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British Values

School Statement about British Values

'Promoting fundamental British Values as part of SMSC in schools' DfE November 2014

Year 6 visited The Houses of Parliament. They enjoyed a tour, a workshop on how laws are made and met with our local MP. They were lucky enough to sit in the House of Commons whilst MPs debated over Brexit.

The 16th - 20th November is Parliament Week. we have been learning about debating, voting and democracy.
In Ducklings Class we thought about democracy and rule of law. We voted on resources and collaborated on how we should work together to use, share and look after our new outdoor bikes and trikes. We linked this to how people run the country and make decisions that are agreed upon by the majority.

Swallows class have been thinking about how to show respect. We explored what happens when we don't always have the same opinion as others or want to do the same things, and discussed the best words and actions to use in these situations to show we respect other people's views and ideas.

The Queen wrote back to thank us for our lovely cards and messages.

We celebrated The Queen's 90th birthday with a party. We made crowns, cards, wrote messages, made sandwiches and decorated biscuits for our tea party. We sang happy birthday and listened to God Save the Queen.

We made flower arrangements to go in the church to celebrate the Queen's 90th birthday

Meeting Sophie Countess of Wessex was a super experience for all. She chatted to us wanting to know what lessons we were missing!

Our year 5 and 6 pupils wrote to the Prime Minister to give their views about child soldiers fighting in wars.

Skylarks' class learnt about different religions in India. The children know and respect traditions within the Hindu and Buddhist faiths. Below is our Diwali display and our Buddhist prayer flags.

Year 4 and 5 pupils have been learning about democracy. We read some statements about actions in our everyday lives and decided whether the actions were governed by decisions made through democracy or individual liberty. 

We went on to hold a debate about and vote on our views about hot school meals!

Ducklings Class have been learning to be kind and thoughtful British citizens as they decide on rules for their class, learn to say sorry and forgive and earn kindness leaves.

During KeyStage 2 assembly, we have been discussing British values including democracy, law and respect for other religions.

Robins have been thinking about how our values impact the world around us.

In wren class we have been learning about Judaism and their celebrations. We have been learning about Shabbat!

In 2012 we learnt about The Diamond Jubilee and the Monarchy. To celebrate this special occasion all of the pupils contributed to a mosaic to mark the royal jubilee

Year 1 and 2 pupils wrote letters to the Queen. We were so pleased when she replied.