenge: Can you try and slip your two new vocabulary words into conversation with someone today.


3) Complete the average/mean worksheet attached below.


4) Work through the science powerpoint assigned by Mrs Day below smiley


You should not rush your school work but don't forget that if you are a super speedy worker, there is always mathletics, sumdog, Times tables rock stars, accelerated reader, times tables practice, spelling practice, read theory, reading actual books and magazines, Jump Start Jonny, Joe Wicks, Newsround, activities on the 'Mrs M and Miss K' youtube channel, arts and crafts tasks, cooking, create your own powerpoint or writing or poster project on sharepoint, write your own story plus many more activities you could do to keep busy. Have a great day and stay safe!



Wednesday’s arithmetic answers... Oops on the answer to J I accidentally divided by 4 instead of 14. When you divide by 14 the answer should be 41 remainder 10 or 41 and 10/14 or 41 and 5/7

Science work and a message from Mrs Day...


Hello Lovely Owls! I hope that you are safe and well and have enjoyed your Easter Holidays. I am missing you all so much and have been looking at all the fantastic work that you have been doing for Miss K.  Owls rock!  This half term we will start our work on Light. Each week I will put on a powerpoint that you can read to give you some new information, with links to videos that you can watch to help and there will be one practical activity to try at home and some form of write up or evidence to show me.  Please do what you can, but do not worry if you can not do some of the activities. I know that you will try your best. You always do!  I hope that you have fun trying this week's work. There is a folder in Sharepoint to send me anything that you manage to do.  Stay safe and well lovely Owls! 

Home-learning Wednesday 21st April


Hi everyone. Hope all is well in your households! Tuesday was full of amazing learning again and I am really enjoying seeing your work because I miss teaching you all so much!


Shout outs

  • Sam for sending me examples of so much work and improving your first draft of your topic work to make it more detailed.
  • Eva, Olivia, George D and Mia for some brilliant poetry (I could 'shout out' almost the whole class for the thoughtful poems you have written this week!)
  • Henry for spending his 'creative time' in his daily routine drawing a super picture of Shakespearean clothing!


Today's activities...


1) Mark yesterday's arithmetic (answers pictured below).


2) Today's arithmetic attached below.


3) Go on Mathletics and do tasks related to mean/averages. A few of you have different Mathletics settings and might not have these activities assigned. If this is the case, do any other activities that have been assigned to you such as fractions.


4) Go on Read Theory and complete 3 quizzes. Swallows class have completed 264 quizzes so far... we have only completed 13 sadsadsad. Come on Owls.... be the best!! angel


5) Complete the grammar task attached below all about word classes. I found a cool new youtube channel to help you out...

Noun https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldeqKZvBpNs

Adjective https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l9bXWY1nioE

Verbs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caxLA9HWQ5M

Adverbs https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cfenLGAYDeg

Determiners https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4prb1Vuu_m4 

There is not currently a video on that channel for prepositions (you should know what they are anyway)... Prepositions refer to position e.g. before, under, around etc.


6) Turn your Shakespeare facts into an attractive, effective black and white poster on plain paper. There's a picture attached below of a classroom display made of some of the posters Year 6 children made about Shakespeare in my class in the past. Send me a photo of your finished poster if you like!


Don't forget to keep active and watch newsround too! smiley

Have a great day.

Display of example Shakespeare posters previous Year 6 children made...

Answers to Tuesday’s arithmetic...

Home-learning Tuesday 21st April


Wow, what a great start to the term yesterday was. Lots of people sent me examples of fantastic work, which made me beam with pride! It was interesting to see your average food prices and the poems I have seen so far are incredibly inspiring!


Shout outs...


Noa, Doug, Harvey, Ava-Mae and Fearne for getting 100% in your Holes quiz on accelerated reader!


Today's tasks...


1) Mark yesterday's arithmetic and reflect on which skills you are doing well and which ones need more practice.


2) Today's arithmetic linked below.


3) Averages tasks. Pick at least two of the suggested questions below, gather the data necessary (you might need to find some equipment like a tape-measure or stop watch - or a timer on a phone or ipad), set your work out neatly in your book using a results table, show your working out and give an answer as a full sentence...

  • What is the average height of the members of your household? (This works best if you measure in CM),
  • What is the average standing jump distance achieved by the members of your household? If everyone is busy, try a standing jump 4 times yourself, measure the length of your jump each time and work out your average standing jump distance rather than a range of people,
  • What is the average amount of skips with a skipping rope members of your household can achieve in one minute? You could make it more interesting by video-calling friends or family members from other house-holds and challenging them too ten recording their results! If you don't have a skipping rope but you have a hoola-hoop, change it to 'What is the average time your family members can keep a hoola-hoop rotating around their waist in seconds?'
  • What is the average amount of 'keepy-uppies' you and/or your family members can do with a ball? Remember, if your family members are busy, you could record your own attempts 5 or 6 times and then work out your mean score.
  • Pick 5 books from a book shelf in your house and work out the average amount of pages.
  • Create your own averages challenge... E.G 'What is the average time it takes you to ____*insert own activity here*___?


4) Go on 'Read Theory'. If you were in school before school closure, Mrs McCall taught you how to use this reading task website and your login details should be stuck inside your homework diary (or maybe floating around in your school bag if you didn't stick it in!) If you were self-isolating the week before school closure, I have sent your login details to your school email address (you should have received this yesterday). Explore the read theory website and have a go!


5) Let's start our new topic focus on Shakespeare! Linked below are 14 questions. Please research the answers and write them neatly in full sentences with correct spellings and punctuation in your home-learning book.


Have a great day!


Monday’s arithmetic answers...

Arithmetic and Topic research questions - 21/4/20

Home-learning for Monday 20th April

Good morning amazing Owls! You have reached the final term of your primary school years! Although, it is not as we expected or hoped it to be, we will work together as a Year 6 family, like we always do, to approach this term with positivity, enthusiasm and support for each other. I am so proud of how you have all tackled these very strange times so far and I know that you will continue to be incredible!


Some shout outs from the last day of last term...

  • Eva, Ruby and Ross for your amazing USA leaflets.
  • Doug for doing extra research to learn even more about the Civil Rights Movement,
  • Rohan for your fab 3D model of a yellow-spotted-lizard,
  • Charlotte D, Sam, Ava, Noa and Alexis for showing me the super outcomes of your Lego fractions challenge.


If you haven't had a shout out yet, send me an email at some point this week and tell me about something you have done that you are proud of - share your success with me! smiley


Today's home-learning...


1) Morning arithmetic - linked below like normal.


2) Maths - Watch this video to remind you how to find an average https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_oYCcl0wXKg then do the following tasks neatly in your home-learning book...

  • As shown in the video work out what the average forecast high temperature in your village/town is this week.
  • As also shown in the video, use supermarket websites to research the price of your favourite food item then calculate the average cost of that item.


3) Reading - Log on to Accelerated reader by clicking on this link and do a quiz for Holes to show me that you finished it and understood it.... https://ukhosted114.renlearn.co.uk/2236842/ (Your username is the first initial of your first name followed by the first four letters of your surname. You should know the password but I will text it to your parents just in case). 


4) English - Write a poem about our current situation. You should take inspiration from Mrs McCall's poem in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ectTP0yPl04.

You could do any of the following poem types (we have done all of the below poem formats in class before so none of them are new to you)...

  • Acrostic,
  • Free-verse,
  • Rhyming (any rhyming pattern you like e.g. couplets or ABAB pattern etc),
  • Emotive
  • Comedic,
  • Alphabet.

You should start by drafting vocabulary ideas before you write the structure of your poem. Write the key words you wish to include and use a dictionary or thesaurus to vary and improve them. Then when you are happy with your core word-bank, have a go at writing your poem. You will need to edit it as you go along, read it to a family member for advice, do a final proof-read and create a final/best version, which you should also decorate. You can do this either in your home-learning book or on share-point.


Have a great day!




Timetable for home learning: Every family is different and should do what works best for them during this home-learning period. Children respond well when they know what is expected of them.. consider creating a timetable for 'school hours' which you create together, let your child decorate it and put it on display at home. If you want an idea, here is a suggested timetable but I understand this won't suit all families. Just an idea as a starting point...

Printable/adaptable version of the timetable...

Daily expectations for Year 6 pupils...

  • Watch newsround. https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround

  • Read daily. When you finish your book, take an accelerated reader quiz. https://ukhosted114.renlearn.co.uk/2236842/

  • Complete some form of physical movement each day - check out 'The Body Coach' Youtube channel or the 'Jump Start Jonny' Website for ideas (links on the home learning page - Click 'parents' then 'home learning').

  •  Practice times tables. https://ttrockstars.com/ or play a times tables game or see how quickly you can write them out or complete a times tables grid (linked below).

  • Practice spellings (spelling bee lists linked below and curriculum spelling document linked below).

  • If you finish the set work each day (which will be listed below under specific dates and will cover a range of curriculum subjects across the weeks) and want to do more, complete a project of your choice on sharepoint or do it on paper and send me a picture via email, use sumdog, mathletics, code.org and TTrockstars as much as you like!

Times tables. You could print these grids and time how long it takes you to complete one. Try and beat your time each day!

Just a few examples of some yellow-spotted lizard artwork...

Home-learning Friday 3/4/20

Good morning to all of my incredible wise owls! It's Friday!! smiley

Today is the last day of the Spring term. What a term it has been! My highlight was definitely the dance festival - you all performed our routine so well! (The video of the dance is still on this page if you scroll a little way down). Our class debates at the start of term were also a really great memory... and so was seeing your costumes on World Book Day. What memories of this term put a smile on your face?


After today, there is a two-week Easter break. Don't forget that Easter isn't just about chocolate eggs! It's about celebrating the resurrection of Jesus and the symbols of new life and fresh starts all around us.


Today's shout outs...

* Charlotte C - For improving your arithmetic so much this term and asking for advice on how to get even better with fractions!

* Tyler - For working on your spelling bee list with your Nana over Facetime. It's really important to reach out to our relatives at this time and find new ways to be involved in each other's lives - you are doing this brilliantly!


Today's tasks...

1) Repeat the spelling/handwriting task you did yesterday - more than one day of practice is needed to really improve our skills! (scroll down to yesterday's section to see the word lists).


2) Complete the fractions lego challenges below if you have lego at home. If you don't have any lego, go on Mathletics and do any of the fractions tasks.


3) Get someone to test you on your Spelling Bee list. It would have been the final this week if school were open - what score would you have gotten? (All of the lists are attached above this message).


4) Finish your persuasive leaflet and send me a picture if you haven't already.


5) Finish your yellow-spotted-lizard artwork and send me a picture if you haven't already.


**Over the Easter holiday, please finish reading Holes - there will be comprehension questions to complete when we return to "Virtual School" on Monday 20th April.**

Lego fractions challenges... choose one to complete... or two... or do all three!

Home-Learning Thursday 2/4/20

Hello lovely Owls. Hope you enjoyed our little April fools prank yesterday. Just two days to go until we 'virtually' break up for a two-week Easter holiday from home-learning set by the teachers. I am so proud of how hard you have all been working and how creative you have all been to learn and explore activities in new ways...


Today's shout outs...

* Harvey- For a very informative USA leaflet - it taught me a lot of interesting facts!

* Sam and Lily - For having a good sense of humour about the spellings joke yesterday!


Today's learning tasks...


1) Mark your arithmetic from yesterday (answers below),


2) Fractions questions (attached worksheet below),


3) Spellings/handwriting practice (two options below)- remember these tasks are to allow you to develop your handwriting into a neat, joined up style whilst reinforcing spellings you have already learnt in a previous year group - so make sure you pick the list that you most need to practice, regardless of what age group it has in the title - do the sheet which will help you improve the most! If you can't print them, just practice them neatly in your home-learning book.


4) Read Chapters 40 and 41 of Holes.


5) Continue your leaflet persuading someone to visit a state in North America. Thank you so much to everyone who has sent me a picture of yours so far. Remember, you need to send me a picture by the end of tomorrow please.


6) For the next two days, i'd like you to create your own piece of artwork. Your artwork should represent a Yellow-Spotted-Lizard from Holes. Pages 41 and 42 of the book describe them in detail. You can use any art medium you like - sketching, painting, collage, 3D model, wire, clay, fabric, pastel, printing, charcoal... etc... use whatever you have access to! Send me some pictures of your yellow-spotted-lizards and I will feature some on this class page.

Fractions task for today...

Answers to Wednesday’s arithmetic... L is incorrect below. It should say 15/4

Home-learning Wednesday 1/4/20

Good morning Year 6! I am missing all of you very much! Before you do any other work today, I am really sorry but the government have sent us a statutory spelling test which all children must do and send their results to their teachers. Mrs McCall has really kindly filmed the spelling test in the style that we do testing at school so please grab your home-learning book and a pen or pencil and get ready to take the test by watching the link here...

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BQN5KeGQhsU Answers are linked at the bottom of the page but please be an honest Owl and take the test before you look at the answers!


Today's shout-outs...

* Kacey - For an excellent Stanley letter last week because it included many high quality writing features such as semi-colons, complex sentences, colon to list, hyphens, brackets, organised paragraphs and a decent amount of work completed!

* Max and George C - For a fab Powerpoint about skateboarding with safety tips included and reference to a positive mindset!


Today's tasks...

1) Mark arithmetic and percentages work from yesterday (answers below) and then complete today's arithmetic.


2) Look at the example fractions mind map below (it's just like the percentages one from earlier in the week but uses fractions knowledge). Create fractions mind maps for the numbers 84, 60 and 420.


3) Yesterday you read Chapters 38 and 39 of Holes. Answer these questions in neat handwriting in your blue home-learning book, use the text to help you and answer in full sentences...

Vocabulary – Page 171 - What does the word ‘precipice’ mean? Find a definition in a dictionary if you don’t know.

Explain – Page 174 – why does it hurt Stanley to talk?

Retrieve – What does Zero confess at the end of the chapter?

Inference – If you were Stanley how would you react to Zero’s confession? why?


4) Continue with your USA leaflet - thanks to those who have already sent me pictures of their work :)


Arithmetic Wednesday 1/4/20

Example fractions mind map...

Yesterday's percentages answers... ignore page 1 - it won't delete!

Arithmetic answers for Tuesday 31st...

Spelling test answers...

Home-learning Tuesday 31/3/20

Good Morning everyone. Hope your week got off to a good start yesterday.


Today's Shout Outs...

* George D - For sending me photos of some brilliant percentages mind maps!

* Henry - For getting 50/50 on the USA states quiz!

* Annabel - For letting me know she had fun watching the sweets fractions videos on youtube.


Today's learning tasks...

1) Look at the answers to yesterday's arithmetic and punctuation tasks and mark your work.


2) Morning arithmetic - attached below as normal.


3) Percentages of amounts questions (answers will be available tomorrow).


4) Read Chapters 38 and 39 of Holes.


5) You have the rest of the week to create a persuasive leaflet as this week's English project.

The leaflet should be done on paper and folded like a real leaflet (email me a photo of your completed leaflet by Friday). The leaflet should convince people to visit the state in America that you completed your personal Powerpoint about in class a few weeks ago. If you have actually visited a different state in America in real life and you would rather use that state, go ahead!

You should start by planning all of the written text in your home-learning blue book and making sure it is of Year 6 quality with writing features such as complex sentences, brackets, semi-colons, colons etc. (Look at the word bank photo and the example leaflet documents below)...

Think and plan - what facts will you give about your state? What persuasive words will you use? Which landmarks or tourist destinations will you recommend people visit? Which adjectives will you use to describe the state? Could you make up a quote from someone who has been there and use inverted commas to punctuate their speech? Make it eye-catching and of a high-quality. Sketch the layout of your leaflet first before you make it. You can either hand-draw or print the pictures for your leaflet.

Take your time and create something you are proud of.... also, don't leave it until Friday to start this!

Example persuasive vocabulary...

Monday's punctuation answers...

Arithmetic for Tuesday 31/3/20

Percentages task for Tuesday

Arithmetic answers for Monday 30/3/20 Answer L) is wrong below - should be 7/2

Home-learning Monday 30th March

Good Morning Year 6! Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Today's shout outs...

  • Ava L - For using sewing skills at home to make cushions!
  • Ava-Mae - For uploading a powerpoint with arts and crafts activity ideas that we can all try at home. Take a look on sharepoint if you haven't seen it yet.
  • Ross - For amazing arithmetic success last week.
  • Mia - For working hard on extra SATs style workbooks.
  • Angus - For completing such a wide range of learning tasks at home including learning about immune systems and the bone structure of animals!


Today's home-learning tasks...


1) Morning arithmetic as normal - attached below.


2) Watch this video with percentages top tips https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hu2UuCkJ3nQ then create percentages mind maps like the example pictured below for the numbers 800, 64, 50 and 88.


3) Complete the punctuation proof-reading task attached below by copying the passage into your blue home-learning book and adding in all of the missing punctuation.


4) Try the USA states quiz and see if you can beat the score you achieved in class! Challenge a family member to see if they can beat your score! https://www.sporcle.com/games/Matt/find_the_states


Arithmetic 30/3/20

Example percentages mind-map...

Home-learning Friday 27/3/20

What a beautiful sunny week we are having. Have you kept active? I've been doing the Joe Wicks morning workout to start my day with a burst of energy! If you haven't emailed me yet this week, please send me a quick email today just to let me know if you are ok. (Google 'Office 365 login'. Your username = 13 then your last name then the first 3 letters of your first name followed by @motcombeprimary.co.uk... you should know your password as you set it yourself in class).

Today's 'shout outs'

* Fearne - For creating a powerpoint on Sharepoint where she is going to upload recipes for us to try cooking whilst we are at home - what a thoughtful idea!

*Charlotte D - For letting me know that she has been doing 'Jump Start Jonny' videos at home to keep active.

*Alexis - For improving your arithmetic scores throughout the week and ending on 12/12! Amazing and thanks for updating me about your progress!


Today's home-learning

1) Repeat yesterday's spelling/handwriting task (links under yesterday's tasks if you scroll down). One day of a word list is not enough for it to remain in your brain! Can you make your hand-writing neater than yesterday? If your hand-writing is looking beautiful, why don't you 'pyramid' the spelling words instead, like we do in class sometimes.


2) I have assigned co-ordinates tasks on mathletics for you to do today. Yesterday's grid tasks worksheet answers are attached below.


3) Read Chapters 37 and 38 of Holes (they are very short chapters).


4) Finish any tasks from this week that you either didn't get round to doing or reflect back on the tasks you've completed and perfect and finish off.


If you want some extra tasks, check out my latest Youtube videos on how to use sweets to practice fractions skills and try out the activities...



Or try out these spelling games as explained by Mrs McCall...




Have a fantastic weekend. Look back here on Monday for more home-learning.

Answers to Thursday's maths worksheet (ignore the blank page on page 1 - it won't delete for some reason!)

Home-learning for Thursday 26/3/20

Good Morning Owls! (Imagine me in my pink high-vis jacket welcoming you all at the school gate like normal!)...

I'd like to start giving 'shout outs' to people in the class over the next few weeks.

Today's 'shout outs' go to...

*Bertie - For your amazing presentation on sharepoint about how wonderful our class is!

*Imogen - For emailing me to let me know that you watched my multiplication videos on youtube and they helped you to complete your morning arithmetic.

*Noa - You got 100% in an accelerated reader quiz.

There are so many of you working really hard and doing wonderful things so I will start to publicly show how proud I am through shout outs!


Today's tasks...

1) Do the physical activity task pictured below.


2) Just like when we are at school, i'm going to keep the normal routine of Monday to Wednesday = morning arithmetic (yesterday's answers pictured below)... Thursday and Friday = practice spelling words we have learnt in previous year groups through handwriting practice to make sure we remember all of our previous spellings AND keep our wonderful handwriting looking neat and joined up. Please look at the documents below and choose according to the difficulty of the words whether you need to recap a year 4 list of words or recap a Year 5/6 list of words. If you can't print them, practice writing them in your blue book as neatly as you can.


3) Maths - Grid references worksheet linked below. If you can't print, as always just do the work in your blue book.


4) English/topic - Over the last few weeks in school, we have learnt about the impact of Racism on society in North America in the 1900s. Re-watch these video clips that we have discussed extensively in class...

Rosa Parks = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9iQVMWGE3_s

Martin Luther King Junior = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PyurjhRNOmw


Then in your blue book, answer these questions neatly and thoroughly...

A) Describe Martin Luther King Junior’s approach to improving civil rights for people in North America. 

B) How did racism negatively impact the lives of black people in North America during the 1900s? 

C) How were Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr linked? 

D) Describe how the Civil Rights act of 1964 may have changed people’s lives in North America. 

E) Imagine when you start secondary school that you discover a new friend has some racist or intolerant opinions... Draw some speech bubbles in your book to show what you might say to them (in a calm, polite way) to educate them about the topic.

Some fun physical activity for today...

Spelling recap and handwriting - choose your level of difficulty...

Maths worksheet on grid skills...

Arithmetic answers to questions from Wednesday 25/3/20

Home learning for Wednesday 25/3/20

Good morning! I'm enjoying hearing all about what you are getting up to! Here's today's tasks...

1) Morning arithmetic - linked below and answers to yesterday's arithmetic pictured below. Want to refresh your memory on some multiplication strategies? Check out the videos here... 


2) Maths: See grid translations worksheet below.

3) Reading: Read Chapter 36 of Holes.

4) Writing: Continue with Holes letter writing type up... if you're done, why not give it another proof read and check there's no improvements you can make before I check them later in the week. Watch Mrs McCall's video on parenthesis on the link above and check you have used those skills in your text!

5) Topic: Create a poster that could go on display in a travel agent's shop window to convince people to go on holiday to North America (once it is safe to travel again obviously!) Use all of the information we have learnt about North America so far. To gather more nature facts, you could watch 'Seven Worlds, One Planet' - North America episode by David Attenborough which is currently on iplayer...


Maths - translating (moving) objects and shapes on and across quadrants.

Answers to arithmetic questions from Tuesday 24/3/20

Home learning for Tuesday 24/3/20

It was great to hear from lots of you yesterday. Keep in touch! Some of you may have experienced technical difficulties which might have been because there was a national issue with broadband due to so many more people working at home this week - hopefully this will be sorted soon. Today's tasks...


1) Morning arithmetic (Link below and yesterday's answers are pictured below).


2) Holes VIPERS questions...

Read up to the end of Chapter 35 (or re-read it if you did it in school with me already on Friday). In your blue home-learning book, copy these questions and write neat answers (they are all about Chapter 35)...

Vocabulary - Which adjectives does the author use in this chapter to describe the sploosh?

Inference - Why might Zero be reluctant to return to Camp Green Lake?

Prediction - Do you think Zero and Stanley will go back or not? why?

Explain - Explain how the mountain that they spot in this chapter is linked to events previously mentioned in the book.

Retrieve - Find and copy the two sentences that show us that Zero is suffering physically.

Summarise - Summarise how Stanley ended up finding Zero.


3) Remember you have until Friday to type up your Stanley letter on Sharepoint (if Sharepoint isn't working for you, type it up and email it to me instead. It's great to see so many saved on there already!)


4) If Sharepoint is working for you and you would like to type up some of your Holes co-ordinates instructions from yesterday for other people to test out, go for it. If you open someone else's file to try out their instructions (use the worksheet from yesterday to move your finger around the grid whilst following the instructions), write them a polite message under their instructions about whether they work or not and don't forget to say who the message is from! If Sharepoint isn't working for you or if you only have so much time on a computer, find, print or create some squared paper and draw your own Holes themed grid with four quadrants and the two axis clearly labelled, similar to my one, then add features of your choice in any place on the grid.


5) Extra things you can do if you have any time - reading, quizzing, sumdog, mathletics, times tables games online and offline, spelling bee list practice.

Answers for yesterday’s arithmetic...

Home learning for Monday 23/3/20


1) Morning arithmetic (worksheet linked below)

2) Maths - grid references and instructions across 4 quadrants (worksheet linked below)

3) English for this week: Finish the honest letter from Stanley to his mother, edit it thoroughly and type up an improved version onto Sharepoint by the end of Friday.

4) Religious education: This term we have been learning about Islam. Watch these two clips to refresh your memory (https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/religious-studies-ks1-the-five-pillars-of-islam/zv84jhv   and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5pvmUoYNbmU ) If you want further knowledge, watch any of these clips https://www.bbc.co.uk/bitesize/topics/zpdtsbk/resources/1 then in your blue home-learning book, answer these questions...

A) What do you think is the best way for a Muslim to show their commitment to their God and why?

B) What challenges do Muslims face when showing commitment to their faith?

C) What do you show commitment to in your life and how?

You should write a detailed paragraph for each question listed above in neat handwriting. Show thoughtful answers and correct spelling and punctuation throughout.


Morning arithmetic

Maths tasks - Grid references (WALT stands for 'We are learning to')


Year 6 children home learning today...

We have reached the end of Chapter 35 in Holes today. Please read up to there and discuss the content with a sibling or grown up.

In RE, we are writing prayers... these can be about anything related to the global situation currently. Pray for your family, pray for our community and pray for those who are unwell. We will be delivering our prayers to the church. Please write a prayer of your own to show you are thinking of others at this time.

Your office 365 emails and sharepoint have been unlocked for home access. If you haven't finished your USA powerpoint, please login and continue to improve it.

I will put daily work on here from Monday onwards.

I hope you are all doing ok.

Miss K

March 2020

Dear Year 6 Parents,

This week I will be sending home a pack of assessment information which was due to be discussed with you at parents evening. This will give you a comprehensive picture of your child's current attainment in core subjects.

I am incredibly proud of your children's maturity and work ethic during these challenging times. As much as I wish they were all in school with me every day to learn as a team, I fully understand the need for many of you to self-isolate and prioritise the health of vulnerable family members. If your child is isolating and you are temporarily home-schooling, I hope the information below will be of use to you. If the school is open, my priority is to teach the pupils on-site. However, I may pop a few tasks on this page every now and again if time allows so please do keep checking. If school closes, there will be daily activities on this page for your child to complete in their blue home-learning book which was sent home last week. Please also go to the home-learning section of the website for further advice on how to educate your child at home (click on parents then home learning).

Please look after each other, be kind and stay safe.

Best wishes,

Miss Kendrick

Morning arithmetic (Wednesday 18th March - for those home-learning) Please also practice your spelling bee words and do the letter writing task listed below. It would be useful to do some area tasks on mathletics.

Useful links...

Writing activities we will be doing in lessons to complete at home if you are isolating...

  • An honest letter from the perspective of Stanley Yelnats to his mother explaining why he lied in his last letter home and thoroughly describing the realities of life at Camp Green Lake. At least a page long. Include paragraphs, colons after a main clause and before a list, semi-colons between related main clauses, complex sentences with subordinate clauses, neat handwriting and check all spellings in a dictionary.
  • A non-chronological report about Texas. Include an engaging introductory paragraph which speaks directly to the reader followed by sub-headings and detailed paragraphs. Vary your sentence starters and use a thesaurus to up-level your vocabulary choices.

What will we be learning about? If you are home-learning, the document below clarifies the vocabulary, skills and knowledge we were due to cover this term...

Spring 2020

Holes and North America


We had a great time during World Book Day. We did maths inspired by our class book, lots of reading and we completed a book recommendation activity. We wrapped up books from the library and typed an intriguing paragraph from the book on the front. We will deliver these books to Year 5 so they can choose a mystery book to read based on the paragraph we selected on the front! Books at bedtime after school was also really good fun!

Creating clay fossils (inspired by the fossil a character finds in Holes)... we aimed to show coiling and carving techniques.

We had a visit from real life scientists from the company called MERC. They taught us about water filtration and how important this is for our planet...

We performed confidently at Mere Dance Festival...

Our routine part 1...

Still image for this video

Part 2...

Still image for this video

Part 3...

Still image for this video

Part 4...

Still image for this video

Part 5...

Still image for this video

We’ve been holding formal class debates and writing discussion texts. Should zoos be closed down or remain open? Should children who break the law go to prison?

Year 6 Autumn Term

World War Two

What are we learning about this term?

Meet the teacher session...

We worked as a team to plan a fantastic class assembly for our parents and the rest of the school... We did an evacuee catwalk, showed our artwork, read our writing out loud, performed a World War 2 rock song and even quizzed the audience!

Evacuee catwalk to show our clothing choices to match the time period...

Still image for this video

Our World War 2 rock song...

Still image for this video

We tested our family members' historical knowledge...

Still image for this video

To learn about the circulatory system, we pretended our classroom was a giant body. We wore hats to tell us which role to play. There are many parts involved in the circulatory system: the heart, the brain, the lungs and our blood (both oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood cells).

Here we are acting out the parts of the circulatory system...

Still image for this video

Part 2...

Still image for this video

Carving the Union Jack into lino pieces ready to create World War 2 theme printing in art...

Practical maths - finding the area of triangles...

We planned and delivered a Remembrance assembly to the whole school. We taught them why we wear poppies, read some war poetry and sang a song children used to sing during World War 2. We also made sure everyone understood why the silence held at 11am is so important.

It's Friendship week! We used shaving foam to understand how, just like words out of our mouth, once it's out, it can never go back in! We also thought about the invisible hurt left behind when we are unkind. Finally, we designed the perfect friend. We are going to cover our classroom door with examples of good friendship skills this week...

E-Safety... We had an e-safety afternoon today. We had a debate about what is and isn't appropriate to write/send/post/share using technology. We realised that we have a digital footprint and everything we post will be around forever and could be shared by others...

Evacuee experience day at Nothe Fort in Weymouth...

Charlotte brought a real gas mask in to show us. It was made in 1938. Did you know that gas bombs weren’t used in Great Britain during World War 2 but everyone was encouraged to carry a gas mask just in case?

Archeologist Julian, came to visit us to update us on the progress of the historical dig in Shaftesbury that we were involved with earlier this year. He showed us the head of a statue that had been discovered!

Make Do and Mend projects. We are turning old items into new items but first we had to learn stitching techniques. We have being perfecting back stitch before we alter our clothing items...

Practical mathematics... what is the average standing jump distance of a year 6 child? What is the mean number of skips a year 6 child can do in a minute?

Getting to know our Ducklings buddies...