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God's Wonderful World
We have been exploring God's wonderful world in R.E. We went into the playground to look for evidence of God's creation in our own environment. We tried to collect all the colours of the rainbow on our paint pallets. These represented how God painted the world with colour. When we went back to the classroom we wrote about what we thought was special about the world.
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Our class charter

We have been thinking about the rights of the child and how these affect us at school. We decided these (included on our charter) were the most important rights and that we would like them as part of our class charter. We then chose rules that we would like to follow in Doves class to make it a happy place for us to learn. Finally, we drew around our hands and decorated them, showing that we would all uphold the charter we had made. 
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This week we have been looking at 'Willy the Dreamer' by Anthony Browne. On Tuesday afternoon we explored the dreams that Willy has and how we thought they would sound. We then performed our pieces to the rest of Doves class. 

Our music afternoon!

Our music afternoon! 1
Our music afternoon! 2
Our music afternoon! 3
Our music afternoon! 4
Our music afternoon! 5
Our music afternoon! 6
This term our topic is 'The Wild West'. Take a look at the learning we have planned so far. This learning might change depending on the children and their interests.