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Collective Worship

Our Collective Worship follows a theme each half term:

Thankfulness - Autumn Term 2nd Half

Thankfulness - Autumn Term 2nd Half  1
Thankfulness - Autumn Term 2nd Half  2

Justice - Autumn Term 1st Half

Trust - Summer Term (First Half)

Peace - Spring Term (Second Half)

Creativity - Spring Term (First Half)

Collective Worship Themes 2016 2017

Collective Worship Themes 2015 2016


An act of Collective Worship takes place every day and is an important part of school life, making space for pupils and staff to come together and share in worship through learning, music, reflection and prayer. Our worship is inclusive and gives all of the school community the chance to be part of the experience, while respecting the integrity of family and cultural backgrounds. The Vicar and Curate from St Mary’s church visit the school regularly and lead worship once a week.


We also welcome a team made up from members of the local Christian Community to lead collective worship using ‘Open the Book’ material every other week. Teachers and the Headteacher lead Collective Worship during the week and there is a Gold Book Assembly once a week to celebrate pupil’s achievements. From time to time a whole class plans and delivers collective worship to which parents are invited. We visit the Parish Church and other local churches for project work and for special church festivals such as Christmas, Easter and Harvest.

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Parents are entitled to withdraw their child from Collective Worship, if they wish. We ask that parents discuss this with the class teacher first, so that appropriate arrangements can be made for the supervision of any child withdrawn from this activity.