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Doves - Year 3

Welcome to Dove Class! 


On this page you will find lots of helpful and interesting information, documents and links to the wonderful learning we will do together! 


On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, you will be with Miss Purdue and on Thursday and Friday you will be with Miss Maitland. We are both so happy to be your teachers. smiley

Behaviour Ladder

We use this to help the children remember how we behave in class when they need reminding. 



We like to give out team points to individual children and Delightful Doves to the whole class when they have all worked together to learn, be kind, have fun and listen carefully. As a class, we decide what our Delightful Doves will earn us as a reward and together we work towards achieving it. smiley

Links to online learning tools and help yes

Autumn Term


Our topic this term is called 'Rock and Roll'!


This topic includes learning about Stone Age to Iron Age life, rocks, fossils and soils and lots of art and ICT. In R.E., we will be doing a module on Christianity and the Creation of the world and one on Hinduism, as well as a weekly 'circle time' and PE lessons.


Rock and Roll Topic Knowledge Organisers

Science: fossils! In groups, we researched the different kinds of fossils and presented our findings to the class.

Maths: fractions! We used cubes and Numicon to prove that we had ordered our fractions correctly.

Children in Need


The children read lots of information about 'Children in Need'. We discussed how the charity was started, who the money helps and when Pudsey was born! We listened carefully to instructions and drew our own Pudsey and Blush bears. We created an entry in our 'Floor Book' to remember the occasion. 


Stone Age Day


Doves had a wonderful day creating cave paintings, learning about Stonehenge and researching prehistoric animals. Here are some photos from our day:

Stonehenge Watercolour Silhouette

Stonehenge Models - Working Together

Prehistoric Animal Fact Books

Maths- fun with fractions!

Science - Investigating soils to see what they are made from.

Friendship Week 2020


This week, we have thought deeply about our friendships and how they make our lives better. We have looked at what friendship means, how we may struggle with and mend our friendships, the special words linked with friendship and our friendship super power. It is clear that Dove Class children are super friends and care about each other a lot! 

Remembrance Day 2020


In preparation for Remembrance Day, we discussed its importance for both past and present members and families of the forces. 


We we were able to look at equipment used by a modern soldier in the Royal Signals and hear anecdotes of his time serving in England, Canada, Germany and Afghanistan. 


We all enjoyed asking questions, looking at these modern artefacts and sharing our own family links with the forces.

Making remembrance poppies to decorate our class R.E. Floor Book.



Following on from our writing as crayons, we chose different classroom items to pretend to be. We imagined what they might have to complain about and did our best to use paragraphs. 

Artist appreciation: Keith Haring


We learnt about the life and artwork of famous artist Keith Haring. We investigated his style and will soon create our own artwork inspired by his Style. 

We noticed that he used bold colours, thick black outlines, human figures and dogs and movement lines. 

Maths: lines! 


We learnt the mathmatical names for vertical, horizontal and parallel lines and used this knowledge in challenges to create patterns. We also enjoyed finding those lines around our classroom! 

Harvest Festival


We began by watching David Attenborough's BBC version of 'What a Wonderful World'. Then as a class, we created our own version, inspired by Harvest. Try singing along at home!


It's a Special Harvest


I see fields of corn,
Red apples too.
I see fresh food,
For me and you.
And I think to myself,
What a special harvest.


I see tiny peas,
And bowls of bread.
Orange pumpkins,
The people are fed.
And I think to myself,
What a special harvest.


The colours of the harvest,
The sunshine in the sky.
Happy smiley faces,
Of people going by.
I see farmers picking veg,
Saying, “What a lovely view!”
They're singing happy
Harvest to you!


I see red leaves fall,
And acorns too.
I see ripe pears,
For me and you.
And I think to myself,
What a special Harvest.
Yes, I think to myself,
What a special Harvest.



Thankful Apples

As Harvest is a time to show gratitude, we thought carefully about other things we feel very thankful for. We created an entry in our 'Topic Floor Book' to reflect our thoughts.


Marvellous Maths! 

We practiced how to find 10 and 100 more or less than three-digit amounts. We challenged ourselves to answer true/false statements using the < > = symbols. 

The Day The Crayons Quit! 


We enjoyed pretending that we were disgruntled crayons and wrote complaint letters to Duncan! We used fronted adverbials to order our reasons and excellent vocabulary like “despair” and “furious”. 

French with Mrs Day! 

Feel free to listen again to the videos we watch in class and remember to use your best French accent! 

Numbers Song in French. Une Chanson des Chiffres.

Check out this song which we haven't used in class yet. You could sing it at home to learn the numbers.

Counting to 10 in French for children w/ LEGO Duplo numbers les chiffres en francais 1-10

Repeat the numbers to learn how to say them in French.

Marc's favourite song

Learn the words to Marc's favourite song at home. Teach your family and friends the words too! Tout est super genial!

How to play Loto with Marc et Milou

We learnt how to play Bingo in French. We are using the numbers 1 - 10 at the moment. Check out the other videos and songs that will help us learn them in French.

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