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Curriculum Overview

Motcombe Primary School offers a curriculum which is balanced and broadly based and which promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, social and physical development of pupils at the school and of society and prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.  

Motcombe Topic Based Curriculum


Our Motcombe Curriculum ...

For all non-core curriculum subjects we have a progression of knowledge and skills to be covered in each year group.  For class termly topic overviews please see individual class pages.


At Motcombe, we foster a culture of positivity towards mathematics. Our approach allows pupils to learn in practical and visual ways, in order to access concepts in the abstract sense. We ensure that pupils are fluent with their skills, can reason mathematically and apply their skills to a range of problems in a range of contexts.


In English ...


In Science ...

Science is an integral part of all of our lives, with links to many other subjects, including maths and computing. At Motcombe children are encouraged to investigate, solve problems and ask questions about a wide range of aspects of the world around them and to explore aspects of biology, chemistry and physics in the most practical and engaging ways possible.


Educational visits regularly have a science theme as their basis. Children are lucky that the school is situated near to a range of different environments which they can explore. In addition children have had the opportunity to experience pond dipping. The extensive school grounds offer the chance for investigations to be carried out, including the growing of plants.

Religious Education


Please see below the R.E. curriculum overview. Motcombe CEVA Primary follows a mixture of Understanding Christianity and Discovery R.E. as well as celebrating Church holidays like Christmas and Easter. 

Physical Education

In PE ...

MfL - French


In MfL ...