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Doves - Year 3



We are the year 3 class at Motcombe Primary School and we like to work hard, be kind to others and have a fantastic time.

Our teachers are Miss Lentle, Mrs Taylor and Mrs Bathurst.

Keep an eye on this page for information about our learning, fun exciting activities and adventures.

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Rewards and Sanctions


In Doves Class, we all like to work hard, have fun and enjoy our friendships. For those times when we need help to remember these things, we are reminded with our behaviour ladder. 

When we do well, we may receive rewards like: verbal and non-verbal praise, house points, a trip to Mr Barge or another member of staff to share our work or a celebration certificate. 


Here is a picture of our behaviour chart. 

Meet The Teacher - Miss Lentle

Autumn Term information

English - Poetry September 2018

English  - Poetry September 2018 1
English  - Poetry September 2018 2

In English, we have been writing poems about our families. These poems were called Stanza's. We had to include a simile and some fabulous adjectives. 

Once we had written our poems, we were able to perform these to the rest of the class using expression. 

These photos are from when we were practicing our poems with a partner. 

We all really enjoyed listening to eachother's master pieces. 

Well Done Doves. 

RE - Creation/Fall

RE - Creation/Fall 1
We are currently learning about Creation in RE. Last week, we went outside with Mrs Taylor and we looked for all things that made us say 'WOW'. We collected some pieces of nature and then used these in our lesson. We talked about why these objects made us think about the World and Creation. 

21st September 2018

21st September 2018 1
21st September 2018 2
Continuing our RE sessions this week, we were tasked to act out different parts of Creation. We were able to choose either the 7 days of the Creation story, or something nature related. Some of the children decided to act out sunflowers growing from a seed, up to a fully grown flower. We really enjoyed being able to act out our stories and look forward to completing more drama in the coming weeks. 

Addition using Dienes Tuesday 25th September

Addition using Dienes Tuesday 25th September  1
Addition using Dienes Tuesday 25th September  2
Addition using Dienes Tuesday 25th September  3

In maths this week, we are learning how to add 3 or 2 digit numbers by 1. However, some of the questions were tricky so we had to carry. We have been using Dienes and whiteboards to help. We were able to discover that 11 units are the same as 1 ten and 1 unit. This helped us when completing our questions. We are continuing to work on addition for the rest of this week and we all hope to be an 'Addition Whizz' by the end of our learning. 


Well done Doves!