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History & Geography

  The study of geography and history takes place as part of the requirements of the National Curriculum. Our objective is to approach history and geography by trying to give children first-hand experience within each subject.


In history, visits are made to places of interest that will make learning about people and places in the past easier. Both history and geography are studied through a creative project approach. In any project children use a wide range of scientific, mathematical and language skills to develop and extend their understanding of themselves and their place in the world.


The use of computers and the Internet is encouraged to promote and further develop the children’s ICT skills.  

Ancient Egyptians! 


Skylark class have been learning about the Egyptians. We have had great fun creating large group artwork of sarcofagi, looking at a variety of Egyptian artifacts and thinking what they could be and also learning about the social structure with Pharaoh at the top. 

Owls Class have been learning about geology. They went for a visit to Lyme Regis to find some fossils for themselves.

Swallows class have been learning about the Egyptians.

Year 1 have been learning about William the Conqueror. We drew our own Bayeux Tapestry to tell the story of the battle of Hastings.

Swallows Class visited the County Museum and the Roman Town House in Dorchester

Swallows class topic was 'The Romans'. Years 3 and 4 found out about how life was different for children during this period of time, what people ate, who was in charge, why the Romans invaded Britain, how the Celts reacted to the invasion and why people like Caesar and Boudicca are so well known!

Owls Class have been learning about Wars and Battles. Mr Curtis and Mr Symonds visited to talk about their army jeeps.

Robins class have enjoyed a fantastic topic called 'Explorers'. They have been finding out about explorers from history like Neil Armstrong, Christopher Columbus and Dr Livingston! Ask Year 2 to tell you more about their learning!

In June 2014 we celebrated our school's 175th birthday by dressing in Victorian Costume and researching the history of our school.

Transport through the ages...


Ancient Egyptians


Residential trip to Leeson House