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Pasta salad making

Look at the amazing pasta salads we designed and made!

We have been exploring non-unit fractions in maths. Here is some of the learning we have done this week. 
Take a look at our favourite Roald Dahl books. 

The wonderful world of Roald Dahl

This term our topic will be Roald Dahl. Have a look below at what we will be covering this half term. 

World Book Day

Take a look at our fabulous world book day costumes! 

Fabulous Fractions

Over the past few weeks we have been exploring fractions in more depth. Last week we were looking for equivalent fractions using a fractions wall to support our learning. When we felt more confident we began looking for patterns. We then used these to find other equivalent fractions beyond what our fraction wall shows. 


This is week we are beginning to add and subtract fractions with the same denominator. To start exploring this we used Numicon and pegs. Have a look at our fabulous fractions learning!


We got in touch with our inner cave-man and made Stone Age tools and weapons. We used clay, sticks and string. Look at our fabulous creations!

3D Madness

This week we have been exploring 2D and 3D shapes. We have been looking at their properties and using our knowledge of 2D shapes to work out perimeter. On Thursday we looked at how me make 3D shapes using concrete, practical methods. Here are our 3D models made from jelly babies and spaghetti. 

Homework update

This half term our homework system will be changing slightly. Instead of homework being set on a Friday, homework will now be set on a Monday and children will have until Friday to complete this. Homework will be a range of spellings, Mathletics and maths activities and English activities. 


Thank you as always for you continued support with your child's learning. 


Miss Keverne 

Cave Paintings

We have been exploring Stone Age symbols which were recorded in the form of cave paintings. We learnt that most cave paintings showed people and animals and that handprints were also popular. We also talked about the reasons for cave paintings and decided some might be trying to tell stories. See if you can guess what our cave paintings are trying to show. 

Stone Age Homes

In our topic lesson this week we began thinking about Stone Age homes. We thought about why we need shelter and how these reasons might be different in comparison to the Stone Age. Miss Keverne set us the challenge of building a shelter to keep all of the class safe. As you can see this was more of a challenge than we first thought! 

The Stone Age to the Iron Age 
Happy New Year everyone and a a warm Welcome to 2018. This term our topic will be 'The Stone Age to the Iron Age'. Have a look at what we will be covering this half term. As always this is subject to change based on the children needs and interests.  


We have been learning about fractions in maths this week. We have been looking at fractions of shapes and amounts. Today we were looking at sharing numbers equally to find fractions of amounts of skittles.

Football Fun


Doves were very lucky to have some very special football coaching from year 5 this week. Swallows Class taught us the skills they have learnt so far in their football sessions. We then had a chance to put these into practice playing some team games. A massive thank you to Swallows class and Mrs McCall. 

Our poppy art

We thought all about remembrance and the symbol of the poppy. We discussed how this relates to rememberance day and why it is important we still wear poppies. We then used mixed media to create these pictures to represent their importance. 

Welcome to the second half of the Autumn term. Have a look at what we will be covering in our new topic 'Powerful Plants'. This is subject to change based on the children's needs and interests. 



This week in maths we are looking at division. Today we have been exploring using concrete methods to understand how the division symbol relates to our abstract number sentences. We used various equipment to help us find the answers to our problems. 



In Science we have been exploring human bones and their names. We constructed skeletons, ensuring we attached each bone to the correct place and then added the common names of each bone. 

Internet Saftey

In our computing lessons we have been exploring the importance of staying safe online. We talked about what we should do in different online situations and came up with some rules to help people stay safe. We then designed posters to remind others how to keep safe when on the Internet. 


For the harvest festival we wrote a poem as a class. We all thought about what the harvest means to us and then tried to encoperate our ideas into one class poem. We then read this out in church at the harvest festival. 

English Learning

This week we have been looking at book reviews. We brought in our favourite books on Thursday to share with our friends. On Friday we wrote our reviews for our favourite book. We then went to share them with Robins class. We had lots of fun! 

Last week we were exploring the different types of nutrition in cereal. We looked at what different cereals provide for us and had to choose which was the best one to eat at breakfast time. 
God's Wonderful World
We have been exploring God's wonderful world in R.E. We went into the playground to look for evidence of God's creation in our own environment. We tried to collect all the colours of the rainbow on our paint pallets. These represented how God painted the world with colour. When we went back to the classroom we wrote about what we thought was special about the world.

Our class charter

We have been thinking about the rights of the child and how these affect us at school. We decided these (included on our charter) were the most important rights and that we would like them as part of our class charter. We then chose rules that we would like to follow in Doves class to make it a happy place for us to learn. Finally, we drew around our hands and decorated them, showing that we would all uphold the charter we had made. 
This week we have been looking at 'Willy the Dreamer' by Anthony Browne. On Tuesday afternoon we explored the dreams that Willy has and how we thought they would sound. We then performed our pieces to the rest of Doves class. 

Our music afternoon!

This term our topic is 'The Wild West'. Take a look at the learning we have planned so far. This learning might change depending on the children and their interests.