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Skylarks - Year 4

Skylarks - Year 4

Welcome to Skylark's Class Page! 


We are the year 4 class at Motcombe Primary School; we like to work hard, be kind to everyone and have fun. :)

Our teachers are Miss Purdue, Mrs Eslick and Mrs Taylor 

Keep an eye on this page for information about our learning, fun, activities and adventures this year. 


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But first...some facts!

We are Skylarks...these little birds may look ordinary but they are quite cool...

The Skylark has a crest of feathers on its head that it raises when it is excited or shocked...so sort of like a feathery mohawk!

The Skylark is a super flyer...it carries out "display flights" where it flies vertically into the air. Very impressive!



The Skylark is on the RSPB "Red List", meaning that the charity is concerned that its population is falling. Farmers are working with the RSPB to make better habitats available to help the Skylark numbers grow.


Rewards and Sanctions


In Skylark Class, we all work hard, have fun and enjoy our friendships. For those times when we need help to remember these things, we are reminded. 

When we do well, we may receive rewards like: verbal and non-verbal praise, house points, a trip to Mr Barge or another member of staff to share our work or a celebration certificate.

Summer Term 2019! 


Water, water, everywhere! 


Below is the topic information for the Summer Term. This will offer a rough guide to the kinds of things we will be doing. 

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Spring Term! 

Below is the Topic Booklet with information on what we will be learning during the Spring Term. 



In Skylark Class, we like to look at example texts and magpie ideas to use in our own writing. This time we looked specifically at adjectives and fronted adverbials! 

Bravo for Brass! 

The children have begun their Brass lessons! Each child has an instrument to take home until the next week so that they can rehearse. This week, we learnt how to carefully remove the instrument from the case, move our lips correctly and play the note 'C'. 

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We were visited by Ros from Wilton House who brought with her a whole chariot load of artifacts from the Roman Era. The day was spent locating the Romans in time and learning about food, art, battle and technology.

We also worked in teams to help a wounded soldier with medicines from that time. 

This lesson has kick-started the topic on Romans- from here we will write both fiction and non-fiction texts and investigate areas of Roman and Celtic life. 

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Geographical understanding and some math thrown in! 

We looked at maps of Europe and The Americas in order to better understand the seas and countries in that part of the world. We also measure the distance between them in cm and mm to brush-up our ruler skills. 


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Below is the Topic Booklet with information on what we will be learning during the Autumn Term.