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Learning should be fun!


Here are some general suggestions for helping your child at home:


  • Take an interest in your child’s schoolwork. Ask them questions and enquire if they have work to do at home.
  • Put a regular time slot aside when homework should be done.
  • Encourage your child. Reward them often. Build your child’s self-esteem by giving him/her self-confidence and pride in the work they have produced.
  • Take care that you are not conflicting with what is being taught in school. If in doubt consult the class teacher.
  • Be positive. Never say “I’m not surprised you can’t do maths – I never could”.
  • If you feel your child is really struggling and they have given it their best, stop, and have a word with the class teacher.
  • Let your child see that you have confidence in the school.
  • Remember that your child is unique and so cannot be fairly compared with siblings or peers.
  • Learning through mistakes is an important part of the learning process. Getting something ‘wrong’ is better than not having a go.


Specific expectations for homework are given by your child’s class teacher at the beginning of September. Any queries regarding the work set should be discussed with the class teacher as soon as possible. Our full policy on homework is available from the school office.