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Transition to Year 1


I have made a social story for all of the Ducklings to look at in preparation for September. Mr Lee has been in school and many of the Ducklings have met him already. Some have even been lucky enough to have been in a bubble group with Miss Keogh and Mr Lee in the Wrens' classroom. Please look at Wrens' class page as that will tell you topics and other information. 


Good morning! I cannot believe we only have two weeks left of term. It has been such a shame not to have a full year with this amazing group of children. We are beginning to put things in place for a smooth transition into Year 1. The children that have been coming to school have had the opportunity to get to know their new Year 1 teacher, Mr Lee. I will put together a social story for all Ducklings on this class page to support their transition too.


If your child isn't in school again until Thursday they would have come home with a learning pack, please use this to support home learning on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. If your child is in Monday they will be sent home with a pack then. 


Thank you once again for your support and I look forward to seeing even more children returning to finish off the year with me.

If you need support with family things, don’t wait - get in touch.

Contact your local Family Partnership Zone by  phone or email.

or, if you are supported by the Children Who Are Disabled Team (CWAD) you can contact them through their duty service.

The number is 01305 251414 for Weymouth, West and North Dorset.



Hello to all the children that are at home. We are having a great time at school and the children have taken everything in their stride, which is brilliant news. I thought I would attach some of the activities we have done at school in the last week in case you want to give it a try. Take care and hopefully we'll see you soon. Mrs Drake.

We've started our new topic 'All Around the World'. The knowledge organiser is on the curriculum page if you want to see what we'll are learning. 

People and Communities ELG: They know about similarities and differences between themselves and others, and among families, communities and traditions.

Introduce our topic and say that we will be looking at different countries. Watch the first 30 seconds of the film below, then pause it, does anyone know which country this is? How do they know?

Say to the children we are looking for what is the same and what is different to our life in England. Then at the end write down the children’s ideas on a big piece of sugar paper.

Watch 2 minutes of the film (although all of it is suitable). You might need to watch it twice to support remembering.



Look at pictures of Africa. Talk about what is the same and what is different to where we live. Adult to make notes of the children’s observations.


Good morning! I hope you've had a good weekend and enjoying the weather. I know some of you are undecided about whether to send your child to school if schools reopen next week. However, if you have, we need to make it as positive as possible as I am sure that some children may not want to return or are anxious about returning. I also know that some are desperate to return. I have made a social story which is attached below, please share this several times with your child over half term so they know what to expect. I am hoping to add more photos this week of the actual classrooms that we will be using. In addition please listen to your child and keep using positive reinforcement if your they display any negative thoughts. 


I want to say a massive thank you for all the hard work that has been going on at home. I know things have been tricky at times but I really appreciate your support in educating your children so well. I could be out of a job if I'm not careful. I've attached another code breaker as I know many of the children enjoyed the last one. Please have a good half term and hopefully see some of the children again soon. Mrs Drake



Good morning! I hope you had fun yesterday making a shop at home and exploring different coins. Today we are continuing with Hansel and Gretel and reading the story. 


Next week there might be something arriving in the post for each child in Ducklings so don't forget to keep and eye out.


Have fun!


Good morning! I hope you are all well and it's another glorious day. Today we are going to explore money. Take a look at the PowerPoint and have fun.


I know you received a letter from Mr Barge yesterday and I'm sure it has triggered many questions about how Ducklings Class will look and be. Next week you will get more guidance about how classes will look and operate. I will be able to answer questions about this next week if needed. 


Thank you again for all your support at home and I am so impressed with all the Ducklings and their parents. I know at times it's been challenging but you are making a difference.



Good morning! I was at school yesterday making some subtle changes to our classroom ready for a possible return 1st June. I will hopefully be sending out a social story for you to share with your child to help support them returning to school. A letter should be coming out in the next day or two with more information.


I hope you had fun yesterday with the science experiments. Today we will look at the story Hansel and Gretel. Please use the link to the Oak National Academy today. Don't forget to practise your phonics and reading too. 


I know many parents are on Facebook and the Ducklings enjoy music. Mrs McCall recommended this page to me,  Emma & The Magic Bag. Also, each week at 10 am on Thursdays Emma is doing live sessions for free. 


Good morning, I hope you've all had a good weekend. I am at school today and the hub tomorrow so it may not be until the evenings when I respond to emails. 


Today I have uploaded some science experiments to do and this week's phonics plan. However, I will begin recapping Step 2 of the phonics so please take a look and use what you believe your child needs to go over again. Please check even if you think your child is secure as you might be surprised. All children are at different levels with their reading which is perfectly fine and normal so please don't panic if your child is not secure with certain sounds as this is exactly why we recap the sounds. It is important that your child feels comfortable with digraphs moving into Year 1. Don't forget phoneme spotter stories, Phonics Play, Reading Eggs and the other resources to practice your new phonic skills, including the trigraphs. 


Take care

Look at the ducklings and haven't they grown? Will's mum has kindly said I could share this photo with you all. She has also asked if the Ducklings Class children would like to help name them, which is really kind. Apparently they are both girls so think of some girls names that you think would be suitable for a duckling. If you send your duckling names to me either via email or Tapestry and I will forward them on and hopefully choose a winner. I can't wait to see what you think of.
This week's amazing photos! Well done to ALL Ducklings for working so hard. There seems to be cooking/ baking theme running through the photos on Tapestry. Perhaps we should share recipes?

Friday 15/5/20

Wow! It's Friday again already, it's nearly the weekend. I am starting to get some great art coming through from Wednesday's lesson, thank you. Later today I will put up the Ducklings celebration photos from Tapestry or email, keep them coming! It really makes my day seeing the Ducklings and what they have been up to, not just the home learning. It is so hard for me to choose just two each week for the newsletter so that's why I want to do a big shout out to everyone on our class page on a Friday as I know you are all working so hard at home.


I might also add another code breaker problem later too.

Have a great weekend!

Thursday 14/5/20

Good morning! The weather looks gorgeous again, one thing we have been lucky with is the weather. I hope you had fun yesterday doing some art. Today we are carrying on with Goldilocks and the Three Bears and having a go at writing the story.


I have also uploaded some phoneme spotter stories if you have access to a printer. Your child reads the story and then with a highlighter or pencil looks for the focus sound and highlights it. 


Tomorrow I will put more of this week's photos of learning on the class page to celebrate everyone's achievements.

Wednesday 13/5/20

Good morning! It's been great chatting to some of you on the phone over the past few days, it's made my day. I have a little surprise about today's learning. It's not writing or maths, have a look...

Tuesday 12/5/20

Good morning! I hope you had fun writing about the things to did at the weekend. Today we are exploring number and how make different numbers in different ways. I have used part of a lesson from the Government's Oak Academy so let me know if you found it useful. 


Please can I reiterate that these lessons are put on here as an aid to support you at home. You know your children better than anyone so if you feel they learn better in a different way, then go for it. I do not want parents to feel under pressure if their child is refusing or avoiding doing the learning I set on the class page. Learning takes many forms, here are some examples: counting steps whilst on a walk, ask your child to lay the table and work out how many knives and forks are needed, build things using construction and talk about the different shapes as you play, retell stories using role play and acting them out, learning to ride a bike on 2 wheels, cooking and asking your child to tell you to stop when you get to the required weight on the scales. 



Monday 11th May

Good Monday morning! I hope you've had an enjoyable three days. On Friday I decided to go on an adventure and ride my bike somewhere I hadn't been. So I took a map and set off. I had a great time and discovered some new bits of Dorset countryside I have never seen. We are so lucky to live in a gorgeous part of the world.


I have put the weekly phonics plan on this page for you. This week we are looking at trigraphs, three letters making one sound. Once we have covered these we will then begin to recap the digraphs again to make sure they are embedded and your child is ready for Year 1 with their reading. 


I understand that it might be getting tougher to motivate your child, please do not worry as you're not alone. I am grateful for all you are doing, thank you.

Back in January the Ducklings took part in the RSPB school watch. The results are in! Are you surprised by any birds that made the top 10?
This week's amazing learning! I have included a photo from everyone that sent me some. 

Thursday 7/5/20

Good morning! Thank you for all the wonderful pictures I receive either through Tapestry or by email. Today we will look at the story Goldilocks and the Three Bears.


Tomorrow is VE and a bank holiday so I will not be setting any home learning. However along the theme of VE day I have made a code breaker game for everyone to try. I did look at several resources for Reception about VE day and felt that many were for older children. If you want to share something with your child I've attached the link for Newsround.


I will also upload a selection of home learning photos from this week for children that I have received photos from. 


Many thanks for your support, have a fabulous weekend and enjoy the weather. 

Wednesday 6/5/20

Good morning! I had a good day at the hub yesterday and saw a few familiar faces, which was lovely. We were also relieved the heavy rain that was forecast never arrived and today looks nice too. Today is learning about 3D shapes to follow on from 2D on Monday. Please don't forget to email me if you need to ask any questions. Have a good day.

Tuesday 5/5/20

Good morning! I hope you had fun yesterday looking at shapes. Today we are looking at life cycles and how animals change, including ourselves. Have a good day and take care.

Monday 4/5/20

I hope you've all had a super weekend. After gathering feedback from you about how the planning is set currently and going with the majority I will continue to put it up daily. Phonics will remain weekly. I will also continue to set activities that do not require printing unless you should choose to. I also noticed that many children said a baby rabbit is called a bunny, the real name is kit, who'd have thought?. Again, you and your children are doing an amazing job, thank you.

A massive well done to all the Ducklings and their learning this week. I have uploaded some photos from Tapestry and email from everyone that sent me some. Keep smiling!
1/5/20 Pinch punch first of the month! We've made it to Friday, yay! Today I thought we could do some science experimenting. I have uploaded a couple of experiments that you can try at home, including some recipes. Choose as many or as little as you would like to try and have fun. I have also included the home page of STEM as there is a very good video about how your child learns. Have a great weekend!
30/4/20 Well the weather certainly isn't very nice this morning! I even had hail and thunder at my house but the dogs just slept through it all. Today we are looking at a very old story called The Ugly Duckling, which I hope you enjoy. It's even been made into a ballet. Please keep telling yourselves you are doing an amazing job and I am in awe of you all so thank you. 

29/4/20 Good morning! Thank you to Ella who found out that eggs I had found were pheasant eggs. The field that I walk the dogs in has lots of pheasants hiding in the long grass. I have also been sent a lovely video of how animals are taking over the towns now there aren't many people around so I will share that with you too. 


Today we are estimating. We have touched on this earlier in the year so your child might need a bit of reminding. Have fun!

Animals taking over

Still image for this video
28/4/20 Good morning! I hope you had fun yesterday counting in 2s. Yesterday I went for my usual walk with my three dogs and discovered some broken eggs on the ground. I have no idea what bird they are from so I took some photos to share with you, perhaps you can help? They are quite big, a bit smaller than a chicken's egg. Do you know who they belong to?
Today's learning is about the story The Odd Egg. On Thursday we will be learning about the story of the Ugly Duckling by Hans Christian Anderson so if you have the book at home you could dig it out ready. If not do not worry as I will include a digital copy too.

27/4/20 Good morning and it's Monday again! Unfortunately it looks like the weather might be on the turn.


I have been told that some Ducklings are needing some motivating to do some home learning. Please get in touch if there is something in particular your child is finding challenging and hopefully I can give you some ideas specific to your child. 


Here are some ideas/tips:

  • Wear a Motcombe Primary school top - let your child know when they are wearing this they are at school.
  • Keep sessions short and mangeable , ten minutes at a maximum and then have a break doing something of their choice.
  • Give a couple minutes of warning when you are about to start home learning so your child doesn't feel as they are being dragged away when they are in the middle of something. 
  • Try using a now and next timetable. For example now- maths and next Lego.
  • Tell them you are going to take photos so Mrs Drake can see their amazing learning.
  • Make it fun!

24/4/20 Good morning, I cannot believe it is Friday again already! I have seen some amazing learning going on at home and I will share some of the photos with you.


Today I thought we could do some science investigating. STEM (science technology engineering and maths) have some great resources for free so if you want to explore more, take a look on their website. I know many of the Ducklings love investigating and exploring things. 


Take a look at the folder attached and choose at least one task. You might be able to complete it as a family. Don't forget to put your photos onto Tapestry. 

This Week's Amazing Learning

I have chosen a selection of photos that have been sent to me. Keep up the great learning, thank you to everyone supporting the Ducklings at home. 

23/4/20 Today we are doubling. I hope this doesn't mean double trouble! It's a nice practical activity that hopefully everyone will enjoy. Have fun! 
22/4/20 Wow! Another gorgeous day! Make sure you spend some time outside, if possible. Perhaps you could make a den in the garden or plant some seeds. I've attached today's learning and thank you for keeping me up to date on Tapestry or email. I am so impressed with all the Ducklings.
21/4/20- Good morning and another gorgeous day! Please find today's learning attached, which is halving. Many children probably already use this concept without realising, perhaps when halving a chocolate bar with a sibling or friend.

Welcome back! I hope you've had a good couple of weeks and you're all well. 


Our topic this half term is Once Upon a Time and our knowledge organiser pdf is below.


I will continue to upload a weekly phonics plan and upload daily a mixture of other tasks. Please remember if you're not sure of something please get in touch with me. If you want to adapt learning to suit your child that is OK too. It is also important that your child would not be expected to sit for hours if they were at school so small chunks of learning will work best. Please also upload any learning onto Tapestry as this way I can see what amazing learning has been going on at home.


Again, thank you so much for your support through these strange times and I whole heartedly appreciate all you are doing for your children, you guys rock!

I have attached some websites that are recommended by the government about keeping your children safe whilst online. They provide help and advice for children of all ages in the digital world. 

Celebrating Home Learning


I have seen some amazing home learning appearing on Tapestry so a massive thank you and well done. I am so proud of all the Ducklings! Also a massive shout out to all the parents and adults that are supporting at home, you are doing a grand job. I have been blown away by all the different things that have been going on. I have tried to include a photo from every child that has put something on Tapestry, maybe you could pinch some ideas. I hope you're all having a great Easter.


Take care,

Mrs Drake



Pictures of rainbows have started springing up in windows after schools closed in response to the coronavirus outbreak. Ducklings were encouraged to make their own rainbows to "spread hope". Keep the rainbow pictures coming and I will add them to our page. 


Here are a few rainbows that Ducklings Class have made:

How to say digraph sounds from Mrs McCall:
Earlier this year Ducklings took part in the RSPB garden bird watch survey. The results have been posted and I have shared them with you. Do you see any of these birds in your garden?



Good morning! Today is our last day of term, it feels very strange saying that with not being at school. The learning today is number and in particular sharing. Please have a look at the tasks below. Don't forget to make it practical wherever possible. Have a good two weeks break and I will be in touch Monday 20th April. However, please email if you have any queries. Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Drake


I hope this finds you all well. I am so impressed and incredibly proud of all the Ducklings! You are working so hard at home and I bet Mummies and Daddies are proud too. I hope you have fun with today's learning about mythical creatures. You might want to even create your own mythical creature and name it, which I would love to see.


Please share the Easter story with your family.


Don't forget to read regularly and the online resources that are available.

1st April - April Fools!


I hope you haven't been caught out by any April fools today! The sun is shining again, which is great. I would love to see your rainbow pictures in your windows and then I can share them on the class web page. I have attached today's learning but remember to keep physically active too. Have fun!


Great news!


Some great news! For the last few weeks we had an incubator in our classroom with duckling eggs but unfortunately we were unable to see the outcome. However, here they are now!



Happy Monday morning! I hope you've enjoyed the weekend all considering. 


I have attached this week's phonics plan and a today's maths activity. I will also add some science activities that can be done as and when you feel. Many of the tasks I put on here are to give you ideas to keep your children occupied during this challenging time. I have seen some amazing learning appearing on Tapestry, so thank you and keep them coming. I love seeing their smiling faces.


I have also seen the school website has a list of useful contacts :



Take care and remember you're all awesome!



Another gorgeous morning! I am absolutely loving the Tapestry observations! It's certainly making me realise how I miss everyone and their smiling faces. Mums, Dads and Carers you are doing an incredible job and I am so grateful.


I have attached some maths learning today but keep the playing going too. I have also organised a class login for Oxford Owl as I know some of you were struggling to find reading materials for your children. Please use the phonics that we have learnt already to gauge where your child should be. Please don't worry if your child isn't where you think they should be as we all learn at different speeds. It's more important that children in Reception enjoy reading and grow a love for it. I hope you find this resource useful.




Click on class login

Username: Motcombe reception

Password: Ducklings1



Good morning! Thank you to those that have responded to my email. You guys certainly rock! I am so impressed with the home learning going on. A massive thank you!


Today I have carried on from yesterday's Three Little Pigs story- please see attachments below. I have also attached some maths problem solving tasks from a website called Nrich. Phonics is on the weekly plan. 


Another teacher forwarded this shadow drawing to me, what a fabulous idea whilst the sun is shining!



Good morning to you all. I have had contact from many of you, which is great. Keep the Tapestry observations coming, I absolutely love seeing them and they brighten up my day seeing all those smiling faces. Thank you for all the hard work you are doing at home, I am incredibly proud of all the Ducklings. Just remember that most of what we do in Reception is practical, using objects for counting, playing games etc. I'm trying to think of activities that don't require you to print off resources as I know some families do not have access to a printer.


I have had a few questions regarding reading at home, especially if you don't have books. I will continue to research more options.

These are two great websites available:




Reading Eggs, which currently has a 30 day free trial.






Teach Your Monster to Read, which is free on a desktop or laptop. 


Phonics: Don't forget to see the plan below for this week's phonics sessions. 




Writing: Please look at the plan attached. 

Spring Term



Please find attached this week's phonics planning.


Make the most of the sunshine in your gardens today.

22 March 2020

First of all this seems very strange writing this and I'll do my best to be clear and keep things simple. Please ask any questions if you're not sure about anything. Also thank you so much for your support and kind words recently. 


I will attach a copy of our current timetable to give you an idea of what a typical school week in Ducklings can look like. In general we have two writing mornings and two maths mornings with phonics as a discrete lesson taught daily. The fifth day is P.E in the morning and other subject areas are taught in the afternoons such as music, IT etc. I normally teach a whole class session lasting about 10 minutes, this teaches and explains what it is we are learning that morning and what learning I am looking for in continuous provision. When the rest of the class is enjoying continuous provision (this looks like playing to the untrained eye but the activities are planned and linked to the current and previous learning to ensure that a child can demonstrate that a previous skill is secure) I teach children in small groups according to their need. This learning in these small groups again is no longer than ten minutes. So please do not expect your child to sit for hours as this is not expected normally.


Although reading, writing and maths are very important at this age so is imagination, speaking, listening, understanding and social skills in general as these provide the bedrock for the future of your child and their ability to cope in society. So things like playing board games, doing jigsaws, making dens out of things around the house, playing hide and seek etc are all vital. 


Please try to make a regular routine for your child as this will help them to understand the expectations. Please adapt activities and tasks to suit the needs of your child and your family.

Self Isolating/ School Closures

If you are self isolating (now school closure) your child at home and would like activities to do with them I will be adding them regularly to this page. I understand that it could be a challenge to persuade your child to do 'school work' whilst at home. I would recommend creating a timetable and sticking to it if possible. Use a reward system to encourage your child to complete tasks that are set. In class I do not expect a child to be sat with for longer than 10- 12 minutes before having a break so use this as a guideline. Remember that Reception is a play-based curriculum and wherever possible use games or toys to support learning. On the Early Years Curriculum page is the curriculum we have been following, Development Matters. Reception children are looking to gain the Early Learning Goal for each of the 17 areas. 


I have provided a writing book with some starter activities for every child in Duckling. If you do any writing at home with your child please use this book. - PLEASE COME AND COLLECT IT ASAP. I have sent home several books per child to read at home, if your child was not in today (19/3) and you want to come and collect  some reading books, please do ASAP.


There are also many educational apps and companies offering free access during this challenging time. Phonics Play is a good website using games to teach phonics. 


Please don't forget your child has access to Mathletics from home with their own login. If you do not have this please email the office or via Tapestry and I will forward it to you. You are welcome to contact me about school work via Tapestry and I will respond ASAP.


Here are the last few digraph sounds we are learning in phonics:  er (mixer) , or (fork), oi (coin), ou (round), oo ( cook and moon).


We will also be learning these trigraphs: air (hair) and ure (pure).


Please read to your child, have conversations, do jigsaws and play board games. 


Please refer to documents from the Autumn part of Ducklings page. 

A visit from Reverend Pam

Ducklings were very lucky to have a visit from Reverend Pam. The children spoke about all the special things and people in their lives. She spoke about Easter and the children asked lots of questions about God and Jesus. Alfie said,”God is all around us.”

World Book Day

 Ducklings looked incredible in their book character costumes. We had a fun day doing book and story related activities.

Pets at Home, Gillingham 


The Ducklings had a fabulous time at Pets at Home and learnt lots of interesting facts about caring for pets. George taught us how to care for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and fish. Did you know that guinea pigs need vitamin C in their diet and rabbits need enough space to stand on their hind legs? 

Farm Visit 

We were very lucky to have the opportunity to visit one of the Ducklings’ farm with the whole class. We travelled by minibus which was part of the fun. We saw different farm animals and looked at the different types of food they ate. Some of the animals were kind enough to let us touch them. The Ducklings would like to say a massive thank you to Mrs Gosling for letting us come.

NSPCC Number Day

The Ducklings had a super day learning about measure. This week we've been focusing our learning on The Smartest Giant in Town so took this opportunity to measure a giant's footprint that we found. We had a go at predicting how many cubes would be needed to measure the length and then actually measured it. We developed our learning further by drawing around our own feet, predicted and measured how many cubes would be needed. 

RSPB School Watch

Ducklings took part in the national RSPB bird watch. We learnt to recognise some of the birds we might see in our field. The Ducklings agreed that we would need to be very quiet and observant to see the birds. 

Using part part whole for addition 


We have been using the part part whole method as a great practical way to understand addition.

Chinese New Year 

We had a great morning learning about the Chinese New Year. We learnt about the story of the animals who had a race to see which animal the year would be named after, this year is the year of the rat. Ducklings came dressed in red and yellow to represent the Chinese flag and also explored different arts and tried Chinese food. 

Making the Most of the Weather 


Today we made the most of the glorious frosty morning and went to explore it further in our school field. The children talked about why it was frosty and what happens to it if you hold it in your hand or put it in our classroom. They all made a prediction about what would happen.

Dance lessons 

Ducklings have been very lucky to have Miss Tiffany come in to teach us ballet and dance. The children are absolutely loving these sessions and are developing their skills brilliantly!

Autumn Term 



Learning Journals and Tapestry

Every child in Reception has a learning journal which is unique to them. The journals will illustrate the child's learning journey throughout their time in Reception. Some of your child's achievements will be added to their learning journey and some to Tapestry, the online learning journal. To make the Tapestry journals more personal to you and your child we ask parents to contribute; this can be done through photographs as well as notes about what your child has said/ been getting up to. 


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is valued in Reception and children will be given opportunities in most weather to develop their learning and skills. Children have access to both the indoor and outdoor provision most of the day. The provision set up outdoors will be linked to the learning the children carryout indoors. 

After an amazing start to the year the new Ducklings are settling in very well to school life. They have enjoyed getting to make new friends and explore the new environment. Observations should start to appear on Tapestry to show their progress throughout the year. Well done Ducklings, we're very proud of you!

Learning Outdoors 

The children in Ducklings love learning outside. We link both indoor and outside environments to provide the best learning opportunities and adult support is targeted and personal to the individual child.

Harvest Festival 

To celebrate the harvest festival the Ducklings produced some amazing still life paintings of a bowl of fruit and vegetables. Then alongside the whole school took them to the church service to show everyone. What a creative bunch they are!

Fun With Our Buddies 


We have been learning about the story of The Three Little Pigs. Ducklings, along with their buddies, were set the challenge of building a house for one of the pigs. It was so lovely to see them all working together so well. Well done everyone!

Exploring Number Outside 

The Ducklings love being outside to do their learning. They have been busy counting, matching numeral to quantity and recognising numerals. 

Superhero Day 

To celebrate the end of our first topic, Ourselves and Our Families, we all dressed up as superheroes as each and every one of us has a super power. Don’t they look amazing?


In the afternoon we worked with our buddies again to create our own superhero shields. The children each designed the shield to represent themselves and included pets, family members and activities they liked to do. Finally the Ducklings and Owls could use whatever resources they needed to create their masterpieces. 

Fire Safety 

To start our new topic of Celebrations we had a visit from Shaftesbury fire engine. The Ducklings had a great time exploring it by looking at the different equipment, going inside and squirting water from the hose. After we had a fire safety session and were given some vital tips to keep ourselves safe around fire and matches. Thank you very much Dorset and Wiltshire Fire Brigade. 


Today we learned about Diwali, the Hindu festival of light. We heard the story about Rama and Sita and how she was saved from Ravana. We did lots of activities around Diwali including making naan bread. We worked in small groups to create the dough for the bread and after it was cooked we tasted and evaluated how it tasted.


“It’s really yummy.”

“I love the smell!”

Making Christmas Presents 

Ducklings put on their creative heads today to create a clay tea light holder for their families. Each child made a holder by manipulating the clay into shape. Then we waited a few days for the clay to dry and finally painted them. I hope all the families enjoyed their presents.

Tree planting with Year 6

We enjoyed an afternoon with Year 6 planting trees to help the environment. There was a lot of mud so we had lots of fun!