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Le Français

Half Term Fun in French 

Why not show your family and friends all the videos that we have been working on this half term in French on your class page or on here? Also here are a few fun links to keep your French up over the break if you would like.  Have a lovely half term and well done for all your brilliant work in French this first half term! 

Madame Day 

Why not make a French days of the week Chatterbox?

5-a-day Fitness: Disco en français

French Disco fun to keep you fit

Peppa Pig 'Sun Sea and Snow' with French/English Subtitles

Go on a trip with Peppa and George in French


Why not watch the start of Emmett's day in French. Tout est super genial!

Tout est super génial (inédit)

Kids United Nouvelle Génération - - a group of French children recorded Everything is Awesome in French - watch the video here ...

Pyjamasques Français 🎃 Épisode Spécial Halloween: Super Pouvoirs 👻 Dessin Animé

Join the PJ Masks for this Halloween special in French - sorry no subtitles but maybe check out the theme song or when they change in to the PJ Masks?

How to introduce yourself in French | French - Virtually There: France

For older children. There videos from the BBC show Ben meeting up virtually with his French penfriend and her friends. T

Welcome to French at Motcombe School

We all start all our French lessons the same way. (Repetition is such a good way to remember important information and it works because our children become brilliant at these key questions as they move up the school) You can try these at home with your child to help them remember. Merci!

Marc's favourite song

Marc told us about his favourite song. If you would like to, try to learn the words at home and sing along! Tout est super genial!!


Meet Antoine and Sophie. They will tell you where they live and how old they are. Can you work it out?


This is the video we used to introduce Owls to Antoine and Sophie. They tell us about where they live, how old they are, when their birthday is and two things that they love each. Can you work out what they are saying?

Les chiffres en francais 1-10

Learn how to count to 10 in French using Duplo. Numbers are so important as we use them for age, dates, money. I will add other videos to help us count up to 31 for dates and then up to 100.

Numbers 1-31 avec Marc et Milou

Learn the French numbers 1 - 31 with Marc et Milou

1-31 en français - a better version of the song so you can sing along at home

A song for young beginners to practise French numbers from 1 to 31, using "5,6,7,8" by Steps as a backing track. Intended for educational use. No copyright i... Merci a Monsieur Johnson MFL

A la boulangerie

Marc and Madame Day talk about what you can buy at the boulangerie. Can you work out what is on Madame Day's shopping list?

When is your birthday? LKS2

Find out when Hermione, Superman and Steve from Minecraft have their birthday. Numbers up to 10 and 6 months of the year.

French Months Of The Year Song (Remix) - Les Mois de l'Année -

This song will stick in your head all day long!