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At Motcombe, we take e-safety very seriously.  We recognise that using the internet and other means of communication (e.g. text messages, gaming devices, email etc.) is a feature of children’s lives.  We recognise the enormous value that these technologies can have in helping our children learn.  However, with these opportunities come the associated risks.


Our E-safety Champion is Mr Barge.  We hold regular E-safety Council meetings with representatives of each class.  Sometimes we all meet together and sometimes we split into different age groups, depending on the subject matter.  


E-safety is taught across the curriculum with the aim of empowering children to adopt an online safety mentality. We take steps to filter and monitor the content that the children have access to in accordance with guidance whilst aiming to ensure we do not over-block content where possible.


We aim to engage parents and carers with online safety.   In November 2019, the NSPCC delivered a session to parents about keeping children safe online (see presentation and further information below). We update this page regularly with content and resources for parents and children.


If you have any concerns relating to safeguarding or e-safety, please speak to our Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Mr Matthew Barge or one of our deputy DSLs.


  • E-safety policy - Click here
  • NSPCC Visit (Nov 2019)- NSPCC presentation and supporting documents - see below


  • Safer Internet Day – Tuesday 9th February 2021 - Click here