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Ducklings - Reception

Summer Term


Oh wow! I cannot believe we have arrived at the Summer Term so quickly! The Duckling Class are really starting to become independent learners and are brimming with confidence in their learning and school environment. This term is always a busy one with school trips, sports day and preparing for Year 1. 

Mini Olympics


The Ducklings and all of Key Stage 1 enjoyed a morning with some pupils from Gillingham School. The children were split into teams to represent different countries and then they did a carousel of activities. We an an excellent morning of sport so thank you to Gillingham School for coming over. 

School Trip

We had an amazing day at the Hawk Conservancy Trust near Andover. The Ducklings learnt about different types of birds of prey and even got to see some up close. 

Summer term P.E

Shape space and measure

 The Ducklings had a great time exploring how to use balance scales, tape measures and egg timers.

Summer Nature Hunt

As part of our ongoing science learning we continue to look at the different seasons and observe the changes. We went out into the school field armed with our list of objects to find and talk about. The Ducklings worked beautifully in their pairs to discover the changes for themselves.

Enjoying the Sunshine and Learning  

Egyptian Flatbread Making 

As part of our All Around the World topic we spent the morning making Egyptian flatbread. To make it a little bit more exciting we added a special ingredient to add flavour. We chose from raisins, cheese, garlic or cinnamon. We also talked about the purpose of yeast and enjoyed watching the bread rise. We had great fun working as part of team to create our yummy bread. 

Maths in Ducklings 

Here are some of the lovely tuff tray activities, these ones are linked to our number learning. We are building on our understanding of one more and one less and looking at how different numbers are made, for example, 17 can be made up of a 10 and a 7. 

This morning we made the use of the new Motcombe Mile track and enjoyed running or walking round the circuit twice. Well done Ducklings!

Spring Term


It was so lovely to see all the children again and hear all their news after the Christmas break. This is a great term as the weather steadily starts to get better and brighter bringing new life and warmth. 

Winter Welly Walk - Today we put on our wellies and ventured out into the school field. We looked at the signs of winter, talked about why some trees had leaves and others didn’t, discussed why there wasn’t any frost or ice today and spent some time listening to the birds.

Visit to Shaftesbury library- We had an amazing visit to the library! We met a lovely librarian called Caroline who told us how the library worked, read us a story, sent us on a character hunt and sang songs with us. We even got a class library card and brought books back to school. The children behaved impeccably and made me very proud! Well done Ducklings!

Impromptu welly walk- due to the cold weather and hard frost the children were very excited so we donned our warm coats and wellies and ventured out to the field.

Fire safety- This morning we were very lucky to have Gareth from Dorset and Wiltshire fire service. He spoke to us about what to do if the smoke alarm goes off, about the dangers of matches and lighters and finally we got see the Shaftesbury fire engine. 
Yesterday was Safer Internet Day. We shared a story call Penguinpig, it highlighted the fact that not everything on the internet is real. 
RSPB visit - We were very lucky to have Anneka from the RSPB to visit us. Anneka taught us about bird song so we could listen out for the different songs and which bird it had come from. She also shared a story with us called, Snail Trail and then we went on our own snail trail around the school field collecting mementos for retelling our own story.  We had a fabulous time! 
NSPCC Number Day- As part of Number Day the Ducklings shared the story, The Smartest Giant in Town. We discussed what a kind person the giant was and how he had helped all the animals in the story. Then we looked at a giant size footprint and discussed ways of measuring the length. The Ducklings came up with using Unifix cubes but first for a bit of fun we estimated how many cubes it would take to measure the footprint. Each child in the class drew around their own foot and measured it using the Unifix. We went back to the giant’s footprint and actually measured it. 

Dogs Trust


We welcomed Emily from the Dogs Trust to teach us all about how to approach dogs safely. Emily showed us different pictures of dogs doing different things, she asked us whether it was safe to touch them in this scenario. Emily also brought in a large pretend dog so we could practice our new skills. We had a super time and would like to thank the Dogs Trust.

Maths Outside

It seems very strange that only a couple of weeks ago we had a snow day and the last couple of days have been so warm. Today we went into the playground to learn about the part part whole method to support our understanding of addition. We used groups of children to work out addition problems. We had such a great time that the children used the part part whole diagram at playtime.

Cricket Workshop 

This morning we were very lucky to have a coach from Dorchester Cricket Club to give us a taster for the All Stars cricket programme. We had lots of fun and learnt new skills.

Easter Learning 

We have done lots of creative activities around Easter to show our understanding. We talked about different symbols such as the cross, hot cross buns, Easter eggs and new life.

Autumn Term

We have had an amazing start to the term. The children are confident and happy to come into school, which is a real blessing. Miss Ballard and I will be spending the first few weeks getting to know the children by providing activities which allow us and them to ask questions and provide observations.


Tapestry is up and running and hopefully will prove to be a success and show parents and family what the children have been learning with us at school. 


In Reception we have no set topics for the year as we believe that it supports the children's engagement by learning through subjects that interest them. 



Exploring and making new friends!

Rewards and Consequences - we will also be creating our own class charter next week.

Buddies! - The children were thrilled to meet their Year 6 buddies today.

The Welcome Church Service - The children painted their pebbles on Tuesday afternoon and this morning we took them to the church to be blessed. We met Rev. Pam who welcomed us to the school and the church. We were then allowed to explore the church!

Welly walk - We had planned to go on Thursday for our walk but the weather kept tricking us into thinking it was nice. So as a bonus we went for a longer walk on Friday. We worked in pairs to find the objects on the scavenger hunt list. The children were absolute stars and worked together well.

Squiggle While You Wiggle - This week we have started doing Squiggle While You Wiggle. As you can see we have a very long piece of paper and all the children gather round armed with a pencil. Then with music playing we do lots of drawing using gross motor movements. All this helping to prepare us for writing.

Loving maths! This week we’ve had a focus on accurate counting of objects and looking at ways to ensure we don’t make any mistakes.

Harvest festival- Duckling Class took their offerings to the church this morning with their year 6 buddies. Then this afternoon the whole school went to church for a harvest festival service. Duckling class proudly showed off their harvest hats to the school by walking around the church aisles.

Half Term Homework! 100 Things To Do Before you're 6!

What a day! We had an amazing dress up day to celebrate the children’s first half term at school. We dressed up as characters from castles or a book character.

Why do we have fireworks on November 5th? Today we watched some fireworks, learnt about the plot to blow up parliament, learnt about safety around fireworks and enjoyed creating fireworks pictures.

Maths is fun in Ducklings

Children in Need - The children looked great in their spots and the they enjoyed Children in Need activities.

Thanksgiving, 22 November - Mrs Crossley came to visit Ducklings today to talk about thanksgiving. We learnt that thanksgiving in the USA is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of November and they have a big turkey and pumpkin pie to celebrate.

P.E - The Ducklings are enjoying outside P.E very much! They love being in the playground with so much space. We have been learning ball skills but today we used the parachute to build teamwork.

Exploring the frosty morning!- We made the most of our first hard frost by dressing up nice and warm and going outside. The children loved looking at the patterns the frost had created and we talked about why it was frosty. The children also worked out why the ice turned back to water when they rubbed their hands on it.

Some of our exciting tuff tray activities

Church Christmas tree festival- Today we were very lucky and went next door to the church to see the stunning Christmas trees that local groups had decorated.